Sleep & Health: Losing Weight in Your Sleep is not Just a Dream!

Let’s face it, losing weight is a lot of work. A perfect balance of dieting and exercising is needed to make sure that you do get to shed off those pounds to get to the shape you aim for. However, there are also those additional techniques that can help you out in losing weight. Just like the idea of slimming down in your sleep.

salem beds sleep weight loss

According to some experts, sleeping can help you burn those calories you’ve taken in during the day. It may sound bogus, but science backs this up. There are more than two dozens of studies conducted to prove this dream diet, and has gained favorable results. The most popular explanation? Sleep deprivation alters the body’s systems, inducing a bigger appetite, causing people to want to eat more. Another possible reason that scientists have come up with is that sleep deprivation can make a person feel more fatigued, causing them to skimp on their workout or avoid exercising at all.

Losing weight in your sleep is largely natural, but there are ways how you can boost its effectiveness.  Here are some techniques you can try:

1. Get enough and regular sleep.

In a study conducted by experts from the Brigham Young University, it suggests that getting enough and regular sleep (around 6.5 to 8.5 hours per day) can prove to be a more effective way of losing weight. If you can keep up with getting a certain number of hours asleep on your bed, odds are, you can burn more calories and lose weight easier than others.

2. Try to learn more about other medical causes of weight gain.

Contrary to what others believe, it’s not just the type and amount of food you consume that makes you gain weight. Other people who are having issues with their weight may have a more complex set of reasons why they can’t shed some pounds off no matter how they diet or workout. Figuring out whether this is the cause of your weight issues can also be a great way how you can incorporate sleep in your quest to lose weight.

3. Eat small meals frequently all throughout the day instead of having breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

This is a popular weight loss tip by trainers everywhere. According to experts, eating smaller meals in a more frequent occasion rather than sticking to three big meals a day can help you lose weight better. How? Apparently, eating frequently keeps your metabolism on its toes, making it work overtime. This trains it to breakdown calories and nutrients faster and better, upping your odds of more effective nocturnal weight loss. However, make sure that these small meals are still healthy and balanced, though, so you can definitely get the most out of the technique.

4. Ensure that your sleep won’t be interrupted.

A continuous and undisturbed sleep throughout the night works best for the dream diet. This means that if you can sleep all throughout the night, continuously from 10 pm to 6 am, you can be sure that you’ll be effectively shedding pounds in your sleep. If you’re prone to having tummy issues during the night, taking medications like antacids would be of great help.

5. Take measures in getting quality sleep.

Of course, the best technique in losing weight in your sleep is still ensuring that you get quality slumber. With quality sleep, you get to wake up feeling refreshed, preventing the need to compensate for the tiredness with additional servings of food.

Like all healthy weight loss regimens, losing weight in your sleep won’t happen overnight. Keep in mind that this dream diet is just an auxiliary technique in a larger weight loss scheme, so relying on it entirely may not prove to be as fruitful as you’d want. Couple it with a healthy and balanced diet and exercise and you will surely be able to transform into a fitter and healthier body.

A Salem bed will help you enjoy quality sleep, so may be with our assistance, you can get a jumpstart on your dream diet.


Feature Highlight: Theraposture


Most people believe that a soft mattress is all you need if you want a good night’s sleep. While this is largely true, there’s a lot more to a mattress than just being soft, as softness does not necessarily equate with comfort in certain cases. In some occasions, being soft means the mattress lacks the capability to provide ample back support, which is important for sleepers who suffer from back problems.

If you’re having issues with your back, one good solution will be to use Orthopedic mattresses. These products are designed to provide proper back support, preventing body aches and pains. The only issue with Orthopedic mattresses is that they can be quite expensive. They also tend to come in a limited variety, leaving you with just a few options.

Theraposture is Salem’s answer to the Orthopedic mattress. Like the Orthopedic mattresses, Theraposture offers proper back support, as it is designed to follow the contours of the body. With a goal of providing rest to the spinal column, Theraposture aims to create a healthy, good night’s sleep.

While Orthopedic mattresses come typically in very firm varieties, Salem beds’ Theraposture mattresses come in a wide range of softness and firmness, which will surely fit your needs and requirements. Employed in several of our high end pieces, including the Elite, as well as select Renascence and La Memoire mattresses, you can choose from a vast array of products to ensure a deep and satisfying slumber.

salem beds theraposture

Design Highlight: Library Bedrooms

salem beds library bedrooms

People say that the bedroom is a reflection of what an individual is really like. As it is where a lot of people feel the most at ease in, bedrooms become sanctuaries where the most personal expressions are exhibited. It can be in whatever style the dweller wants it to be, decor and messes working in symphony to say a lot more about the owner.

This is why it shouldn’t be a surprise that some bedrooms turn out to be full of the things the owner love. In most cases, these beloved items are incorporated into the decor, while in others, they stand as the central design elements. Library bedrooms are some of the best examples of a person’s self expression inside the most intimate areas of their home. Lining the walls with books make an easy decor as well as keeping them right on hand. It’s also a nice way to be surrounded by the things one loves, as it creates an atmosphere of safety and contentment for most people.

What’s not to love about about library bedrooms, really? Especially if you’re a big fan of collecting books and reading them, wall to wall shelves filled with different titles will not only add a nice touch to your space, but will also make your room bigger as it now contains thousands of different worlds within the pages of each paperback and hardbound literature.

For those who are thinking of mixing their bedrooms and libraries together, here are some of the best examples we’ve found from all over the web:

The dark wood and printed bed clothes and rug creates a wonderful classic look that is nothing short of coziness.
This primarily white bedroom may be very minimal, but the books on the walls make up for it, adding the color and decor you’d think you need.
This charming bedroom makes use of the pop of color technique that some interior designers are so fond of. It may be a bit monotonous, but with the pale orange bed runner and the accenting orange flowers by the bed side table, as well as some of the orange books in the shelves, the room looks perfectly put together and in great unison without causing any boredom.
salem beds library bedrooms
Another light and airy space, but this time, it makes use of the books to create great contrast and visual interest.
Although a bit darker than the rest of the photos in this list, this room is another perfect example of a wonderful library bedroom. The mix of the books with the frames of artworks create a moody vibe to the space. It also gives a lot of character and says so much about the owner.
salem beds library bedrooms

The colorful books on the stark white shelves and beddings have truly decorated this space magnificently.


Although, it looks a bit cluttered, this space makes it feel so lived in and realistic.

salem beds library bedrooms

The wood detailing makes this bedroom feel so cozy and welcoming. It’s also so easy to imagine yourself lounging on the bed and reading one of the books on a bright, sunny day.

salem beds library bedrooms

We’re not too sure if it’s the elegant, antique-looking mirror, the fact that this room is from a Parisian apartment, or the very simple and minimal styling that makes this bedroom so chic and beautiful. It’s like the room is made for reading and late night discussions about art, politics, literature, and probably philosophy.

salem beds library bedroomvia

The master suite of the St. Pancras Tower in London, this bedroom may be a bit sparse, but it has tons of potential. We especially adore the lofted bathroom and the book case that makes use of a ladder access.

salem beds library bedrooms

Possibly the most effortless looking of all the photos in this list, this bedroom is simply charming. From the floral prints to the chintz side table, to the framed photos on the bookshelf wall, it’s everything a girl who keeps her nose stuck in a book can dream of.

While it is a wonderful idea to combine a bedroom and a library, there may be some things you need to consider if such a set up will work for you. For one, books will need constant cleaning, so you can prevent dust from accumulating near your bed. As you will know, dust can be disruptive to some people’s health, especially if they are allergic to it. Bookshelves can create a lot of nooks and crannies where dust can settle, so maintaining your room properly would be your best protection against allergic rhinitis and other adverse reactions.

Complete your library bedroom with a comfortable and high quality Salem bed and you’ll surely find the best spot in the house to read.

Feature Highlight: No Turn Maintenance

Flipping the mattress is one of the most widely known and practiced techniques in mattress maintenance. By switching the sides of the item, you get to enforce even wear for the product, preventing sagging portions and making it last longer. However, with recent innovations and trends, the need to turn the mattress to prolong its life is not as necessary anymore with certain designs.

salem beds NO TURN feature

Salem’s No Turn feature is commonly found in pillow top designs, wherein one side is designed with additional paddings, usually of varying high quality foams. Depending on the model, it can be made with polyurethane, memory, or latex foam. This design trait makes it unnecessary to turn the mattress and switch sides, as the sides are not equally padded, and most usually, the intended bottom side is built with an anti-skid material. The pillow top adds extra comfort, ensuring that you’re fully supported and in utter comfort.

To prolong the life of your No Turn mattress, you can easily even out its wear by rotating it 180 degrees around every three to six months. Switching the ends is an excellent alternative for turning, as it is far easier and requires less effort to accomplish. Regular cleaning and airing is also essential, as well as careful maintenance according to the materials used in the mattress.

Most Salem beds with pillow top designs, aside from ones with double pillow top constructions, have the No Turn feature, making them the excellent choice for those in search of a new wonderful mattress.

salem beds no turn banner

Sleep Myths You Need to Know More About

salem beds sleep myths

Although everyone sleeps on a daily basis and knows the importance of this activity, there are still a lot of misconceptions about it. Probably because it’s too common of a thing to do that not a lot of people bother learning more about sleep. Sadly, the lack of information on sleep can be harmful to your health, as there are tons of ways you can benefit from quality sleep.

Alongside the lack of information about sleep is the great amount of myths that go around, making people even more confused. This is why, to help you gain more knowledge about the importance of sleep, here’s a short list of

Myth #1: Tiring yourself out through an evening workout will help you fall asleep easier.

salem beds evening workout jeremy brooks


Sure, getting tired helps some people fall asleep quicker, but working out also triggers the rise of your body temperature. According to studies, falling asleep comes easier when the body’s temperature is down, so a work out may not exactly be the most ideal night cap. This does not mean that you shouldn’t workout anymore if the most convenient time for your exercise is in the evenings, as some studies would suggest and support. Give yourself at least three hours before going to bed after an evening exercise, so your body has time to cool down for easier nodding off.

Myth #2: Snoring is harmless.

salem beds sleep myth

Snoring on its own can be harmless, but it can also be a symptom for something more serious like sleep apnea. If you or your partner snore every time they hit the sack, then maybe you should see a doctor for help.

Myth #3: Day time naps are unnecessary and are for the lazy.

salem beds nap

Most western cultures look down on napping in the middle of the day, branding nappers as lazy. However, studies show that napping can actually increase productivity, as nappers get to enjoy a nice burst of energy and be recharged a bit.

Myth #4: Sleeping less will keep you thin.

salem beds sleep and weight

Studies actually show that sleeping more can help you lose weight as sleeping can burn calories, as well as stave off hunger better. Some people could actually lose weight by sleeping less, though, as sleep deprivation can lead to a number of serious health issues. While it can actually help you shed some pounds off, do you really want to do so in such an unhealthy manner?

Myth #5: Counting sheep will make you fall asleep faster.

salem beds counting sheep

It has been an age old technique to count sheep when you can’t drift off to sleep. However, some studies suggest that people who count sheep all 20 minutes later than those who visualized calming and relaxing sceneries. The scientists who conducted this research at the Oxford University concluded that counting sheep is too repetitive and boring, allowing the brain to drift off to other things, making it more difficult to fall asleep.

Myth #6: Sleep aids and sleeping pills are perfectly harmless.

salem beds sleeping pills

Sleeping pills are among the most commonly prescribed drugs in the US, with up to ten percent of the population relying on them to fall asleep. Being as prevalent as it is, people think that it is a perfectly safe solution to their sleeping difficulties. However, due to the fact that anything taken in excess can definitely cause an adverse reaction, these pills are of the same fate. This is why taking sleeping pills, whether they’re prescribed, the over the counter variety, or makes use of natural ingredients, should be done with great care.

Myth #7: If you can’t sleep, you have insomnia.

salem beds insomnia

Insomnia is a perfectly complex sleeping disorder, commonly described as a grave difficulty of falling asleep. Most sufferers are in great deal of sleep deprivation among other health issues that come with lack of a good night’s rest. However, there’s much more to insomnia than just not being able to fall asleep at night. There are various kinds of this disorder that not a lot of people are aware of.

Aside from the inability to doze off in the evenings, some insomniacs also find themselves waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back to sleep. Others keep waking up during the night and are unable to achieve a full night’s slumber. There are also those who do get to fall asleep, but wakes up unrefreshed and still very tired. All in all, the difficulty of falling asleep is just one of the four major symptoms of insomnia and not insomnia itself.

However, not everyone who can’t fall asleep as soon as their head hit the pillows is instantly an insomniac. Some who are having a hard time getting some shut eye may have an irregular internal body clock or could have been consuming food items or beverages that may contain too much sugar or caffeine.

Quality sleep is one of the most important things to achieve to enjoy good health. Here at Salem beds, we believe that with the aid of a good mattress, as well as a sound sleeping habit and the right knowledge about slumber, you’ll be on your way to crossing off sleep in your worry list.

Weekend Snooze: Movies About Sleep

salem beds movies about sleep

When planning a lazy weekend sleeping in and enjoying the comforts of your own home, a quality movie marathon can easily add some excitement and entertainment to your quiet days off. As we love sleep here at the Salem HQ, we’ve rounded up a number of excellent movies about sleep. These films includes sleep as a driving element for the plot, some even delving into a whimsical method of explaining certain wonders about sleep.

To help you jumpstart your relaxing weekend, here’s our list of the top five movies about sleep:

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), Directed by Michel Gondry

Salem beds movies about sleep

Watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is kind of like dreaming. It’s non-chronological timeline, as well as idyllic cinematography, is the perfect way to tell the story about Jim Carrey’s and Kate Winslet’s characters, who are two ex lovers who has signed up to have their memories of each other removed while they sleep. The result is a series of flashbacks and dream-like sequences that are truly creative and beautifully executed.

2. Fight Club (1999), Directed by David Fincher

salem beds movies about sleep

A silver screen adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s 1996 novel of the same title, Fight Club is a lot more than just sleep. It’s actually about an unnamed protagonist who suffers from severe insomnia, that could have resulted into Tyler Durden coming into life. Intriguing, exciting, and packed with tons of quotable lines, Fight Club is truly worthy of its cult status.

3. Inception (2010), Directed by Christopher Nolan

salem beds movies about sleep

Known to constantly wow and impress audiences, Inception is one of the more modern cult favorites of today. The story revolves around a group of highly talented team of thieves who are hired to perform some serious corporate espionage through an experimental military technology using dreams as a way to plant and extract thoughts, ideas, and information from targets.

4. Sleepwalk With Me (2012), Directed by Mike Birbiglia & Seth Barrish

salem beds movies about sleep

This award winning independent movie is based on real life events of the film’s writer/directory Mike Birbiglia about his struggle with coming to terms with the pressures of getting married, stand up comedy career, sleepwalking, and life in general. As he tries to deny his feelings, the more severe and dangerous his sleepwalking become, often putting him in situations that hurt him physically.

5. The Science of Sleep (2006), Directed by Michel Gondry

salem beds movies about sleep

Also from the acclaimed director Michel Gondry, the Science of Sleep is one of those movies you can watch over and over again thanks to its highly imaginative and creative visuals that can be reinterpreted in various ways each time you see the film. The story revolves around Gael Garcia Bernal’s character, Stephane Miroux, who moves to Paris to be with his mother after his father’s death. Despite Stephane’s crippling difficulty of telling the reality apart from his dreams, he falls for his mother’s neighbor, Stephanie. The movie is highly surrealistic and charming, packed with magnificent visual and cinematography, making the viewers feel as if they are dreaming as well.

So, sit back (or lie down), pop these films on your player. Spend a nice weekend in bed watching these excellent films and feel like you’re dreaming through your screen.

Mattress Maintenance: Tips to Prolong Your Mattress’ Life

salem beds mattress maintenance

Here at Salem beds, we are known to produce products that last for a long time. This is one of the reasons why we’re so confident with our long term warranties, as we know that our mattresses can outlive their 10 to 15 year warranties. We’re also used to getting feedback from customers about their Salem mattresses lasting for decades. Just last week, we’ve received a message from a client saying that his Salem mattress is already 35 years old and still in good shape. Mostly, we owe it to the finest materials we use and the wondrous craftsmanship we apply to creating our products, but we also note that such feats can’t be achieved without the customer’s proper care for their item.

Maintaining your mattress isn’t just about doing everything to keep it spic and span, though. The proper steps and techniques are also very necessary, as some cleaning methods may prove to be harmful to your mattress.

To ensure that you’ll be able to prolong the life of your mattress, here are some tips that you can try out:

1. Turn, flip, or rotate your mattress every three months, depending on the make and variety of your product. This will promote even wear, preventing concentrated sagging in specific parts of your bed. Your mattress will last longer if you don’t overuse a single portion of it, allowing it to stay leveled and comfortable for a long time.

2. Never let your mattress get wet, but in case of an accident, make sure to air the mattress out and dry the wet area properly. Liquids can definitely damage your mattress, especially since it can get trapped inside the product, This puts your mattress at risk of maintaining damp inner parts, which can lead to spring rusting and soaking of inner foams and linings. This can also create the perfect breeding ground for fungi, mold, and other harmful bacteria that can easily cause several ailments and illnesses.

3. Handle the mattress carefully when transferring it from one place to another. Mattresses are created to lie flat, so if you’re going to transfer it to another location, it is important to remember that handling it properly is highly necessary. Keeping it on its side for a long time will put a lot of weight on the side support materials, which can cause sagging and create uneven surfaces. Grabbing on to the piping when lifting the mattress can rip the ticking and cut the mattress open at the seams. Remember, when carrying a mattress, lift it up vertically, so the weight won’t be distributed all throughout its massive surface. This makes the job a bit easier, as well as safer for the mattress, as too much pressure on the areas you’re holding onto will be lessened. Also avoid dropping the mattress. Aside from the possibility of dirtying the product, this can also affect the inner components of the item.

4. If you own a spring coil unit, make sure to avoid folding or bending the mattress. These actions can cause deformation, especially if there was great pressure applied to the bending or folding. The inner coils will change its shape, which will then be unfavorable to your sleep needs and requirements.

5. Do not jump on the mattress. Jumping on an innerspring mattress has always been one of the most memorable and fun games children enjoy inside the bedroom. The coils provide a nice bounce, creating an enjoyable physical activity for the little ones. Although it is fun for the kids, it can be harmful for your bed. The repeated pressure on the coils can definitely put a strain to it. It may lose its capability to rebound to its original shape after so many jumps, resulting to a less comfortable sleep the next time you lay yourself down on the mattress.

salem beds mattress maintenancevia

6. Use a quality bed frame or box to support the mattress’ weight. When you go to bed after a long day, drifting off to sleep should be an easy and unhindered tasks to enjoy. However, if your bed frame creaks and threatens to break itself, the much coveted dozing off may become the last thing on your mind as the possibility of crashing down to the floor may not exactly be the most comforting thoughts to send you to sleep. This is why getting a quality bed frame or bed box is also highly necessary. A good frame or box will be able to provide ample support to you and your mattress, ensuring that you can sleep soundly at night and even prolong the health of your mattress.

7. Make sure to learn everything about your mattress. Some mattresses. like the pieces in Salem beds’ collections, make use of special materials that can be destroyed when cleaned with chemicals, thus shortening its lifespan significantly. If you are fully aware of what your mattress can do for you, you can easily reciprocate and enjoy its innovative features for a longer time.

8. Use bed clothes and mattress covers. While you recharge on your sleep, your body keeps busy through regeneration. This is why you shed a large amount of dead skin cells while in bed, on top of the sweat and oils you regularly secrete. These things tend to attract parasitic organisms like dust mites and even bed bugs, as they feed on what you release. By using coverings for your mattress, including mattress covers, beddings, and fitted sheets among others, you get to keep your mattress in good shape, as it is kept away from bodily fluids as well as other liquids that can cause staining. Cleaning it will also be a lot easier, as the layers above your mattress will surely be dirtied first before anything else.

salem beds mattress maintenance

9. Vacuum your mattress regularly. As mentioned in number 8, your mattress will surely get dirtied with repeated use. Aside from dead skin cells, other small droppings will land on it, including dust, dandruff, and other gross things that can’t be seen easily by the naked eye. By vacuuming your mattress every once in a while, you can be sure that you’re not inhaling every dust, droppings, and other dirt that is present in your bed while you sleep. This can also lessen the risks of asthma attacks, as well as bouts of allergies.

10. Remove bed clothes when leaving your house for a few days. This will air out the mattress and let it breathe, allowing it to rest a bit and freshen up a little.


Whether you sleep on a Salem bed or is still planning on making the big switch, these tips can help you promote and ensure your mattress’ good health.