Dream Sleep: Our Top Dream Destinations for Sleeping (Among Other Things)

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When traveling, sleep isn’t exactly what a lot of people have in mind when asked what it is that they are most excited about their trip. But if you’re a fan of sleep, you might also consider going on a different getaway and prioritize your slumber this time. If you want to experience something new with the way you sleep, you might want to do it outside, but not without the comfort you’re accustomed to.

Sleeping under the stars without having to hurt your back is always a nice twist to an outdoor adventure. A number of exotic luxury hotels offer services that will let you be one with nature in a cozy bed outside with all the amenities you need to have a comfortable stay. Perfect for those who are not too fond of roughing it to see nature, splurging in these places may just seem like great getaways.

Mixing adventure, the great wild outdoors, and a cozy night in bed, here are some of our top dream sleep destinations that may just perk up your Monday.

1. Nkwichi Lodge‘s ‘Lake of Stars’ Bed (Mozambique)

Nkwichi Lodge Star Bed

Featuring the beautiful Lake Malawi, the Nkwichi Lodge is a luxurious hotel and resort that is deemed as “Africa’s Best Kept Secret.” It offers a wide range of accommodation types that also allow access to the gorgeous Lake Malawi. What took our breath, though, is their ‘Lake of Stars’ Bed, described as such:

The ultimate way to savour Lake Malawi, Nkwichi’s ‘Lake of Stars’ Bed’ is a unique and unforgettable experience.

Set on a deserted, virgin beach surrounded by breathtaking baobabs, or on a private rock island close to the shore with Fish Eagles soaring overhead, this is the perfect way to see the wonders of an African night-sky.

Not only will the ‘Lake of Stars’ Bed let you sleep under the stars, but will also put you in a gorgeous beach, surrounded by a breathtaking landscape. With the place so dazzling, though, we’ll understand if you’re too distracted to sleep.

Nkwichi Lodge Star BedPhotos via Nkwichi.com

2. Loisaba Wilderness Lodge (Kenya)

Loisaba Wilderness Star Bed

Designed as a nurturing location that gets a lot of help from its gorgeous natural surroundings, the Loisaba Wilderness is a facility in Kenya that will surely be a memorable destination for all of its visitors. It offers several kinds of accommodations, with its Star Beds being its main highlights. Like Nkwichi’s ‘Lake of Stars’ Bed, the Star Beds of Loisaba Wilderness will let you sleep under the stars, but this time, you have an option where. There are two locations available, one overlooks the “Kiboko” waterhole, while the other sits on the banks of the Ewaso N’giro River. Raised from the ground, the cottages will also make you feel like you’re living in a treehouse, which is always a nice touch for those who are looking for a one-of-a-kind getaway.

Loisaba Star Bedvia

3. Amangiri Resort (Utah, USA)

Amangiri Lake Powell Resort Sky Terrace

Offering 600 acres of desert wilderness is the luxe Amangiri Resort in Lake Powell, Canyon Point, Utah. Versatile suites offer grand accommodations to guests, which are very popular during the summer months, as it is warm enough to sleep outside and spend the evening taking a splash in the attached suite pools. Outside day beds can be transformed into full beds at night so guests can enjoy the night under the stars.

Amangiri Lake Powell Resort Terrace Suite

4. KiChic (Peru)

KiChic Hotel Himalaya Suite

Dubbed as an upscale boho resort, KiChic is a cozy resort in the only tropical part of Peru’s Pacific Coast. Guests can surf, swim, and play in the beach as well as sunbathe in comfort or sleep under the stars in the Himalaya Suite as its spacious balcony can easily accommodate another full bed for the guests.

KiChic Hotel Himalaya Suite

5. Las Ventas al Paraiso (San Jose del Cabo, Mexico)

Las Ventanas al Paraíso

While still close for renovation (and may still be close up until July 2015), the Las Ventas al Paraiso is considered as one of the most romantic places ever and has a whole lot of previous guests who just can’t wait to go back. As a treat, many look forward to the hotel’s new offer of being able to sleep under stars in it’s rooftop terrace. Rooftop Junior Suites guests can opt to book the terrace for a night and enjoy a romantic evening with the views of the glistening water and the glittering night sky.

6. AKA Central Park (New York, USA)

aka central park outdoor bedroom

Although it may be hard to see the stars in the middle of the city, Manhattan’s AKA Central Park’s Penthouse suite still seems irresistible. For the summer months, the hotel will offer its guests the opportunity to sleep al fresco and bask in the wonderful New York City night lights.

Bonus: L’Albereta (Lombardi, Italy)

L Albereta Cabriolet Suite

L’Albereta’s Cabriolet Suite is not exactly what you would have in mind by sleeping outside, but we can’t resist adding this to our list as it’s completely retractable sky roof can give you an excellent view of the night sky in this rural area. The romantic classic interiors and the views to the nearby vineyard and Lake Iseo are definitely enhanced by the retractable roof, making your stay even more magical.

L Albereta Cabriolet Suite

Being comfort-obsessed, we adore the idea of sleeping under the stars without having to rough it out. Do you have any other destinations that you can add in this list? Share it to us in the comments!


Shop for Your Salem Bed Online Now!

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Here at Salem Beds, we work hard to create the best and most comfortable mattresses in the local market. As we are also committed in bringing a good night’s sleep more accessible to the public, we are thrilled to announce that our e-commerce platform, www.salem.ph, is now online!

By offering online orders and purchases, we aim to make Salem Beds more easily available to sleepers. However, we still recommend customers to visit a dealer or any of our retail outlets to test and feel the beds before purchasing, even online. This way, you can get an idea how the mattress will feel and whether it will match your comfort preferences.

As we are still new to this online ordering system, we are first rolling out our services to Metro Manila buyers only. Be assured, however, that we will soon be adding more locations, so stay tuned for our announcements.

For other inquiries, please email us at info@salem.ph or call our hotline at (02) 432-0562.

Which Salem Bed Suits Your Sleep Style?

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When it comes to sleeping, almost everyone has their thing that will help them doze off faster. Some will need multiple pillows under their head to get cozy, while others must have a blanket covering every inch of their body to get to some shuteye. While these are just some quirks that not everyone can relate to, sleep styles are more common and prevalent. Everyone has a sleeping position they’re most comfortable in that they can best fall asleep in it.

Being the experts in mattresses, we here at Salem Beds believe that your bed should be the best accessory you can have for a good night’s sleep. By finding the right mattress for your sleep style, you can better ensure that you’ll have quality slumber every night. Besides, mattresses are considered as investments, no matter how much you spend on them, so why not save yourself from the hassle of the wrong bedding while you can spend your money wisely and find the right match for you?

As we are committed in providing only the best products and services to the market, we’ve created a list of suggestions, matching your sleep style to different Salem Bed products. Factoring in not only your sleeping position and preference, but also your budget, we hope that you find this list handy in your search of the best sleep ever.

Back Sleepers

guy sleeping

For back sleepers, it is very important to find a mattress that will offer lower spine support. As the body curves in when you lie down, it is important to find a mattress that will follow your body’s natural contour to ensure comfort and a good night’s sleep.

A medium-firm mattress is the most ideal for back sleepers, as soft mattresses will cause the lower back to bow down, while a firm mattress will apply pressure to the problem area. A medium firm mattress will most likely follow the body’s contours, giving back sleepers the comfort they need.

Salem Bed options:

For budget homes, the Premier Rest is good choice. If you want to invest a bit more, you can also go for the Eccelente,  Amaranth, or the Ellesmere.

Side Sleepers

side sleeping girl

For side sleepers, it is most important to find a mattress that will relieve tension from the pressure points you create when you lie down on your side. This means that your shoulder and hips shouldn’t take the brunt of your weight when you sleep. What side sleepers need is a plush mattress that will provide ample support to the pressure points that will still follow the body’s natural contour.

Salem Bed options:

Side sleeping is said to be the most common sleeping style, so if this is yours, you might be interested in a Sleepy Saver if you’re on a tight budget, or a Somerset or Elysse if you’re willing to spend more.

Stomach Sleeper


Stomach sleepers have a specific need that’s different from other sleep styles. In order to ensure a good sleeping position, the stomach sleeper will need their chest and hips to not sink further into the mattress to achieve proper alignment.

This is why, for stomach sleepers, firm mattresses are deemed to be most suitable. A firm surface will prevent back pain and the sinking feeling that will truly hinder a good night’s sleep.

Salem Bed options:

For stomach sleeping, the Restful is an ideal budget mattress, while the Prelude and Legacy can be great investments.

Combination Sleeper


Combination sleepers are those who move a lot in their sleep. They can be side, stomach, or back sleepers all throughout a single evening and will most likely fall asleep in whatever position they may be. For this sleep style, it’s best to opt for medium firm mattresses as well, so you can get the right dose of back support and pressure relief.

Salem Bed options:

Aside from the back sleeper options, which you can also use, other medium firm mattresses you can try are the G Foam (for the more budget conscious), Durham, Ditta, or Enchantress (if money is no object).

While these tips are some straightforward pieces of advice that you can take, we still recommend that you actually try out a mattress first before you purchase it. These may be popular solutions to common needs, but you may still have different preferences from others, so actually getting to feel the bed will be a very good idea. Not only will it ensure that you’ll take home a mattress that suits your needs and preferences, but it will also guarantee that you’ll start to get a good night’s sleep right away.

Plan Your Vacations with Portable Salem Bed Products

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With another holiday just around the corner, most households are already planning their summer getaways. Some will head to the beach or resorts, others will go home to their provinces, and many will look for new adventures and make memories. Whatever your case is, you should definitely include a portable Salem Bed product to your long drive pack.


Why Pack a Portable Salem Bed on Your Next Road Trip?

There are tons of reasons why a portable Salem Bed is an excellent road trip essential for you. Some of which are the following:

1. It is the perfect emergency item for unplanned getaways.

Sometimes, get aways are made even more fun by uncertainty. Going away without any plans and just following wherever the road takes you can be a great way to unwind and relax. By not fussing about plans, itineraries, and other preparations, you can let go of all the worries and just actually enjoy the moment.

A portable Salem Bed can be a great addition to your getaway pack for spontaneous holidays like this, as you’ll never know where you’ll be spending the night. A foldable Salem Bed product will ensure that you will have a cozy surface to catch some shuteye in, no matter where you are.

2. You will be the perfect overnight guest for overbooked family reunions as you came with your own bedding!

Ever ended up with nowhere to sleep on a massive family reunion? While staying up all night and catching up with relatives you haven’t seen in a while is always a fun experience, not being able to rest when you want to can instantly spoil your amusement. With a Salem Bed that you can fold and tuck away easily, this can be resolved without a fuss. Bring one along with you on your next reunion, and you can be sure that you’ll have a comfy surface to sleep on no matter how jampacked your aunt’s house may be!

3. Camping will never be the same again with a portable Salem Bed.

Sure, some may argue that packing light is the whole idea of camping. But if you don’t actually have to hike, or you can carry some additional weight, wouldn’t you like to use it to ensure that you can be a bit more comfortable? A portable Salem Bed can be a great solution for this, as you won’t have to sleep on the cold, hard ground if you have some light bedding you can bring along.

4. Extra preparation won’t hurt anyone, really.

Honestly, being a little bit more prepared wouldn’t hurt. Sure, a portable Salem Bed product means you have some extra luggage in the trunk of your car, but being sure that you will always have somewhere nice to sleep in can give extra comfort and relaxation to your holiday.

Salem Beds’ Portable Products


Flip Tough

The Flip Tough is a foam mattress covered with banig on top and a water-resistant fabric at the bottom. It is a lightweight portable mattress that is perfect for travels and other outdoor activities.


The Trio Trifold is a low density polyurethane foam mattress that is not only easy to lug around, but is also budget friendly. It is an excellent extra bed for your home, a backup sleeping surface for unexpected overnight guests, and even as a portable mattress for road trips with the gang and the family.

Sleeping Comfortably on a Hot Summer Night


With temperatures reaching up to 39 degrees in the summer, the Philippines can be a tough place to be in during the months of March ’til May. It definitely gets hot and humid, even in the evenings, with many areas finding it difficult to catch a cold breeze or two. These make it quite a challenge for many to fall asleep easily during the summer months, as the blistering heat can be a big hindrance in dozing off.

So, what are you to do if you want a good night’s sleep for these coming months? Here are some of our tips:

1. Crank up the AC

If you’re willing to invest in your comfort this summer, a reliable airconditioning unit is your best bet. The body requires a lower temperature to fall asleep easier, so find the right setting for you, and snooze your way comfortably through the hot summer nights ahead.

2. Prepare for the night time

Minimize the heat build up during the day by using blinds to keep out the sunlight or closing the windows if it’s hotter outside than inside. Avoiding slow cooking and other methods that requires high heat that can get trapped inside the house for extended periods of time. Prepping for the evenings is one of the best techniques in getting a comfortable slumber during the summer, so why not give it a shot?

3. Relocate for the summer

It is a scientific fact that heat tends to rise, so the higher you are, the more likely it is to experience the heat. If you sleep on a higher level, you may want to go lower. You can do this by either ditching the bed frame and placing your cot or mattress on the floor or switch  entire spaces during the summer months and sleep on the ground floor (if you have a multiple-story home) for the mean time. If you’re a big outdoor enthusiast, you might also like to try sleeping al fresco by pitching your tent up in your backyard.

4. Switch to cotton sheets and sleepwear

Cotton is a light breathable material, making it perfect for summer evenings when you are sure to break a sweat. Deck your bed, as well as yourself, in cotton, to ensure a more comfortable summer night slumber.

5. Blow off the hot air

salem beds summer sleep

Usually we use a fan to blow air towards us. However, during the summer, all this does is blow hot air around a room, which makes it even more uncomfortable for many. What you can do, though, is to face the fan outside your window, so it can suck the hot air inside your home and blow it outside, giving your space a reprieve from the balmy indoor air. It also improves the air circulation, allowing you to get colder air.

Extra tip: if you have an extra fan with a lower wattage, you can also use it to improve airflow and create a cross breeze inside your room.

6. Cool off before you hit the hay

It’s hard to fall asleep if you’re feeling sticky and hot, so a quick shower could also be a great way to cool down after a long day of suffering the stifling heat. A quick rinse will also help take down your core body temperature a few degrees, allowing you to relax more and even fall asleep easier.

7. Switch to a more comfortable bedding solution

Foam can get quite stuffy in the summer, especially since it’s not designed to encourage air circulation. Innerspring mattresses, however, offer a much better option, as the coils provide enough space for air to flow through, making it a more appealing option for tropical countries like the Philippines.

However, if you want to ensure that your mattress won’t get too heated in the middle of the evening, you can also opt to suspend it, through a bedroom renovation, or just skip the mattress altogether by hanging a hammock. Sleeping on the floor with a banig can also be an excellent alternative for those extra balmy nights.

8. Unplug completely

At night, folks like to recharge not only their bodies, but also their electronics in preparation for the next day. However, some experts say that unplugging everything at night is not only energy efficient and a great safety precaution, but can also reduce the heat created inside the home. Electronics tend to heat up a little when plugged in for long periods, and that can further increase the temperature inside your home. By unplugging everything at night, you also take a few degrees off, giving some summer reprieve.

9. Out with your feet

salem beds summer sleep

Those who cannot sleep without any blankets on surely find summer a difficult time to get an easy shuteye. However,  there’s actually a quick solution to feel more comfortable without having to lay bare. By leaving your feet uncovered, you can feel more comfortable as your feet and ankles have lots of pulse points, making it more sensitive to temperature.

Extra tip: you can also try dipping your clean feet in cold water before you hit the hay, or even keep a bucket of water by your bed so you can dip your feet in it whenever you feel hot.

10. Hydrate

salem beds summer sleep

If there’s one thing you’ll surely experience during the summer, it is  that you’ll break into sweat. Even after sun down, perspiration can be quite inevitable. What you can do, though, especially if you can’t cool yourself quickly enough to prevent you from sweating, is to make sure that you’re well hydrated. This way, you can prevent other complications, like your sleep getting interrupted, by getting dehydrated in the middle of the night.

EXTRA: Sleep like the Egyptians
The “Egyptian Method” is basically the technique of using a damp (but not dripping) cloth as a blanket. The moisture from the cloth is said to have kept the Egyptians cool from the harsh desert nights, allowing them to sleep comfortably despite the heat. A variation of this technique is hanging a damp light curtain on an open window, so the breeze can carry some moisture as it enters your room. In theory, the Egyptian Method can be a great way to handle the heat, but with the Philippines being overly humid, this may only exacerbate the humidity, and make you feel stickier than the usual.These are just some of the top techniques you can try to ensure that you’ll sleep comfortably this summer. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks that you can try to improve your sleep right here in the Salem Bed blog!

Bedroom Design and its Effects on Sleep

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Not a lot people pay attention to their bedroom’s interior design, especially here in the Philippines. With the great number of things that you can use your money for, who cares if you don’t repaint your walls every time you feel like it?

While it is not exactly a sin to keep your bedroom the same way it is for years on end, how you actually design your space can apparently affect your sleep. According to experts, what your bedroom looks like can also easily have an effect on your daily snooze. The bedroom, as they say, should be a “sanctuary” and the most comfortable space in your home, so it can encourage rest and relaxation. If your bedroom is designed in a way that causes you some discomfort, anxiety, or stress, then you should definitely make some changes.

What you should know, though, is that you don’t have to go on a full renovation just to prevent sleep deprivation from taking over. A simple bedroom makeover can actually do the trick and transform your space into the perfect slumber refuge you need every night. To help you out in getting started with your bedroom makeover, here are some tips you’ll surely find useful:

Focus on a single purpose

Every room has it’s purpose. The living room is usually for welcoming guests, lounging, and spending time with the family. The dining room is for meals, while the kitchen is for cooking and prepping those meals. The bedroom is very much the same, as it is created for your nightly sleep. However, since it is also the most intimate room in the house, some people sometimes tend to forget about that. In many cases it becomes more than just the place for rest, but also becomes storage for other items you don’t want displayed in other areas in your home or becomes a home office with the great amount of work you do after you get in from the office.

By establishing what the bedroom is for – which is, by all counts, for sleep – you can easily reinvent your space. This way, the space will always be connected with sleep, allowing you to rest more easily.


For a lot of people, clutter can be the most stressful thing ever. If you haven’t cleaned up your bedroom in a while, something as simple as decluttering can be regarded as an easy makeover.

Dust it off

No matter how much of a clean freak you are, chances are, dust will accumulate in your bedroom, especially if you live in the city. Dust is also notorious in keeping folks up all night, as it can cause allergic reactions, which can easily manifest through sneezing, puffy eyes, or itchiness. Because of this, you should also mind the dust in your bedroom. This doesn’t only refer to cleaning and dusting the place regularly, but you should also keep in mind to avoid using items that easily accumulate and attract dust.

Find the right bedding solutions


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the right bedding solutions can actually help improve your quality of sleep. According to a National Sleep Foundation Bedroom Poll, 93% of the respondents agreed that a comfortable mattress is necessary for a good night’s sleep, while 91% rated pillows as essential components of sleep.

Your sleeping surface plays a great part of quality sleep, so aiming to take home one that will suit your comfort needs and preferences is highly essential. Depending on your location, how you sleep, and what your conditions may be, there’s always a Salem bed that’s perfect for you.

Decorate according to what makes you feel more relaxed

Lastly, decorating is also essential for your bedroom to effectively foster a good night’s sleep. Pick a relaxing color for your walls (blue and green are believed to be some of the best options) and organize your room according to your comfort (consider the feel of the bed clothes, lighting, or the noise that goes through the walls). All of these things contribute to the quality of your slumber, so paying close attention to each will surely pay off in the long run.


The most important thing to keep in mind when doing a makeover for your bedroom in the hopes of improving your nightly rest is to make it as cozy and comfortable as you can. By creating a space that is snug and encourages shuteye, you can be sure that the next time you doze off, you’ll feel refreshed and energized.

The Best Pre-Sleep Timeline Ever

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We’ve said it before, establishing a bedtime is always an essential for a good night’s sleep. It’s really not just for young children, but adults may benefit greatly from a regular bedtime as well. It can easily improve your health, make your skin better, give you more energy, help you lose weight, and even boost your memory. Of course, it can also fight sleep deprivation and all of its ugly consequences, making a sticking to a bedtime one of the most important habits you should have.

However, some may argue that establishing that bedtime can be quite difficult. This is generally true, especially if you’re not too fond of routine and are always coming up with something to do with your time in the evenings. There’s a way to get you in the right track, though: get to know how your evening activities can affect your sleep.

According to experts, the things you do before you hit the hay at night can easily affect your slumber. For example, you like to have some coffee in the evening, then it’s very likely that you’ll have to endure wakefulness until the caffeine wears off well into the night. As you would know, substances and activities have great effects on the human body, so choosing which ones to avoid in the evening would be helpful to your sleep.

Check out this infographic from the Huffington Post:


Coffee: 6 Hours Before Bed

41/187 — Bedtime

In this infographic, various activities are drawn in a timeline, noting how far apart certain items should be from you going to bed. First in the timeline is drinking coffee, or any beverages with high caffeine content. Caffeine, being a stimulant, can really disrupt one’s sleep and even hamper the person’s ability to enjoy quality slumber. In a study conducted by researchers from the Michigan’s Henry Ford Hospital’s Sleep Disorders & Research Center and Wayne State College of Medicine, they were even able to discover that caffeine consumed in less than six hours before bed can be detrimental to one’s sleep. This is why they suggest that anyone who’s interested in having a good night’s rest should avoid drinking coffee at least six hours before they turn in.

Alcohol: 3 Hours Before Bed

alcohol and sleep

If you’re more inclined to have a glass of wine or whisky as a night cap, make sure to do so at least three hours before lights out. Why? This is because while most folks can argue that drinking can make them drowsy, therefore making them sleepy right away, having an alcoholic drink before bed is still sleep- disruptive. In a study conducted at the University of Melbourne, their research shows that consuming alcoholic beverages right before bed will resort to the interference of the alcohol to deep sleep, preventing your brain from executing full restoration which is important for a good night’s rest. Articles from TIME magazine and the Huffington Post discuss the study more closely, so you can also head there for more information.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t drink at all in the evening. What experts suggest is to have it at least three hours before you try to sleep, so the effects can wear off, and you can give yourself a better chance at having a good night’s sleep.

Dinner: 2-3 Hours Before Bed

salem beds bedtime timeline

To quote Chef Cheryl Forberg, RD, “The time that you eat dinner is not as important as how close it is to your bedtime. If you’re eating dinner too close to your bedtime, you may experience reflux (heartburn), not sleep as well as you otherwise might, or skip breakfast the next morning (this is quite a common pitfall).” These are just some of the few things you’ll experience if you sleep immediately after you’ve consumed dinner, not to mention its effects on your sleep. Big meals typically affect a person’s metabolic rate and will increase body temperature, making it difficult to fall asleep.

Experts say that 2-3 hours before bed is the best time for a meal, as it will allow your body to digest the food without making you hungry before you nod off. Hunger pangs are something you should also definitely avoid if you want a good night’s sleep, as the discomfort will definitely keep you up all night.

Of course, what you eat before you hit the sack is also important to look at if you want quality sleep (and prevent weight gain). According to this article, it’s okay to have a light snack presleep, but you have to reach out for complex carbohydrates instead of junk food to ensure quality slumber and avoid packing some pounds.

Exercising: 2 Hours Before Bed

salem beds sleep timeline

There’s no doubt that breaking a sweat from a good workout is good for the body. It gets you in great shape and a number of studies even show that it can also have great effects on sleep, although, as to exactly how and why, scientists are still about to pinpoint it out. In most people, they like to exercise so they can tire themselves out before they go to bed. This offers an easier way for them to doze off, using exhaustion as a lullaby.

However, according to sleep medicine professor, Dr. Stuart Quan of Harvard Medical School, working out so close to your bedtime may have the opposite effect on some people. While others find it easy to wear themselves out after an hour of rigorous exercise, others may feel effect of having high levels of adrenaline, making it difficult to wind down. This can impact sleep negatively as you’ll need your body to calm down in order to fall asleep.

To ensure a good night’s sleep, some sleep experts suggest giving yourself some time to cool down after a nighttime workout. Schedule your training to finish at least two hours before you sleep, so you get the chance to ensure the great quality of your slumber.

Working, Studying & Stressing + Fiddling with Electronics: 1 Hour Before Bed

Vogue Magazine by Annie Leibowitz
Photo by Annie Leibovitz, via

Many of us try to do more by squeezing in a last task for work or finishing a paper for school before hitting the hay. In most cases, though, it’s not the most efficient thing to do, as you either do not finish what you started doing, or you end up sleeping way later than your target bedtime. Both situations can easily cause you to toss and turn in your bed while you lie sleepless, fidgeting about how you have to finish that task you left hanging or how you have to be up so early the next morning.

Stressing out is another cause of sleeplessness among a huge chunk of the population. The thing here, though, is that there are so much reasons for getting stressed, that avoiding it entirely can be very difficult. In the end, it can cause you a great forty winks, because you can’t stop thinking about an issue you can’t possibly handle right then and there while you’re lying down on your bed.

With the rise of the electronics in the recent years, recent studies now show how these screens can affect sleep. According to the several sources, the blue light electronics emit easily affects people’s wakefulness, so having backlit screens glaring so close to your face at night could certainly have a negative effect.

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t do all of these before bed, though, but like the other items in this list, we suggest you do them a few hours before you try to nod off. At least give yourself an hour of winding down after you work, study, stress yourself out, or use your electronics, allowing you to become calmer and more ready for slumber.

Follow this timeline and you’ll get a good start at creating a bedtime routine that will help you improve your sleep. Of course, you also shouldn’t forget about your comfort, as it may be your mattress that’s causing you some sleepless nights. At Salem Beds, we make sure that we only offer the best surfaces for sleep, so you can guarantee some quality shut-eye.