How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep While Away from Home


One of the things that people experience when spending a few days at someone else’s humble abode, no matter how well they know the homeowners, is a hard time falling asleep. A lot of people find it difficult to get some shuteye while away from home, mostly because they’re unfamiliar with the bed and the room they’re in. As slumber tends to come easier with a routine for some, being in a different location may upset their pre-bedtime rituals, making it difficult, if not impossible, to get the sleep as good as the one they have at home.

If you’re one of these folks who can’t sleep if you’re not in your own bedroom, finding ways how you can improve the quality of your shuteye while away from home is important. A good night’s sleep can easily create great visits/vacations, so focusing on how well you nod off should be a priority. To help you out, here are some expert tips you can try:

1. If you can’t fall asleep, get out of bed.

Experts suggest that if you can’t fall asleep, it’s much better to get out of bed than stay and spend hours tossing and turning. By getting out of the covers, you can stop yourself from worrying about the fact that you’re not asleep yet and how much time you’re wasting staying wide awake. Not only will stressing out prevent you from getting more sleep, but it can also further give your body the impression that you really can’t sleep anywhere else than your own bed. Find something else to do, like read a book or go for a walk outside if it’s safe and possible.

2. Get lots of exercise. Explore the locale in the day or go on adventures. Tire yourself out.

For some people, being tired can bring them slumber right away. If you’re one of these folks, tiring yourself out can make your life easier at night. By doing a lot during the day time, you’ll surely be knackered come twilight and won’t find it problematic to doze off by your bedtime. Just remember to avoid taking a nap or consuming some caffeine to jolt you awake.

3. Take part in some of the chores.

If you feel like you’re imposing on your relatives when they welcomed you into their home, you can somehow ease your guilt by helping out a little in the house. Offer to do the dishes, or if it’s an extended stay, make sure to do your own laundry at the very least. Especially if they do not have household help, offering a hand in completing the daily chores will lighten their load, as running a house with more people can be really tiring. It may also make you feel more at ease and at home there.

4. Bring something from home.

Some people have some items that they always need around so they can fall asleep. It may be a favorite pillow, a plush toy, an eye mask, or  some other odds and ends that make them feel safe and at home. No matter what it is, if you feel that you need it to drift off to sleep, bring it along with you. It will give you the comfort that you’re still somehow connected to your home and make you feel like at least there is something with you that you’re totally familiar with even while in a different place.

5. Bring some ear plugs or download a white noise app.

Depending on your home’s neighborhood,  you might find the endless traffic the best lullaby. Others, on the other hand, like it quiet, while there are also those who prefer having some kind of ambient noise to sing them to sleep. If it’s the (or lack of) ambient noise that’s making it difficult for you to nod off at night in your temporary bedroom, there are a few ways how you can deal with it. For one, you can use ear plugs to block out all the noise, while a white noise app can help emulate the sounds you’re familiar and comfortable with.


Hopefully, these handy tips help you prepare for the upcoming holidays. These times can get hectic, and getting enough shuteye will make you enjoy your vacation even more.


The Secret to Happiness: a Good Night’s Sleep

secret to happiness

The pursuit of happiness is one of the popular challenges for people all over the world. Happiness comes naturally to some people, while others need to search high and low for theirs. This is why the secret to happiness is always one of the things a lot of people wish to discover. If there’s one quick answer to making all the blues go away, why shouldn’t you try it, right?

What not a lot of people like to accept is the fact that a good night’s sleep can definitely improve your mood and, by getting a healthy sleep hygiene, you can actually become a happier person through it.

Think about it, if you’ve actually gotten a good night’s sleep, you don’t feel cranky in the morning, and are in a good mood for the rest of the day. We should note that by a good night’s sleep, we don’t mean that you’ve had eight hours or so of shut eye, as the length isn’t always the marker of a quality slumber. If you wake up feeling refreshed, your disposition and overall mood will be positive.

Enough sleep being the secret to happiness shouldn’t be that hard to believe, though. There are lots of plausible explanations to this, aside from the fact that being well rested could truly improve your mood. One that came up in this Slate article is the fact that not everyone is a morning person. By waking up refreshed, people get to start their day on a lighter note and not scrambling for wakefulness. It can be also very useful in preventing early morning frustrations, as you can be more efficient and effective when you’re not wanting for more sleep.

If you’re not convinced that by getting ample sleep you’ll also see an increase in your life satisfaction, we urge you to try it yourself. Have a healthier sleep hygiene and discover the great effects more sleep can give you.

Understanding Bedwetting

understanding bedwetting banner

Bedwetting is considered as a common, albeit embarrassing, nighttime occurrence among young children. Also known as nocturnal enuresis, bedwetting is typically characterized by the child urinating the bed in the middle of the night. Experts say that bedwetting is a normal phase during a child’s potty-training years, with millions of children all over the globe experiencing it right now.

According to experts, bedwetting can be seen as a sign of the last stages of potty training. During this stage, your child is already learning how to control their bladder during the day, but they still haven’t mastered how to do such during the night. As bladder control requires coordination between the nerves, muscles, brain, and spinal cord, it proves to be quite a complex process for little ones. It also needs some maturity to get over bedwetting, which can be achieved through close supervision and rigorous training.

However, there are also other causes to bedwetting, especially if it occurs after the child has already been potty trained. A small amount of cases may be due to a physical ailment like a urinary tract infection, diabetes, or a neurological or a structural issue. In most cases, it is a manifestation of the child’s stress, as bedwetting occurs during an impending change, like the start of school, arrival of a new baby, a conflict in the home, or abuse.

Aside from the mattress damage that bedwetting can cause, it also takes a lot out of your child. As mentioned earlier, bedwetting is seen as an embarrassing occurrence, especially if the kids are already finished their potty training period when it happened. It can cause them distress and can make them lose sleep, which can be detrimental to their health and growth. Reacting properly to bedwetting is essential, so you can effectively help your child get through it.

What should you do if your kid starts wetting the bed all of the sudden? Here are some tips experts suggest you try:

1. Create a regular bedtime routine, including a trip to the bathroom before lights are turned out.

2. Wake your child around the time when they will usually wet the bed to have a bathroom break. This will give them a chance to get to the bathroom before they urinate.

3. Talk to your child about their bedwetting. They have to know that this is common and that they shouldn’t get stressed about it. However, you should also let them know that they need to put some extra effort in making it stop. You can use a reward system that gives your kid a prize on dry nights or you can also encourage them and tell them about the perks of not wetting the bed, like no more diapers and officially becoming a big kid.

4. Add a rubber pad as a mattress topper and underneath the bed sheet to prevent the mattress from getting soaked. This can also help your child fall back to sleep easier, as they won’t have to sleep in another bed or a damp bed afterwards. It could also prevent substantially damaging your mattress.

5. Limit your child’s beverage intake during the evenings. If you think your child’s bedwetting is caused by the amount of liquid they drink before they go to bed, you can limit what they take in.

Being patient and understanding is especially important when your child is going through the bedwetting phase. You must handle the problem very calmly, as it can be a very sensitive matter for your child. How you react and handle the situation will affect how they respond and try to overcome their bedwetting, so you really have to tread on with great care.

Usually, bedwetting is not something parents should be worried about. Experts will assure you that it is a common stage in raising a child. However, if your little one still wets the bed at age 7 or over, seeing a pediatrician should be done immediately.

How to Make a Cozy Bed for the Colder Months

salem beds cozy bed banner

As the -ber months roll in, the people of the Philippines rejoice. It’s not just because we love the promise of family reunions the holidays can bring, but it’s mostly for the slightly colder weather that comes with it. The longer nights are typically accompanied by lower temperatures, making sleep, or at least staying in bed, a lot more enjoyable to many.

But as most Filipino homes are equipped for the warmer weather, with most homes only owning thin as paper blankets, how do you actually cozy up for the colder months? Read our list and discover how you can make your bed a bit cozier for the upcoming cold months.

1. Get some thick blankets.

salem beds thick blankets

salem beds cozy bed

Most Filipino homes make use of linen blankets that usually come with the bed sheet sets, which is why most bedrooms have those matchy-matchy bed clothes on them. However used to it you may be, you can actually break the rule and use a different blanket should you need it. Forget the bedsheet quality blanket you have when the night temperatures drop to a chilly 20 degrees in the middle of the night as it will only leave you shivering from the cool breeze. Get yourself a thicker blanket to get cozy in and enjoy the warmth even for just a few nights a year.

2. Add more fluffy pillows.

salem beds fluffy pillows

salem beds cozy bed

Why extra pillows, you may be wondering. It’s easy to explain, really. With the colder months coming in, a lot of us will choose to stay in bed longer, and even want to do other things while there. Additional pillows can provide excellent back support if you want to stay tucked in while nursing a hot mug of tea/coffee/milk/choco and pouring over a book. It can also be a comfy back rest should you opt to do your crafting in bed (just make sure to clean up properly, so you don’t end up getting stabbed in the back by a scissor, some beads, or needles).

Fluffy pillows can also be ideal if you want to add some extra warmth to your bed. Piling up with pillows will shield you from the cold breeze in tandem with a cozy blanket. It’s also ideal if you just want to make your bedroom a lot more inviting.

3. Deck out your bed with some fresh sheets.

salem beds sheets

salem beds cozy bed

While cotton sheets are said to be the best options in a tropical country like the Philippines, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try something else during the colder months. Other options include silk, linen, and jersey, to create a warmer bed.

4. Pad your floors with some rugs.

salem beds rugs

salem beds cozy bed

After enjoying the snugness of your bed, being jolted awake as soon as your feet hit the cold concrete can really ruin the mood, unless you rely on that to get your blood pumping. To avoid this, you can always lay down some fuzzy rug by your bed to make your morning landings a lot easier. It’ll serve as a slight cushion for your feet, especially if you’re still blurry from sleep.

5. Get a nice bedside lamp.

salem beds bedside lamp


As mentioned earlier, the colder months will most likely make people spend more time all cozied up in their beds. By adding an easily accessible lighting fixture by your bedside, you can cut down the time of having to get up and go to the overhead light switch just so you can read or see things while in bed. A lamp by your bedside can be switched on and off without having to get out from the covers, allowing you to stay warm longer.

Bedside lamps doesn’t even have to be table lamps per se. With the vast array of available products in the market today, you can find something that is interesting and will suit your needs best without a fuss. May it be a hanging lamp, wall lamp, or a floor lamp, as long as it’s switch is only an arm’s length from you while you’re in bed, you’re good to go.

6. DIY or use your canopy bed to its full potential.

 salem beds canopy bed

salem beds cozy bed

Another surefire way you can shield yourself from the cold breeze is by hanging some curtains around your bed. If you have a canopy bed, doing this is very easy, as you already have the tools for hanging. However, you can also DIY the whole thing by hanging fabric from the ceiling. There are also tons of tutorials how you can create the look for your home on your own, so why not give it a shot?

7. Get a cushioned headboard – or make one!

salem beds headboardvia

salem beds cozy bed

While you’re already in a DIY mood, maybe you can also try out creating your own cushioned or tufted headboard? Not only will it give your bed a luxurious look, but it can also give you a comfortable back rest while sitting up in bed.

8. Snuggle with a loved one.

salem beds snuggle

salem beds cozy bedvia

Looking for the best bed warmer there is? Body heat is always the answer! By snuggling with a loved one, you get to enjoy each other’s warmth, literally.

9. Get a high quality, extra comfortable mattress.

salem beds quality bed

The best way to get cozy starts with where you are going to lie down. This is why you also need a high quality Salem bed to get you started in cozying up for the colder months. The right Salem mattress will give you the comfort you need not only for sleep and rest, but also for lounging around and enjoying the small things in life.

5 Things You Need to Know About Sleep Talking

salem beds sleep talking

Have you ever been woken up by a roommate/sibling/partner/spouse in the middle of the night thinking that they are telling you something, only to find out that they’re just talking in their sleep? Somniloquy, popularly known as sleep talking, is commonly encountered by the populace, but it’s not easily understood by many. Some completely ignore it, while others fear it. If you’ve ever been curious about sleep talking, you may find these ten facts interesting.

1. Sleep talking is physically harmless.

While Somniloquy is an actual sleep disorder, experts say that it is physically harmless, as all it actually does is let you utter speech even while you’re asleep. It may, however, be caused by more serious triggers like stress, depression, sleep deprivation, anxiety, day-time drowsiness, psychiatric disorders, or a fever. It can also be a result of alcohol consumption. According to specialists, while sleep talking is safe, it can be quite embarrassing for the sleeper, as most speeches made are actually done subconsciously or triggered by a dream or nightmare.

2. Sleep talking content is varied and can be just about anything.

“Modern sleep science and the law accept that sleep talking is not a product of a conscious or rational mind and is therefore usually inadmissible in court,” says the Sleep Foundation. There’s very little known about the content of most sleep talk that allows experts to conclude that there’s really not much basis to it most of the time. So, the next time you hear your spouse other another man/woman’s name in the middle of the night, it may just be something extremely random.

3. Anyone can sleep talk, but it is most likely to occur among family members (as it is hereditary), as well as males and children.

As somniloquy can be caused by a lot of things, it is not too surprising that it can happen to anyone. However, studies show that it is more prevalent among males and children, and is more likely to run in the family.

4. Sleep talking can occur at any point of an individual’s sleep.

salem beds sleep talking

While other sleep activities, like dreaming, only happen during specific stages of sleep, somniloquy can take place any time while a person is in slumber. The quality of the speech depends on the sleep stage, though, so if the talk occurs during the deeper stages, it will sound more gibberish, while it can be more coherent as the sleeper progresses to lighter stages of their forty winks.

5. While somniloquy is safe for the talker, it can cause sleeplessness to bed partners and roommates in extreme cases.

Sleep talking vary in severity among different people. While some may utter a completely out of context line or two before drifting back to sleep, others go on full tirades and even engage in conversations even while asleep. In some cases, siblings who share bedrooms are said to actually talk to each other while in deep slumber.

The speaking volume among sleep talkers can be very varied as well. It can be as soft as the talker can go, but it can also be as loud as possible. This, of course, can cause sleep disturbance for bed partners and roommates, which can become a big problem for repeated occurrences.

salem beds sleep talking

Sleep talking may not exactly be dangerous to one’s health, but it can be eliminated through certain steps. Experts suggest that sleep talkers should be allowed to sleep alone once they start disturbing other people’s slumber, as well as avoid having heavy dinners, reduce stress, and get more rest as sleep deprivation can make somniloquy worse. For the meantime, you can have a good laugh at the hilarious things some people have been reported to utter in their sleep.

Design Highlight: Outside In Bedrooms

salem beds outdside in bedrooms

Location is an important factor for many when they look for a place to live. Not only will it play a major role in your family’s comfort and safety, but it can also easily add some charm to your home. Some folks like to take advantage of the locale they are in and opens their home to their surroundings even more. In these cases, the outside are included in the interior design of the home, creating a natural and harmonious aesthetic for the property.

Letting the outside in isn’t a difficult feat, if you come to think of it. Most homeowners pull this off by including massive windows that can run from the floor to the ceiling or wrap around the room to provide a panoramic view of the area. Some create more clever techniques to let the outdoors be more accessible to their humble abodes. To give you more ideas on this, we offer you a series of photographs we’ve collected from all over the web to get you inspired.

Salem Beds outside in bedroomsvia

Salem beds outside in bedrooms

salem beds outside in bedrooms

Salem beds outside in bedrooms

Salem beds outside in bedroomsvia

Salem beds outside in bedrooms

Salem beds outside in bedrooms

Huge, floor to ceiling windows not only give you a way to look outside, but it can also frame your backyard or the outside view nicely.

Salem beds outside in bedroomsalem beds outside in bedrooms

salem beds outside in bedrooms


A big window + a nice foliage or a beautiful view can instantly work as an easy wall art in some cases.

Salem bed outside in bedrooms

Salem beds outside in bedrooms

salem beds outside in bedrooms

Salem beds outside in

Wall to wall windows are also excellent ways to let the outside in.

Salem beds outside in bedroomsvia

Salem beds outside in bedrooms

Built in 1948 by renowned architect Philip Johnson, the Glass House is considered as a masterpiece in the field of architecture and design. With walls made mostly out of glass panels, you can almost feel like you’re in the middle of a field despite being inside this house.

salem beds outside in bedrooms
viaSalem beds outside in bedrooms

Salem beds outside in bedrooms

Sky lights are also a great way to let the outside in, especially if you do it right. Providing yourself a view of the sky not only works out a great backdrop, but it also doubles as a way to get more natural light, which can mean an eco-friendlier home!

Of course, a beautiful bedroom view is not complete without an exquisite bed. So don’t forget to find the best Salem bed for you and your family to guarantee a comfortable lifestyle.

What makes Salem Beds so Special?

what makes salem beds so special

Being in the bed manufacturing industry for nearly fifty years now, there must be something about Salem beds that makes it last this long. There must be something about the brand and its products that keeps it at the top of the game for decades on end, right?

Here at Salem beds, we believe that there are a number of things that help us stand out from the competition. If you’re wondering what they are, let us count the ways.

Salem keeps family at its core

what makes salem beds so special

Still completely run and managed by the founding Tiu family, it is not too surprising that Salem values family in its very core. Founded by Tiu Kim Chuan in 1968, the company continues to be managed and run by family, lead by the current CEO, Mr. Benjamin Tiu.

This commitment allows us to create products that are wholesome and is designed to cater to the whole family, in hopes of fostering a stronger bond among members. We want our mattresses to complete the comfort every home offers to the people who live in them, and become a part of many growing families for the years and decades to come.

Salem makes your sleep our business

Being in the business for more than four decades already, we make sure your sleep is our top priority. Not only are our mattresses designed to cater to your comfort preferences and requirements, but we also work hard in helping you find the high quality sleep you deserve with the help of our products.

Salem guarantees quality

what makes salem so special

From the materials used to the craftsmanship applied to our products, quality is integrated in every step of the way. This is why it isn’t surprising that our mattresses outlast their warranties, making them long time comfort companions in many Filipino homes.

Salem makes use of native materials

One of the things that make Salem stand out from the crowd is its audacity to make use of locally sourced items in it’s world class products. Unlike other brands, we continue to use natural abaca fibers, processed into a thick sheet, to be used as an additional layer for our mattresses. The natural coir acts as an excellent insulator and keeps the mattresses in great shape despite long term use.

Salem brings world class luxury to the Filipino people

what makes salem beds so special

Striving to provide Filipino homes the very best products there is, we are proud to offer a luxurious line of mattresses to the local market. While Salem mattresses are made in the Philippines, our high end lines are composed of materials sourced from abroad as well. Our latex and new generation memory foam are sourced from Europe, as well as our treated fabrics. Combined with Filipino ingenuity and the renowned Salem brand craftsmanship, we offer a range of first-class mattresses that are proud to be locally made but are easily at par with several international brands.

Salem beds last for a good long time

In the end, it’s still about how long a product can last, especially in the mattress manufacturing industry. As each Salem bed is meticulously designed and painstakingly crafted to ensure high quality, it’s easy to expect that our products will stand use and abuse for a long time. Some may even outlive their warranty, assuring you that you have gotten yourself a great bargain.


Quality products, luxury you can afford, and Filipino ingenuity are just some of the few things that make Salem beds stand out from the crowd. Experience exquisite comfort like no other with a Salem bed today.