The Case of Chronic Snooze-itis

chronic snooze itis

A lot of us are emotionally attached to the snooze button. For many, it feels like the savior of our  sleep as this great technology has always allowed many to get five or more minutes of shuteye every morning. Hitting the snooze button has been a habit to so many, that for some, it’s already an addiction that can be difficult to get rid of.

Dubbed in this Vogue article as the snooze-itis, constantly hitting the snooze button does have some bad effects for the body. For one, repeated snoozing subjects you to repeated sleep disruption. This means that a sleep cycle doesn’t get completed, leaving you even more tired and sleepy than when you were first woken up by your alarm. This puts you in an even worse shape, as you won’t feel refreshed and fulfilled by your slumber, despite sleeping all night long.

Snoozing your alarm repeatedly also makes you lose time for your morning routines, causing many to stumble and rush about on their way to work. Say you’ve set your alarm 1.5 hours before the start of your shift. With at least 30 minutes of commute and an hour of preparing for the day ahead, you only have enough time to get to work on time. If you choose to snooze, you will have to sacrifice a few things like having to miss breakfast, skip on wearing some make up, and may even arrive completely late at the office. Not to mention that you’re already grumpy and irritable because you feel like you didn’t get enough sleep. Not a great way to start the day, is it?

Some research also say that productivity is lower among those who have the snooze-itis. As these folks choose to procrastinate with waking up, it is also very likely that they choose to procrastinate with other tasks as well. Time management is also affected by snoozing, as it can totally throw off your day’s schedule.

So, how do you deal with the snooze-itis? It actually takes some determination to get rid of this sort-of ailment as it can really take a lot out of you to get up with the alarm. However, once you’ve given it a shot, you can discover a lot more benefits in the process. It can even improve your sleep, as waking up at the same time everyday can set your circadian rhythm into a regular course.

We know that waking up can be extra difficult if you sleep on a cozy Salem Bed, but keep in mind that the length of your slumber doesn’t always equate to quality sleep. So enjoy your Salem Bed accordingly and improve your sleep by avoiding the snooze button as much as you can.

Grown-up Lofts to Love

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We here at Salem Bed adores lofts. They’re so space efficient and unique that you won’t run out of ideas in decorating them. Especially since most of us choose to live small to stay in the city, creating a loft may just be one of the best options to get more out of your tiny space.

If you’re like us who enjoy getting inspired with effective small spaces, we’ve rounded up a few grown up loft bedrooms that will totally make you want to renovate ASAP.

A loft bedroom offers a wide range of options for decoration and allows creativity to flow. Just make sure to equip it with a cozy Salem Bed and you can be sure that no matter how your loft bedroom looks, it will be able to give you a good night’s sleep.

10 AirBnB Bedrooms to Dream About

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If you love to travel on a budget, you may have already heard about AirBnB. An alternative accommodations option for all kinds of travelers, AirBnB is website where folks can list and book properties, may it be a whole home, a condominium unit, apartment, or a bedroom for short-term stays. It works just like any hotel listing and booking website, except for the fact that you’re not exactly renting a hotel room here.

But did you know that aside from finding great places to stay in, you can also find inspiring bedrooms in AirBnB? We took the time to scour the site to find some of the best bedrooms that can easily inspire you to redecorate or even book a stay in their properties. Check below for some of our picks.

Secluded Intown Treehouse

Secluded Intown Treehouse
Atlanta, GA, United States

Recently Named “AIRBNB’S #1 MOST DESIRABLE LISTING WORLDWIDE!” Suite of three beautifully furnished rooms set amongst the trees. Just minutes from downtown, this secluded property is an urban ret…

Short Term Rentals in Atlanta

Blurring the line between indoor and outdoor, this bedroom is perfect if you want to get in touch with nature. The best thing about it is that you’re not required to rough it out despite the very rustic design and surroundings, because the house is just a few minutes from the bustling downtown of Atlanta, Georgia.

Seashell House

The Seashell House ~ Casa Caracol
Isla Mujeres, Mexico

The famous Seashell house is on a gated property with the owner/architect living next door. You will have a private pool, two king beds and a simple kitchen. Free wifi , air conditioning. I am happ…

Vacation Home Rentals in Isla Mujeres

This one is just too adorable! Found inside a house that is shaped and designed to resemble a seashell, the bedroom is just immaculate. It suits the house perfectly and you may love to know that the property comes with its own pool and is located just across the street from the beach.

St. Pancras Clock Tower Guest Suite

St Pancras Clock Tower Guest Suite
London, United Kingdom

A mini apartment within the clock tower apartment at St Pancras Station, with its own en suite bathroom and kitchen and sitting area. It sits in Sir George Gilbert Scott’s gothic revival railway h…

Short Term Apartment Rentals in London

Okay, so this one doesn’t offer much in terms of bedroom aesthetics and we know that the door is right above the sleeper’s head, but please take into account how awesome would it be to sleep inside a clock tower.

Darsie Castle

Dairsie Castle (historic Scotland)
Fife, United Kingdom

Dairsie Castle is a unique self-catered property which sleeps 13. Located close to St. Andrews (15 minutes drive) and Edinburgh (1 hour drive), it is an ideal setting for a holiday to explore the h…

Fife Rentals

Ever dreamed of living in an actual castle? Well, here’s a listing that can make your dreams come true! What we love the most about the Dairsie Castle’s bedrooms is that they’re very cozy despite the rough exteriors. Definitely worth getting inspiration from, in our opinion.

Aegean Island Villa

Aegean Island villa, near Athens Styra, Central Greece, Greece

AS LISTED ON AIRBNB TOP 40! AS LISTED IN AMERICAN VOGUE, JULY 2015, IN TOP 10 VILLAS IN GREECE Much more than a holiday home, staying in Delenia is l…

Villas for Rent in Styra

Aside from the stunning view of the sea and the marvelous architecture, this island villa’s bedroom is totally charming. You’ll easily fall for its natural appeal that will make your dream of living in an island villa come true.

ElquiDomos Astronomic Hotel

ElquiDomos Astronomic hotel
Paiguano, Coquimbo, Chile

Elqui Domos is a very unique lodging offer, it is one of the 7 astronomic hotels worldwide, and the only one in the South Hemisphere. Come enjoy the magic skies of Elqui Valley. We noticed that …

Accommodations in Paiguano

Sleeping under the stars is one of the top things a lot of people dream about. Especially if you’re a big fan of astronomy and all things celestial, you’ll surely enjoy a stay at this listing. Perfect for romantic getaways, make sure to bring your special someone with you when you visit this place!

Both Floors Modern Glass Tree House

Both Floors Modern Glass Tree House
Atlanta, GA, United States

Gorgeous forest retreat-only 5 minutes from Downtown Atlanta! The OPEN Floor Plan makes for a Great gathering space-available for 4-6 overnight guests at $500 a night, but also available for priv…

Atlanta Vacation House Rentals

Modern in aesthetics, this bedroom is totally something to dream about! With the sweeping views the glass walls provide, it’s a great choice if you live in a beautiful area, so you can easily take the outdoors in and just soak up the beautiful surroundings. Just imagine coming home to a gorgeous space as this one, and you may not want to leave home anymore.

Architect’s Flat

Our house: Architects’ flat.
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Unusual, very spacious, “Art Nouveau” flat with recepcion hall, studio, dining, living-room, galery, two bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. An architectural experience in the Modernista Barcelona of…

Holiday Flats for Rent in Barcelona

The bedroom may be minimalist in decor, but in contrast to the property’s gothic design, it makes an excellent break from the romantic interiors. So, if your home has a strong aesthetics that can get overwhelming, take a cue from this listing and opt to tone it down a bit in the bedroom. It can also help you get better sleep, making a minimal space a great choice.

Old Smock Windmill in Rural Kent

Old Smock Windmill in rural Kent
Benenden, United Kingdom

The Old Smock Mill is a gorgeous four storey building (three floors for the holiday let) it has carefully been restored to a very high level. With eighteen inch brick walls and white weather boarde…

Benenden Rentals

Want to give rural living a try? You can take some cues from this charming windmill cottage. We love its serious rustic aesthetics that is truly cozy and inviting.

Amazing Loft in Central Paris

Paris, Île-de-France, France

My name is Alexandre, I am both a Publisher and musician and I propose this splendid luminous and unique loft under the roofs, very typical and looking like a boat with wooden structures all around…

Vacation Apartments for Rent in Paris

Found right in the heart of The City of Light, this quaint listing offers a quintessential Parisian feel to guests. Charming and fuss-free, it’s just gorgeous. If you want your bedroom to be low key without sacrificing chicness and style, you’ll find great cues from this bedroom.

While some may argue that AirBnb bedrooms are strategically designed and created to lure customers, it’s not too bad to take interior design cues from, really. Most of them are unique and offer a fresh look and feel that could easily transform your bedroom. Get inspired and you’ll surely be able to take a few things you can try at home.

Why Getting More Sleep is the Best New Year’s Resolution for 2016

best new years resolution

For many of us, getting more sleep is a goal for the New Year. With our hectic schedules and tons of responsibilities, it’s very easy to choose to stay up late and finish one more task rather than get some shuteye. However, doing this easily means having to live your life yawning.

If you want to successfully sleep more this 2016, the first thing you should do is erase the misconceptions about slumber. Many think that those who make a point to catch some zzz’s are lazy and are willing to waste their time asleep. While, for some, sleep can be their escape to responsibilities and problems, this isn’t always the case. Sleep is actually a magnificent tool to boost your productivity, creativity, learning, and mood among other things, allowing you to perform better. This is why more and more experts campaign for better sleep, as it can be highly beneficial, not only for individuals, but for institutions as well.

In an article penned by the Business Adviser, for some entrepreneurs, sleep is now considered as a status symbol. Just like organic food, the latest workout craze, and high end exercise equipment and gadgets, sleep is now recognized by big wigs to be beneficial to their success.

You might be wondering how can such a long downtime help you gain success. It’s pretty simple actually as you have to schedule your day efficiently so you can get ample sleep. This means:

You gain more control over your activities and life in general. As you need to have at least 8 hours of down time come night time, you have to make the best use of your time. You need to skip doing unnecessary tasks and actually focus with what you have to finish. This allows you to get better grip on things and prevent yourself from getting sidetracked by various possible distractions.

You also learn to manage your time better. If you want to catch some zzz’s but you have so much to do, you need to learn to prioritize and handle your time effectively. Successful people may have a million things to do before the sun comes down, but with effective time management and delegation, you can actually achieve your daily goals and get ample shuteye.

You can actually become healthier. A healthy body is one of the top goals among many individuals, so if you’re trying your luck in boosting your immune system, a healthy sleep regimen is one of the best weapons you should have. Quality sleep offers endless health benefits, making it the best step in improving your health in 2016.


Hopefully, we’ve made a good case in convincing you that sleep should be at the top of your New Year’s Resolutions for 2016. With the great number of benefits it can bring for your health and performance, it should be a top priority to get more of.