Creative Ways to Decorate Your Four Poster Bed

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Four poster beds are some of the fanciest frame options for your bedroom. They’re extravagant and elegant, the perfect centerpieces to a beautiful space. If you’re thinking of adding a bit more flair to your bedroom, poster beds are great options.

With their versatility, there’s a multitude of ways how you can make poster beds work well for your interiors. You can keep them bare for a clean, classic, and minimalist look, but you can also put those post and beams to good use. How? Here are some excellent examples:

1. Fabric

C More design

Fabric is possibly the most common material used on poster beds as they not only add some pizazz to these frames, but also offer some additional privacy to the sleeper. You can use, a long stretch of fabric, regular curtains, or opt for mesh-like materials, so it can also double as mosquito nets.

There’s also a lot of ways how to decorate your bed with fabric. You can do it traditionally, using curtains on all sides or drape it on one portion. You can also use the beams nearest the wall as a rod to hang up tapestry or a printed fabric to use as a headboard. If you’re bold enough, you may be able to pull off the draped fabric look on your four-poster to give it that nonchalant chic vibe.

Simplified Building

2. Lights


Lights can also be excellent accent pieces, as they now come in a wide variety of styles and are extremely functional. You can either use string lights and drape them around the beams and poles of your canopy bed or just place a nice chandelier over your poster bed.

3. Embellishments





You can also let your creative juices flow when decorating your canopy bed. Hang anything you love and you’ll surely end up with an eclectic and quirky bedroom centerpiece.

4. Plants

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Plants are also some of the great things you can use to decorate your four poster bed. Hang them up or have them crawl one of the posts for a natural and romantic look.

With all of the possibilities your four poster beds have to offer, there’s really no excuse in thinking it’s a boring piece of furniture. Jazz it up and you can enjoy not only a cozy place to rest, but also an exciting interior design element at the same time.


Styling Your Bed Pillows

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When it comes to dressing up your bed, styling your pillows is a must. Especially if you like having a couple of pillows in different shapes and sizes, putting an effort in styling them can help your bed look more attractive, rather than a mess.

The great thing about styling your bed pillows is the fact that the learning process can be fun and exciting. As there are so many ways to go about styling your bed with the help of your pillows, this task will easily turn into a fun activity in no time.

To help you get started in styling your bed, check out our tips below:

1. Keep it plain

Photo by Erik Olsson via Delikatissen

The minimalist look is a massive trend right now as it offers a very clean and modern look. Aside from these, the minimalist look requires less effort, making it the perfect style for a simple, yet sleek living.

The minimalist way is also one technique you can also try to style your bed pillows. You can pull this off as simple as using plain pillow cases and stacking one pillow on top of another. You can do this either by having the pillows laid flat on the bed or against the headboard.

2. Matchy-matchy

matching pillowcase duvet cover

One of the more traditional techniques in styling bed pillows is by matching it with your comforter or duvet cover. It is also easy to pull off, as all you need is get a complete set or make a set on your own if you’re handy enough. To break the monotony, though, you can add in a simpler, complementing print or even plain ones.

matching set

3. Coordinate and Complement


If you want a bigger challenge, try coordinating and complementing prints for your pillows.

4. Layer

Chalet gstaad amaldi neder architectes

For a more polished look, layering your pillows is a great styling technique. If you have a number of pillows at hand and you like to put them all on your bed, this is the best and neatest method to display them and make your bed look cozier in the process.


Above is an easy diagram of how you place your pillows to make your bed look more stylish.

5. Add a pop of color

pop of color

Adding a pop of color is an easy solution to make things interesting in any space. These unexpected extras will easily liven up your bed without having to do much.

pop of color in a Paris apartment bedroom

These are just some of the many ways how you can style your pillows to add some charm to your space. Try these handy tricks on your Salem bed and you’ll surely end up with a cozier bedroom.

Oh, My G-Foam!


While innerspring mattresses are excellent options for bedding solutions, foams are still highly viable alternatives. For one, they’re typically more affordable, making them ideal for first time mattress owners.

However, while cheaper foam mattresses are more popular options for many, there’s nothing wrong in investing a little bit more on one as well. Especially since low priced foams tend to be softer, as they are made of low density polyurethane, those who require a firmer sleeping surface will find it more ideal to opt for a high density polyurethane variety. The latter will provide better back support and higher resistance, which is perfect for those who do not enjoy the sinking feeling foam mattresses tend to give.

When it comes to a great high density polyurethane foam mattress, the G Foam is a top contender from Salem Beds. Made with firm, high density polyurethane foam, the G Foam offers a great combination of a sturdy and soft surface. While it is manufactured from polyurethane, it’s construction is easily comparable with pricier rubber foam mattresses, giving buyers more bang for their buck.

To ensure the G Foam’s quality and cleanliness, it comes with a jacquard fabric cover which is imported from Indonesia. The fabric cover is quilted with a thin layer of low density polyurethane foam, which gives an additional cushioning to the mattress, ensuring the sleeper’s comfort.

Available in four and six inch varieties, the G Foam offers easy comfort that will perfectly suit your needs. With a five year warranty, you can be sure that the G Foam is a great option for your home.

For pricing and orders (for Metro Manila residents only), please visit

Sleep & Success: Sleep Your Way to Success (Without the Controversy)

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One of the things that a lot of working professionals complain about is the apparent lack of time. With so many things to do, the 24 hours in a day doesn’t seem enough to do everything they need to accomplish. In some cases, the 24 hours don’t even cover their social and family lives yet, making it all the more challenging for someone who wants to get ahead in life.

With time not on your side, what should someone aspiring to succeed should do? Some professionals opt to sleep less. By cutting down their hours in bed, they can squeeze in an extra task or two.

Tempting as it may, there are more repercussions that are bad for you if you opt to miss out on some sleep. Aside from the grogginess that will make you feel less alert and make you unproductive, accumulating sleep debt can also be detrimental to your cognitive functions. If you make it a habit to sleep little every night, you are willingly putting yourself at a disadvantage – the complete opposite of what you’re aiming for. With all the negative effects lack of sleep have, the tempt of being able to do more surely comes at a high price.

While sleeping less does make sense if you’re a busy entrepreneur or corporate executive, it is actually the complete opposite of what’s ideal if you want to perform better in the workplace. With less sleep comes less alertness, which can affect your productivity in leaps and bounds. The sleep debt will also affect your mood, and may even have a great impact in how you deal with social situations in the work place.

Think about it: if you get enough sleep nightly, you can easily reap of the many health benefits sweet slumber can offer. You get to have more energy, be more alert, and in good health. It’s very likely that you’ll be less stressed as well. This means you can be more productive and be physically and mentally present while accomplishing your daily tasks.

To further ensure a good night’s sleep, equip your bedroom with a quality Salem Bed. With a great mattress, you can leave all your stress and worries behind and enjoy a night in exquisite comfort.

Your Shuteye and Your Eyesight

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As you may already know by now, sleep has several great effects on the body. Lack of it can also have a massive impact on our physiological processes, making it highly important to get some shuteye.

What a lot of people don’t know, though, is the fact that sleep also has a great effect on your eyes’ health. Most people think that the rest the eyes get from a few hours of slumber is already enough to get it going for the next day. In most cases, especially if those “few hours” are up to 7 or 8 hours nightly, the amount of shuteye you get can be enough for your peepers. Lack of sleep also affects your eyes largely, in many ways that you may not know much about.

According to experts, your eyes need at least five hours of rest per night. Not getting enough sleep can cause eye spasms or myokymia on the other hand. Myokymia is characterized by involuntary twitching of the muscles around the eyes, which are hard to control and prevent. Although, eye spasms are not necessarily serious issues, they are quite annoying and disruptive. They can also be quite embarrassing, especially on formal occasions.

Aside from myokymia, here are a few other eye issues that can manifest if you lack some serious sleep:

  • Dry eyes
  • Redness
  • Blurred vision
  • Light Sensitivity
  • Itchy eyes
  • Popped blood vessel

As modern life requires a lot more use of our eyes, taking care of it is just essential. With sleep being one of the simplest techniques in caring for your pair of peepers, why not take this chance to get something extra from the shuteye that you’ll surely enjoy?

Make Waking Up in the Morning Easy

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Even if you consider yourself a morning person, there are days when getting out of bed can be difficult. Especially during the summer, because even when the nights are stifling hot, mornings still get pretty cool, making it the perfect time to be in bed.

But as mornings are mornings, you’ve definitely got places to go. This makes getting out of bed a lot more important and pressing. Delaying the imminent is pointless, although that fact doesn’t necessarily make it any easier.

Waking up nicely is also an integral part in having a good night’s sleep. Even if you’ve spent the previous night in sweet slumber, if you have a hard time waking up and find it stressful to get up in the morning, you’re not exactly really getting the most out of your nightly shuteye.

If you’ve ever wondered if there are ways that can help make your mornings easy (and you less grumpy), the good news is, there are a few tricks you can try. Here are some easy tips that you can try.

1. Place the alarm clock farther away from the bed.

We’re all used to having our alarm clocks either on our bedside tables or under our pillows. This makes it easy to set them up at night, and a lot simpler to hit the snooze button as soon as it goes off in the morning.

The bad thing about this set up is the convenience. As it is just an arm’s length from you, going back to sleep after you hit the snooze on your alarm is a lot simpler. While this sounds perfect for all the sleepyheads out there, it is also not doing you any favors in starting your day right. Snoozing will only make you get out of bed later, leaving you with less time to prepare and get to where you should be.

By putting your alarm clock a bit farther away from the bed, you’ll be forced to get up when the alarm goes off. Such an action will actually help you wake up, and may even make you think twice about going back to bed. This tip hits two bird at once, really, as it effectively wakes you up and prevents you from snoozing.

2. Jumpstart your day with a nice citrus-y scent.

citrus breakfast in bed

To feel more awake, you actually have to feel alert. To achieve this, you will have to kickstart your beta wave production, and one way to do that is by getting a whiff of something citrus-y. By either having a half cup serving of a citrus fruit or opening a bottle of a citrus-flavored essential oil, you can get your needed morning boost.

3. Jolt yourself awake with something cold.

To get yourself out of your grogginess, splashing on some cold water will totally help. It can easily wake your brain up and help you get rid of last night’s sleep. You can also try spending 10 seconds under the cold shower or placing frozen spoons on your eyes to de-puff your eyes from a long slumber.

4. No blackout shades on weekdays.

Especially if you’re the type that likes to hit the snooze on your alarm thinking that you still got time to prep, blackout shades could make getting up in the morning even harder, as the dimness will make you feel like it’s still night time. To help you get up easier, skip the black out shades during the days you need to get out of the house early and just treat it as reward for your off-days.

Ending your sleep on a good note ensures that you’re starting your day greatly as well. So aim not to get a good night’s shuteye, but for an excellent way to wake up as well.

Intentionally Unpolished Wall Designs for your Bedroom

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For most homeowners, the work is not done until something is finished. Having a polished and put together space is the ultimate goal. However, there’s also nothing wrong with experimenting. In this series, we’ll show you how intentionally unfinished and unpolished walls can add some charm to your interiors.

color puddle

Photo by Katya De Grunwald

Paint can be quite pricey, so why not work with what you’ve got and strategically leave it unfinished?

exposed brick

An easy way to pull off the intentional unfinished wall is to actually leave your wall unfinished, like this one. Of course, if you have an old home with brick walls, it’ll be a lot easier to pull off.

Robin Sprong wallpaper

This industrial look can be achieved with just a few yards of wallpaper. Ingenious, right?


Minimalist and ultra modern, this Japanese apartment makes use of its core elements, not only as its major structural component but also as its definitive design. Bare concrete is really getting a lot of positive press lately, with the industrial trend being all the rage for the past few seasons, so opting for this look can be a great idea aesthetically.


Okay, this last one only sort of qualifies as some of the walls are actually not included in the structure. It’s a great take on the open space concept, though, as well as the unfinished/industrial trend. Another Japanese creation by architect Kentaro Yamazaki, it offers freedom to its residents.

The great thing about having an unfinished wall is that you can always easily change it up by actually finishing it. With the many different ways to opt for an unfinished wall, you shouldn’t be worried in how you’re going to make an easy switch later on.