Which Salem Bed Suits Your Sleep Style?

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When it comes to sleeping, almost everyone has their thing that will help them doze off faster. Some will need multiple pillows under their head to get cozy, while others must have a blanket covering every inch of their body to get to some shuteye. While these are just some quirks that not everyone can relate to, sleep styles are more common and prevalent. Everyone has a sleeping position they’re most comfortable in that they can best fall asleep in it.

Being the experts in mattresses, we here at Salem Beds believe that your bed should be the best accessory you can have for a good night’s sleep. By finding the right mattress for your sleep style, you can better ensure that you’ll have quality slumber every night. Besides, mattresses are considered as investments, no matter how much you spend on them, so why not save yourself from the hassle of the wrong bedding while you can spend your money wisely and find the right match for you?

As we are committed in providing only the best products and services to the market, we’ve created a list of suggestions, matching your sleep style to different Salem Bed products. Factoring in not only your sleeping position and preference, but also your budget, we hope that you find this list handy in your search of the best sleep ever.

Back Sleepers

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For back sleepers, it is very important to find a mattress that will offer lower spine support. As the body curves in when you lie down, it is important to find a mattress that will follow your body’s natural contour to ensure comfort and a good night’s sleep.

A medium-firm mattress is the most ideal for back sleepers, as soft mattresses will cause the lower back to bow down, while a firm mattress will apply pressure to the problem area. A medium firm mattress will most likely follow the body’s contours, giving back sleepers the comfort they need.

Salem Bed options:

For budget homes, the Premier Rest is good choice. If you want to invest a bit more, you can also go for the Eccelente,  Amaranth, or the Ellesmere.

Side Sleepers

side sleeping girl

For side sleepers, it is most important to find a mattress that will relieve tension from the pressure points you create when you lie down on your side. This means that your shoulder and hips shouldn’t take the brunt of your weight when you sleep. What side sleepers need is a plush mattress that will provide ample support to the pressure points that will still follow the body’s natural contour.

Salem Bed options:

Side sleeping is said to be the most common sleeping style, so if this is yours, you might be interested in a Sleepy Saver if you’re on a tight budget, or a Somerset or Elysse if you’re willing to spend more.

Stomach Sleeper


Stomach sleepers have a specific need that’s different from other sleep styles. In order to ensure a good sleeping position, the stomach sleeper will need their chest and hips to not sink further into the mattress to achieve proper alignment.

This is why, for stomach sleepers, firm mattresses are deemed to be most suitable. A firm surface will prevent back pain and the sinking feeling that will truly hinder a good night’s sleep.

Salem Bed options:

For stomach sleeping, the Restful is an ideal budget mattress, while the Prelude and Legacy can be great investments.

Combination Sleeper


Combination sleepers are those who move a lot in their sleep. They can be side, stomach, or back sleepers all throughout a single evening and will most likely fall asleep in whatever position they may be. For this sleep style, it’s best to opt for medium firm mattresses as well, so you can get the right dose of back support and pressure relief.

Salem Bed options:

Aside from the back sleeper options, which you can also use, other medium firm mattresses you can try are the G Foam (for the more budget conscious), Durham, Ditta, or Enchantress (if money is no object).

While these tips are some straightforward pieces of advice that you can take, we still recommend that you actually try out a mattress first before you purchase it. These may be popular solutions to common needs, but you may still have different preferences from others, so actually getting to feel the bed will be a very good idea. Not only will it ensure that you’ll take home a mattress that suits your needs and preferences, but it will also guarantee that you’ll start to get a good night’s sleep right away.

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