8 Cozy Bedrooms to Daydream About

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Sometimes, the midweek can be more difficult than battling Mondays. Not only because Wednesdays actually put you in the middle of working on tasks and trying to beat end-of-the-week deadlines, but also because it feels like the weekend is so near yet so far.

To help you power through the midweek madness, here are some of the coziest bedrooms we’ve found all over the web. If daydreaming of getting cozy is just your cup of tea, browsing through these dreamy spaces will surely soothe and calm you.

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How about waking up (or sleeping) right next to a breathtaking NYC view?


Large windows + bed + snug blankets + pouring rain = the perfect bed weather.

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The room may be sparse, but the view is more than enough decor this room will need.

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Can we crawl in already?

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Massive windows are a common theme, as they’re just too perfect for daydreaming.


This angle is just too inviting.

unmade bed

There’s something about unmade beds that invites us to tuck ourselves in instead of tidying it up.

julien magre

Sometimes we also dream of being close to nature, but not having to sleep in the cold, hard ground. This bedroom is just the perfect answer to those daydreams.

Not cozy enough for you? Share in the comments the beds you’d rather curl up in!

More vs Less Sleep and Why Quality Sleep is the Answer

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If you have even been slightly concerned about your sleep hygiene these past few years, it is very likely that you’ll find opposing views about slumber in every form of media there is today. There will be some who will tell you that you need at least 8 hours of sleep nightly, and some additional hours to recover from sleep debt. Others will tell you an entirely different thing, and will conclude that you can do more if you choose to sleep less.

With all of the studies and research materials provided, it can be confusing what to believe about how you should go about your sleep. As a lot of successful people swear their achievements can be attributed to them skimping on their zzz’s, most would think that in order to succeed, you’ll need to cut down on your hours asleep and use it for something more “productive”. This is not to mention that it makes some of us feel bad about needing more shuteye. It may even be tempting that some of us choose to sleep less and suffer from the consequences as a result, just so we can stay up later and accomplish more.

The problem with skimping on sleep is that it can truly prevent us from being at our best. Sleep helps us recharge, retain information, and basically just ready us for the next day. Cutting down your hours of shuteye could be detrimental to your health, as it can impend body processes that are important for you to function properly. It can also affect your appearance for the worse, as well as allow you to gain unwanted weight, as less sleep can make you crave for more food and slow down your metabolism among other things.

Here at Salem beds, we advocate for a healthy sleeping habit. We believe that getting all the rest you can is always ideal for your health. However, we must emphasize that this does not necessarily mean that we want you to sleep a whole lot more. More hours of sleep doesn’t necessarily equate to quality sleep, which is why some people feel even worse after sleeping for 9 hours as opposed to having getting a 6-hour shuteye. Less sleep also doesn’t mean that you’re getting enough, especially if you need to rely on caffeine and other substances to power you through the day.

With a lot of contradictions on how much you should really sleep, it might get a bit tricky in learning whether you should sleep more or less. This is why focusing on getting a more quality sleep should be your goal.

Marlee Banta

But what does quality sleep actually mean? Quality sleep is the kind of sleep that allows you to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. It is also the type of slumber that has completed the different sleep stages and cycles, which are essential in recharging the body and improving cognitive functions. Of course, quality sleep is also a great ingredient to better health, as it is a basic physiological function that allows you to rest and recharge.

Unfortunately, it’s a lot easier to measure the quantity of your sleep than the quality as all you need to do is count the hours that you’ve been asleep. However, measuring the quality of your sleep isn’t impossible. According to experts, it’s all about the preparation. By creating an environment and dealing with (should there be any) existing sleep issues, you can sleep more soundly.

If you enjoy sleeping, you might want to know how many hours is the optimal amount for you to spend in bed. Experts suggest that you go on an experimental period of 3 days to a week (more preferably while on a vacation). During these days, do not set an alarm clock or force yourself to sleep, but hit the hay as soon as you feel tired or sleepy. Let your body clock wake you up in the mornings, avoid caffeine or alcohol, and minimize your interaction with electronic devices. Doing such will let you reset your body clock and let you stress yourself out about your slumber less. Just remember to track and record your progress and note when you feel more refreshed and energized so you can determine how many hours of sleep is necessary for you.

In the end, fretting about getting a lot or little sleep shouldn’t be something you worry about. What you need to focus on is to achieve quality slumber, so you can be sure that you’re not just clocking in some time in your bed, but you’re actually helping your body recuperate from your daily activities.

Why the Salem FlipTough is the Best Summer Mattress

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The FlipTough: a 1.5″ thick foam mattress covered with a layer of woven straw mat on one surface and a water-resistant fabric on the other. It comes in all of Salem’s regular sizes, and is a huge step-up from the traditional banig.

What makes the FlipTough the ultimate summer mattress, you might ask? Here are some of our answers:

1. It’s presko.

Siesta is one of the best part about summer. A nice afternoon nap after braving the midday summer heat is an excellent reprieve from all the sweating. However, napping on a warm, surface, like a thick foam or leather sofa is just wrong. Not only will the surface cause you even more sweating, but you may also find it impossible to doze off with that amount of heat.

With a cushioned straw mat, though, it’s all different. The woven straw material is highly breathable, making it a popular favorite in our beautiful tropical country for generations, ensuring that you won’t have to be sticky and sweaty while you nap. The added foam will also help you get comfortable, as it provides some cushioning for your back.

2. It’s foldable.

One of the best things about the FlipTough is that it is foldable and portable. This gives it the mobility necessary for summer activities. Whether you’re just staying at home and wish to lounge around your backyard comfortably or you’re off to an out-of-town adventure, the FlipTough can be pretty easy to lug around and bring with you wherever. The FlipTough equates to instant comfort wherever you may be, making it the perfect summer escapade companion.

3. It’s flexible.

Being only 1.5″ thick, some folks may be a bit wary about the FlipTough’s comfort. While 1.5″ may be a bit thin for some, it is always okay to use it for layering on top of your bed. If you’re not too fond of how warm your mattress is during the day when you’re just dying to take a nap, using the FlipTough as a mattress topper is a great solution to your siesta worries. Layer the FlipTough on top of your bedroom mattress and enjoy a more refreshing afternoon nap despite the summer heat.

So, if you’re searching for a great summer siesta mattress, look no further. With the FlipTough, we can guarantee that you’ll enjoy your summer naps even more.

How to Make Your Bed

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Making the bed is one of the things that people have varied opinions about. Most homeowners are adamant about tidying it up every morning, while others could not care less about how their beds look after a good night’s sleep. Whatever your preferences are, though, knowing how to properly make the bed is an essential housekeeping skill to learn. If you can master a nifty technique, it will surely benefit you in the long run.

The most important part in learning how to make your bed is by knowing the most basic components of it. In our previous post, we have discussed the different bed accessories vital to a achieving utter comfort as you sleep. Knowing which bed cloth is a great starting point in making your bed.

What You’ll Need:

  • Fitted sheet / flat sheet
  • Blanket / comforter
  • Pillows
  • Optional: mattress pad / cover
  • Optional: throw / comforter

Step #1

Remove all everything that is on your bed. From its current bed sheets to the pillows and other accessories to make the work easier. If you have time, you can also take this time to clean your mattress, either by vacuum cleaning it (carefully, of course, and with the use of the right accessories), or at least dusting it off outside. This way, you can be sure that your mattress will be refreshed and clean.

Step #2

If you use a mattress pad, either to add more cushioning to your bed or to help protect your mattress, proceed to0 put it on the bed. If you don’t use a mattress pad or cover, the next step you should take is to put on the fitted sheet or the flat sheet. Going back to our previous post, a fitted sheet is a type of bed garment that comes with elasticized corners to better fit and cling to the bed. It is an excellent base for dressing your bed, as the elastic corners can prevent the sheets from slipping off in the middle of the night.

If you’re not a big fan of fitted sheets, the use of flat sheets is also perfectly okay. Just make sure to tuck it in properly under the mattress, so you won’t have any issues in it coming off. Housekeeping experts like Martha Stewart recommends learning the hospital corners for a more secure and neater finish when it comes to tucking in your flat sheets. This video from Ballard Designs will teach you how you can make a hospital corners:

Layering a fitted and a flat sheet is also an option you can go for. Especially here in the Philippines, an extra layer between you and your mattress can better protect your mattress from all the sweat and other bodily fluids that you may secrete during your sleep. This extra sheet can easily ensure that you can keep your mattress clean and hygienic as well.

Step #3

Arrange your pillows on one end of your bed accordingly.

Step #4

Put on your blanket. In most homes, the blankets are just laid on top of the bed sheet, and it is totally up to you whether you want the ends tucked in or not.

If you’re feeling a bit fancy, you can add extra layers by putting extra pillows or having a throw stylishly draped on one portion of your bed.

And you’re done. With the right mattress and excellent choice in beddings, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.


Fitted vs. Flat sheets, Blankets vs. Comforters

As mentioned previously, you have a few options when it comes to your beddings. First off is between flat and fitted sheets. Flat sheets are the most common, as they are a lot easier to make and find, but can be a bit easy to unravel once put on the bed. This means that it can be quite a hassle, especially during the night. If you’re partial on flat sheets, but are not very keen on waking up with a bare portion of your bed, learning how to make a secure tuck, like the hospital corner, will be very handy. You may also try getting a sheet one to two sizes bigger than your mattress, so you can have more than enough coverage for your bed.

Fitted sheets are still gaining traction as of late, though. While they don’t offer 100% guarantee that they won’t slip off your mattress, the elastic corners will give you better chances of staying put, as opposed to flat sheets. And if they do slip off during the night, putting them back is a lot easier to accomplish, as the elastic corners will easily adhere to the mattress once you pull it in properly.

As for coverings, you can always choose from blankets or comforters. Here in the Philippines, it is most common to find thin blankets made of cotton or polyester than anything else. With our balmy nights, it’s difficult to fall asleep with anything thicker, although, the colder seasons will require fleece or mink blankets at the most.

In the end, it’s all a matter of preference when it comes to what you should put on your bed. Try the different options first, so you can have a good idea at what is more comfortable for you. This way, you can definitively choose which option works best for you.

You Have Too Much Stuff On Your Bed

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It has been known that having a cluttered bedroom can have a bad effect on your sleep. As clutter can definitely cause stress, it can be said that the mess in your bedroom can easily mess with your slumber as well. Even if you’re used to the clutter and you think you don’t mind it enough for you to lose sleep over it, somehow, on a subconscious level, you might be feeling some guilt or even just a little urge of getting rid of the disarray.

Now, think about this: if your room’s clutter affects your sleep, how worse would it be like if you have tons of stuff perched on your bed? How would it affect your sleep, you might be wondering. Let’s break it down with the different things that could be crowding your bed right now.


Pillows are some of the top mainstays in our beds. They are some of the most important pieces there is, as they can easily make or break one’s sleep. But how many is too much when it comes to pillows?

Modern Family Jay and Gloria Bedroom
Jay & Gloria Pritchett’s Bedroom in ‘Modern Family’ from ABC via

If you like styling your bed, chances are you have at least four to six pillows sitting on your bed right now. They are likely to be in different sizes and shapes, and may even be in different prints of pillow cases and shams. Others tend push the boundaries further and make use of more pillows to decorate their beds.

While some decor authorities will tell you that as long as the pillows do not take up more than half of the bed after you make and style, you’re in a great shape. However, think about it, do you really need that much? Especially if you sleep on a small bed and even share it with another person, having so much pillows can only make sleeping difficult. Not only will you feel cramped, but you may also have to worry about the pillows spilling over and falling on the floor, which could easily mess with your sleep.

Some who like to have tons of pillows on their bed can also argue that they can easily drop the pillows on the floor to make space at night. But is that really practical? Honestly, it will only create clutter that could affect your sleep. It will also create an obstacle (that could cause injuries) during late night bathroom runs. You can also think about having all that pieces to pick up and organize every morning. While they may be cute and can easily make your bedroom appear luxe, making your bed every morning with that amount of pillows to fuss about is just not worth it. It’ll take up too much time and energy that you can use for other things or tasks around the house. It’s just a hassle in general that skipping it in entirety would be the best course of action.

If you’re worried about the appearance of your bed, though, having four to six (depending on the size of your bed) is already enough. You can also check these articles for some tips on how to dress up your bed nicely.


Blanket Layers

For colder countries, having layers upon layers of blankets is necessary. It helps keep sleepers warm and cozy, essential for cold nights. In the Philippines, though, this isn’t exactly an issue among most sleepers. With our tropical climate and numerous balmy nights, it’s surprising that some folks still need to cover up at night.

So, do you still need blankets on your bed? The answer is yes. While it is quite warm in the country, it doesn’t mean that temperatures won’t drop in the middle of the night. You may fall asleep on a balmy evening without the need for a blanket, but the break of dawn might usher in cold winds that could wake you up shivering. Having to scramble out of bed to find a blanket will easily disturb your sleep and even leave you awake for hours on end, so having a blanket nearby, even just a thin, cotton variety would be very handy on such occasions.

Of course, if you enjoy sleeping with air conditioning, it’s an entirely different thing. Thick and cozy comforters are great for low temperature settings, as not only do they keep you warm, but soft comforters can really add to the snugness of your sleeping environment and can help lull you to sleep easier.


Bed Accessories Tray

Although most bed accessories are only necessary for lounging on your bed and for making doing things on your bed a lot easier, there are also a few items that can boost your sleep and take care of your bed. Items like a bed skirt will be handy to keep dust away from your bed box, while a mosquito net tends to be important, especially in certain locations. A rubber mat can also be an essential additional layer to your bed if you sleep with young children who still wet the bed.

When it comes to accessories, it’s a very simple choice. If you don’t need it, then don’t use it. If your sleep won’t be disturbed by persistent and repeated mosquito bites at night, then you may not really need a net anymore. If you don’t really have to work or eat on your bed, then a tray or laptop desk may prove to be unnecessary. Knowing which items are important and cutting down on the things you don’t need is the key in preventing having too much accessories on your bed.


Crowded Bed Co-sleeping

Sometimes it’s not actually things that are crowding our beds. In several cases, it’s actually the size of the bed and the number of people who share it that’s causing the problem. A single bed won’t be enough for a wide-set sleeper, and it definitely wont be able to accommodate two.

While sleeping with your loved ones can put you emotionally at ease, it is not exactly great for the quality of your slumber, especially if your sleeping environment is cramped. Having little space to move around, stretch, or lie down can really be stressful and prevent you from getting any shuteye. Of course, all that worrying whether you’re going to wake up the other person on your bed if you make even an infinitesimal move can also work against your sleep.

So unless there’s really no room to spare, give yourself some space when you’re going to sleep. While it is great to wake up next to the people you love, you may not even get to fall asleep in the first place if there are lots of elbows poking your back or feet kicking against your shins all throughout the night.

When it comes to a good night sleep, giving yourself some space is necessary. Getting comfortable is one of the essential steps in dozing off, so make sure to achieve that by eliminating things that could be crowding your bed.

What’s in Your Bed?

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This week, the Salem Blog will be talking about what’s actually on your bed. We will focus on your bed linen as well as how to properly put them on your mattress. We’ll also help you out in finding the best bed sheets so you can surely get a good night’s sleep.

It’s no secret that bed sheets can easily affect the quality of your sleep. Low quality bed clothes can leave you tossing and turning in bed at night, as it can be extremely uncomfortable enough to prevent you from falling asleep. The right sheets will also help protect your mattress, allowing you to boost the longevity of your bed.

Fitted Sheet
Fitted Sheet via

When it comes to bed sheets, there are a few types available. One is the fitted sheet, which is a type of linen that is garterized in its four sides. It is also known as the bottom sheet or the coupie sheet (in some parts of Europe). A lot of homeowners love the fitted sheet as it allows making the bed a lot easier as there’s no more need to flatten it and tuck with all their might. The elastic edges are also perfect guarantees that you don’t have to worry about your bed sheet coming off your mattress in the middle of the night.

The best thing about the fitted sheet is it’s flexibility, as it can also be used for bed bases as a replacement for bed skirts. Fitted sheets will give your home a more modern look, as most skirts can be a little dated and traditional.

Flat Sheet

Flat Sheet

The flat sheet is the other type of bed linen that you can use for your home. As the name suggests, the flat sheet is a flat, rectangular piece of fabric. It comes in various sides and usually features a side with a wider seam, noting the correct orientation of the bedding.

Also considered as the most common type of bed sheet, almost every household makes use of a flat sheet in one way or another. Some homes make do without the fitted sheet and just opts for the flat sheet, while others prefer the other way around. However, you can also use both on your bed, especially during the summer months, to minimize the amount of body fluids absorbed by the mattress. Especially if the sleeper perspires heavily, using two layers of bed sheet can be beneficial in keeping your mattress hygienic.

Aside from your sheets, pillows are also the other mainstays in your bed. They prop your head up while you lay down, ensuring that you are in a comfortable posture while you sleep. They can also be the best accessories for snuggling, especially if you don’t share your bed with anyone else.

Sleeping Pillow
Sleeping Pillow

Like the bed sheets, there are a few kinds of pillows that you can use on your bed. The first type is the sleeping pillow, which are the rectangular varieties we all know. Pillows can come in a wide array of materials, ranging from the most common, like cotton, to more rare (buckwheat, millet, etc.). Like when shopping for a mattress, it is important to pay close attention to shopping for your pillows. They may not seem like much, but they can also make or break your slumber.

Throw Pillows
Throw Pillows via

Throw pillows are also some of the more commonly used pillow types for beds. Square in shape and available in various sizes, they typically serve as decorative pieces only, as they can be too small or too big for proper use. If you’re not too keen on styling your bed, you can totally skip the throw pillow for something else.

Bolster Pillow
Bolster Pillow via

Those who love to curl up and hug something when they try to fall asleep will surely want to have some bolster pillows nearby. Bolster pillows, which are also commonly referred to as “hotdog” pillows in the country, are cylindrical in shape and come in various lengths, for different purposes. Some people actually use short ones for their heads, while others prefer extra long varieties so they can easily hug it with both arms and legs.

Pillow cases are also important bedding accessories. Like bed sheets, they serve as an extra protective layer between you and your pillows, protecting your pillows from dirt and bodily fluids, as well as ensuring hygiene.

There are several kinds of pillow cases available in the market today. They come not only in a wide array of designs, but varying shapes and sizes as well, to accommodate your different types of pillows. There are regular kinds and then there are also pillow shams, which are basically decorative cases that typically match comforters and duvet covers.

Last, but not the least, are blankets. In the Philippines, we’re used to using thin blankets, which commonly made of the exact same material as our bed sheets. In some homes, the flat sheet already suffices as their overnight blanket, as anything thicker may only cause sleep loss due to the heat.

Fleece Blanket
Fleece Blanket via

Like other bedding accessories, blankets are also available in a wide array of shapes, styles, and materials. While the most common around these parts are common blankets, you can still find fleece, mink, or flannel blankets as well.

Quilt Blanket
Quilt Blanket via


Of course, there are also entirely different varieties like the quilt, comforter and duvet. Quilts are thick blankets made of three layers: a woven cloth top, batting or waddling for warmth, and a woven back. It is called as such as it also employs the technique of quilting.

Comforter via

Comforters are a lot like quilts, except for the fact that they don’t look as homemade as the latter. They’re basically flattened bags containing down, wool, or polyester (among other things) to ensure warmth. They come in decorative designs and are typically placed on top of flat sheets for a layered look.


Duvets are also a lot like comforters, as they are also bags of down, wool, or polyester (or other materials that could provide warmth). What makes them different, though, is that they require a covering (duvet covers) to look presentable and to ensure cleanliness. They’re top options by many households abroad, though, as they allow easier laundering and versatility.

Aside from the basics, other households also make use of several other accessories for their beds. These may include throw blankets and bedskirts among other things.

While some of these items are not necessarily essential for a good night’s sleep, it’s always handy to have them on hand. Especially if you’re the type who likes impressing guests, a well-styled bed may just be the perfect opportunity to wow your friends and loved ones who are staying with you over the weekend.

However, you should still always prioritize your comfort. Having so many things taking up space in your bed may actually hamper your chance of having a good night’s sleep, so if you think you can live without it, you can always skip it.

Try a Sleep Vacation for the Holidays

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With all the demands of modern life, a vacation is always a nice treat for those who hustle on a daily basis. Most look forward for these days off, as they can do all sorts of activities with loved ones – like go on an outing, an adventure, or just hang out with the whole clan. Others may choose to forego all the festivities and just work on their homes or try to catch up on some sleep.

If you happen to not have any big plans for this upcoming holidays, you might want to turn your days off into a sleep vacation. This means you focus on your sleep, which can be extremely beneficial especially if you’ve been a bit sleep deprived.

Sleep vacations is steadily becoming a trend abroad with a growing number of hospitality industry players offering special services to guests. In Switzerland and the UK, there are hotels that offer a  complete sleep care package, which comes not only with comfortable accommodations, but also diagnostic services from medical professionals. There are also a few places that have bedrooms equipped with sound and lighting system that encourage sleep.

Having a sleep vacation at home can be done as well. With a few simple steps, you can turn your bedroom into the best sleep vacation spot, without even having to break the bank. How? Here are some of our tips:

1. Unplug.

The modern times have allowed us to stay connected 24/7 and even makes it extra difficult to unplug. However, if you really want to kick back and mellow down for the holidays, unplugging may be a great idea. If you can’t do this, at least keep your gadgets out of your bedroom while you try to get as much sleep as you can.

2. Turn your bedroom into a relaxing space.

This is actually the easiest and most important part. Setting up an ideal sleep environment plays a huge role in the success of your sleep vacation. A few tweaks like a having a nice mattress, changing into new sheets, and cleaning the room are the basic steps in creating a relaxing space. Take it up a notch by changing the curtains as well, or by getting new pillows (just make sure they’re comfortable, though).

3. Wind down.

If you’re having a sleep vacation with a loved one, you can also try a few activities to help you further unwind. You can get massages or do some yoga or meditation. These can help you further feel at ease and welcome rest easier. Soaking in the tub can also be a great option, especially with the summer heat.

With four days of not having to worry about the traffic, being on time for work or appointments, wrestling with the alarm clock, and just being able to spend time with the family, hopefully you can also focus on your sleep.