The Gift of Sleep: New Pillows

pillows as gifts

Pillows are essential items for sleep. However, unlike mattresses, not a lot of people pay much attention to the support pillows can give to the body. It’s even very likely that most of us use pillows that are older than two years – which is the recommended lifespan of pillows, according to the Sleep Council.

There are lots of reasons why you should replace your pillows right now. Here are some examples that could convince you to head out and get new ones:

1. They’re already getting flat.

Fluffy pillows feel great because they provide ample support to your neck and head. However, years of daily use could definitely wear it out, causing it to lose its volume and lay flat. This will deem it incapable of providing the right amount of support for your head, so a new one is definitely necessary.

pillows as gifts

2. They’re already gross.

Hundreds (maybe even thousands) of days’ worth of saliva, sweat, tears, oil, soot, dust, and other sorts of minuscule dirt will definitely find their way to your pillow, making it quite gross over time despite the use of fresh sheets and pillowcases. This alone should make you consider replacing your pillows as often as you can.

3. Dust mites and fungi can live inside your pillows and pose a health risk.

With your daily close contact with your pillow, it can be the perfect thing to cause you a respiratory infection. Fungal growth could take place in your pillows, especially if it gets significantly wet on a daily basis. As dust mites find fungi some of the most palatable things in the planet and fungi gets its nutrients and nitrogen supply from dust mites’ fecal matter, it’s very likely that a mini ecosystem can be found within your pillows. These two can easily cause respiratory infections, worsen one’s asthma and sinusitis, as well as trigger other more serious diseases like the Aspergillosis.

4. Your pillow may not be the right match for your sleeping position.

Many of us have specific preferences when it comes to using pillows. Some love flat ones that barely elevates their heads, while others cannot sleep if their pillows aren’t stacked high. It’s all about comfort when it comes to your pillows, so as long as you don’t wake up with neck and back pains, it’s highly likely that you have found a pillow that’s perfect for your sleep.

pillows as gifts

If you can’t even remember the age of your pillows, it’s probably time to replace them. But as many of us tend to forget to replace these items as often as necessary, you can always start the trend of giving pillows to friends as gifts. As it is a fact that not a lot of households go out to shop for pillows that often, receiving new ones as gifts can be a nice reminder for them to replace their old pillows.


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