6 Artworks that Will Make You Wish You’re Curled Up in Bed Right Now

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Someone once said that good art should evoke an emotion or capture a feeling from its audience. This is why we’ve rounded up these artworks that have caused us to long for our beds. Take a peep at these exquisite works of art from different artists and you may also find yourself craving for the comforts of your own bed.


Puung is a South Korean illustrator who is popular for a series focused on a young couple’s life together. Her art evokes great longing among many, some even describe it as “how true love looks like.”

Pascal Campion

California-based artist Pascal Campion is adored by many for his charming illustrations that are quite dreamy.

Marta Antelo

Marta Antelo is an award-winning Spanish artist who has done illustrations for various publications from all over the globe. Her works are dainty and quite retro, giving them a certain charm that will surely make you sigh.

Rebecca Mock

Rebecca Mock is a New York based illustrator who has done a wide array of work for various publications. She is best known, though, for her surprising animations, sometimes referred to as ambient gifs, which gives a new spin on drawn art.


Not much information is available regarding Onji, this piece’s illustrator, but you can view his/her work by clicking on the link above.

John Cei Douglas

Noted for his unique use of colors and an identifiable drawing style, London-based artist John Cei Douglas illustrates a wide array of topics – from stories to editorials.

To see more about these artists’ works, click on the links provided above for their portfolios and websites. While away the day with us gandering through these whimsical works that will make you miss your bed even more.

Attic Bedrooms You’ll Surely Fall In Love With

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Attics serve a wide array of purposes, from being a storage space to a living area, depending on how you intend to utilize it. If you’re still hesitant about using that remote space in the uppermost area of your home, there is an array of reasons that may just convince you like the following:

1. Attics are usually spacious, especially if it was designed to go the full length of your home. Sure, the  vertical space may be limited, but with a lot of floor area, there will definitely be so much room for activities!

2. It can be the perfect master’s bedroom, if you’d like to have more privacy. Just make sure that it is a lot more accessible and maybe install a small bath in it as well, so you don’t have to take a long journey to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

3. Attic bedrooms are perfect for teenage children. The space and remoteness of their room can give them the privacy they want. Also, if your family is expanding, it can be a great solution to providing your growing child some space instead of having them share rooms with younger siblings.

4. Attic bedrooms can also serve as great guest rooms, especially for extended stays.

Aside from these reasons, the following images of dreamy attic bedrooms will further strengthen our argument that attic bedrooms are great additions to your home.

Gustavs hem Stockholm



Nicolas Matheus


Design Sponge


Design*Sponge | Leah Verwey Photo

Design*Sponge | Leah Verwey Photo






With proper air ventilation, an easy access point, the right decor, and a cozy Salem Bed, you can transform a stuffy attic into a cozy space. Give it a shot and you’ll find yourself a lot of extra room right above your head.

Product Suggestions: Budget-Friendly Salem Beds


Budget is one of the most common deciding factors when it comes to purchasing a mattress. While there may be tons of other pressing needs, your budget can be very decisive, especially if you’re trying to be very frugal.

This is why, to help out those who are prioritizing their budgets, we’ve created our list of the most budget-friendly Salem products we can offer. Check out our list below and pick out which Salem bed you should get for your home.


Salem beds Classic primadonna

The Primadonna is one of our bestselling Salem beds. With its low price points and its great quality and feel, the Primadonna is an excellent contender for a budget mattress.

Salem’s Primadonna comes with a tight plush design with a Bonnel spring system in a 6.5 inch package. It is half quilted and made with high quality imported polyester fabric cover, ensuring your comfort.

For more information about the Primadonna, including the pricing, please click on this link.

R Foam


One of the more recent Salem products, the R Foam is a mattress made from rebonded foam. This makes it easily affordable and quite durable. Available in 2 inch and 4 inch heights, the R Foam is a great choice for sleepers on a tight budget.

To get more details about the R Foam, click on this link.

B Foam

b foam

The B Foam has always been one of the best selling products of Salem Beds. Affordable, high quality, and comfortable, it fits what many look for in a mattress. Add to the fact that it comes in 4 and 6 inch varieties, and you will surely have ample options to suit your sleep needs.

Read more about the B Foam here.

Sleepy Saver

Salem beds Classic sleepysaver small

While the Sleepy Saver isn’t the lowest priced item in the roster of Salem Bed products, it is definitely in the running for the best budget mattress there is. Durable and comfortable, this checkered mattress will surely give you a bang for your buck. True to its name, the Sleepy Saver definitely will save the sleepy.

Get to know the Sleepy Saver mattress even more by visiting this link.


With all of these options, we hope we’ve been useful in helping you find the right budget mattress for your home. If you want to compare Salem Bed products on your own, though, you can always browse through our selections in our website by clicking here.

Can You Really Catch Up on Sleep?

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With most of us settling with less than eight hours of sleep daily, it’s no surprise that many of us have already accumulated a massive amount of sleep debt. All those nights that you’ve pulled an all-nighter to beat a deadline or stayed up way too late to watch an extra episode or two of your favorite TV show will totally catch up to you, leaving you feeling groggy and tired while at work.

While it isn’t necessary that you sleep for more than seven or eight hours daily (as some folks can do well with just six hours of nightly sleep), it is important for everyone to get the right amount of sleep. However, there are still those times that losing sleep is inevitable. So in days like these, many ask whether it is really possible to catch up on your shuteye.

So, can you really repay your sleep debt? According to some experts, you actually can, but not in one snooze fest. What you can do is to sleep an extra hour or two per night. These evenings are called recovery nights, as you will be recovering from your sleep loss.

Be cautious when catching up on your sleep debt, though. Especially if you’re chronically sleep deprived, sleeping the weekend away may seem attractive but wouldn’t be ideal and may only damage your sleeping pattern even more by affecting your Circadian rhythm. However, sleeping in a little bit won’t hurt. Just make sure to sleep naturally on the weekends – go to bed when you’re tired and wake up without the aid of an alarm clock. Natural sleep will help mend your Circadian rhythm and could reset your sleeping patterns easily, thus helping you improve your sleep hygiene in the long run.

The best cure for sleep debt is prevention. Try improving your sleeping habits and you will surely find yourself in better health.


Outdoor Sleeping Spaces for Your Home

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Since we live in a tropical country, there’s definitely no shortage of sunshine and warm weather all year round. This makes sleeping outdoors a common thing, as we’re always trying to get through the mid-day heat no matter what month it is. However, not many are still too keen about sleeping on a papag or a wooden bed nowadays. Especially with all the ideas you can get online, a modern twist for your outdoor sleeping spaces can already be pulled off easily.

To help you get started, we’ve rounded up a few outdoor beds that you can get inspired from. Check them out below.

outdoor canopy bedvia

An outdoor canopy bed is the perfect addition for your backyard, garden, or roof deck as it is very versatile, especially if you like to updating and switching your space’s look every so often. Complete it with a cozy mattress and maybe some type of overhead shade or some mosquito netting and you’re good to go for an afternoon outdoor nap.


Cabanas are the ultimate outdoor structures that typically house daybeds. Whether you have a pool or not, cabanas can easily be a great choice for your outdoor siestas.

sleeping porch 1

If you have a porch, patio, balcony, or any kind of covered open space within your property, adding a bed can be a great idea to make it useful during the warmer months.
 Do you have some unused space in your property that has nothing in it? Or maybe an old shed or garage that doesn’t see much use anymore? Why not turn it into a backyard cottage or a detached bedroom? Not only can this create a whole new personal space for you, but you may even be able to use it as a guest room (or even rent it out) with lots of privacy should the need arise.

Outdoor beds are excellent ways to relax despite the heat, as well as extend the usability of old mattresses. Just remember, however, that if you’re going to use actual mattresses for your outdoor lounging and sleeping space, cover it with a water resistant material to prevent it from being soaked. Especially with the Philippines’ unpredictable weather, leaving a perfectly good mattress under the ever-changing elements may easily damage or even destroy your mattress.

Salem Bed’s Ellesmere: The Perfect Choice for Mature Sleepers

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When it comes to more mature sleepers, finding the right mattress is a must. With the age and all the complications it normally comes with, a sleeping surface that can provide proper support is highly important.


For cases like this, one of our top picks is the Ellesmere. Hailing from the Renascence collection, the Ellesmere is a hybrid mattress, made from high density polyurethane foam, memory foam, and latex foam. It offers all the great things from excellent materials, as well as the well-known Salem Bed quality and comfort.

Offering 10 inches of comfort, the Ellesmere offers the great benefits of memory foam. As many would know, memory foam mattresses are ideal options for older sleepers. As it is capable of following the body’s contour, it is capable of melding properly with your pressure points, offering relief to highly tense areas. This makes memory foams perfect for those who suffer from back pains.

Aside from this, the firmness memory foam offers also equate with stability. For those who share their beds with a loved one or two, sleep disturbance can be an issue if they opt for softer sleeping surfaces. With a memory foam mattress, though, partner disturbance is minimized, allowing those who share the bed with you to have uninterrupted sleep despite your movements during the night.

With a 10 year warranty and innovative fabric treatments to keep the mattress clean and healthy, the Ellesmere guarantees more than just one good night’s sleep.

Exciting Elements to Try in Your Bedroom

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Creating the perfect sanctuary is a top priority for a lot of homeowners. While some stop at comfort, many strive to make their space feel more personal, allowing them to feel more at home in their lovely abodes.

If you’re looking for ways how to make your own bedroom more suited to your taste and style, we have rounded up a few unique things you can introduce to your own home.

Ghost Mirrors

ghost mirror

Ghost mirrors or fake mirrors are some interior design elements that are purely decorative, but may be a bit fun to have at home. Basically, they’re just frames, fashioned in the shape of mirrors, allowing you to have that fancy feel to your space without having to shell out for the actual thing or having to install actual mirrors at such precarious places.

New door color

bold door

Painting your bedroom a new color will provide an easy upgrade to your space. A fresh coat of pain will quickly update your bedroom’s look and create some visual interest.

Make it pop

wallpapered bookshelvesvia

While we adore minimalist interiors, making unexpected areas within your bedroom pop in unique ways is also something we appreciate.

Go for bold colors and bold prints instead of hanging art

bold wallpaper

Wallpapering your walls with a bold print can easily give your bedroom a much needed character. Just make sure to balance it out by pairing it with complimenting colors and prints so your accent wall won’t be too overpowering.

DIY a bright canopy to liven up the room

diy canopy bed

If you want a canopy bed without having to get a new frame, you can always DIY a canopy for your home. By using a fabric in a bright color or bold print, you can also easily transform your bedroom into a more interesting space.

Use textures


If you’re not too keen about bright colors and bold prints, you can make use of textures instead. Embroidery provides a subtle hint of patterns and designs, allowing you to maintain a minimalist look without having to go totally plain or bare.