Amazingly Styled Beds that Will Cause Serious Bed Envy

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Sometimes, it’s not enough for beds to look fluffy and cozy. A little bit of styling also makes beds a lot more inviting and amazing to sleep in. So, if you’re the kind who likes to amp up your home’s decor in every possible way, you might find some inspiration from these wonderfully styled beds we’ve found from all over the web.

styled beds

styled beds

styled beds

styled beds

styled beds

styled beds

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styled beds

styled beds

styled beds

styled beds

styled beds

Mix your eye for design with a cozy mattress and you’ll surely end up sleeping in style. Easily turn your Salem Bed to a masterpiece as each mattress is designed with not only comfort, but a lot of flair as well.


Bed Accessories You Might Need On Hand

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Sometimes, your mattress, bed, pillows, and beddings are all you need to get a good night’s sleep. However, there are also those other times when some accoutrement are necessary. They can make your nightly shuteye a lot easier and more comfortable, depending on your habits and preferences.

If you’re wondering what accessories you may need at hand for a good night’s sleep, here are some items that we have in mind:

Mosquito Net

mosquito net

Living in a tropical country, we’re exposed to various kinds of insects and bugs all year round. These critters can disturb your sleep, especially since most of us sleep with the windows wide open, all the flying and buzzing bugs can be easily interrupt your slumber.

A mosquito net or kulambo can help you deal with issues like these. These nettings will help keep insects away while you’re dreaming the night away.


acrylic bed tray

If you’re a fan of doing different things in bed, a bed tray is a must-have for your home. These items come in a wide range of designs and makes, so you definitely won’t run out of options.

Storage Caddy

bedside caddy

If you want to organize your bedside better, a caddy can be a great tool for you. It is also a wonderful alternative to a bedside table, as it can hold all sorts of knickknacks so you won’t roll on to them while you’re asleep.

Rubber Mat

Families with growing children who share a bed needs a layer of protection for their mattress from their little one’s bedwetting. Most homes cannot afford to take out their mattresses every morning to let it dry thoroughly, so taking some extra measures to keep it dry can be handy. A rubber mat will help you do just that, though.


These are just some of the handiest bedroom accessories you may need at home. If you have other needs, don’t hesitate to add them to this list. However, just make sure that what you’re bringing in to your bedroom won’t hinder your good night’s sleep. Keep in mind that sleep is the most important activity in your bedroom, so you have to ensure that it stays that way.

Multi-functional Bed Bases for Growing Homes

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For many homeowners, their abodes are continuous work in progress. Especially for starter families, buying furnishing their spaces completely in one go is just not financially wise and possible. This is why many opt for affordable options first and just replace them as needed along the way.

Bed bases and frames are some of the most easily neglected accessories for the bedroom. Most starter homes are fine with having their mattress on the floor for the first few months of living independently. The mattress is usually a bigger priority, so unless an opportunity comes up, bed bases tend to take the back seat for furniture shopping.

The thing with bed bases, though, is that they are also great parts of your bedrooms. Aside from elevating the mattress to let you maneuver around your space easier, they can also help you get more out of your floor area.

Take our Osmond and Orlando bed bases for example. These two products offer a lot more than just support and extra height for your mattress, making them some of the best purchases for starter homes.

OSMOND salem beds


The Osmond is Salem Bed’s trundle bed base, designed to hold two mattresses. It is much like the Nite & Day trundle bed except for the fact that you can choose which mattress to go with your bed. For Nite & Day, you get regular innerspring mattresses, but for the Osmond, you can opt for a foam mattress on top instead.

ORLANDO salem beds


For those who want their beds to be a bit more functional, the Orlando bed base is a great choice. Designed with two drawers built in to the frame, this Salem Bed product doubles as bed support and storage. Perfect for those who have limited living space, the Orlando is a must-have for most growing homes.

If you’re ready to transition your starter home into something more permanent but not yet prepared for some big investments, the Osmond and Orlando are some of the best options to give you more bang for your buck. You can also discover more Salem Beds options at

5 Weird Techniques to Help You Sleep

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Sleep is an elusive character for many. There’s no doubt that no matter how we invite it into our homes, there are times that it just won’t show up. Sure, the weather has been forgiving lately, with all the rains and lower temperatures we’ve been experiencing, making our beds a lot more attractive, but it doesn’t mean that dozing off comes instantly.

This is why a lot of people take it upon themselves to find ways to fall asleep easier. There are tons of tried and tested ways that can induce sleepiness, including reading, listening to soft music, taking a bath before bed, or counting sheep, but these may not necessarily work for everyone. This is why some look for more unique ways to start catching some zzz’s.

Weird tricks may sound outrageous, but upon trying it out, you’ll surely find something that work wonders. For those who are trying hard to fall asleep faster at night, here are a few unusual techniques (from actual people) that can help you doze off faster:

Tissue Paper Sleep

One of the weirder finds we have for this list is this dad’s use of a tissue paper to lull his little one to sleep. With the repeated movement of the tissue stroking the baby’s face, the baby is relaxed and was able to fall asleep faster. It may sound weird at first, but it’s no different from light touching the baby’s face and nose, allowing the baby to calm down and doze off.

Thinking of an Important Meeting

Gretchen Rubin, the author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before, dishes out her odd technique in falling asleep faster in this Greatist article. What works for her is thinking that she needs to get up for an important meeting in five minutes – complete with visualizations of what she needs to do to prepare for a big appointment. It works for her because after getting worked up, she’s just thankful to be back in the comforts of her bed and ready to fall asleep.

Complicated Math Problems

In the same Greatist article, another weird trick is shared by Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Michael Breus. What helps him conk out at night is counting from 300 by threes. This complicated activity helps him think of nothing else and bore him enough to nod off in a jiffy.

Form a Habit

What not a lot of people realize is that sleep can come on cue if you know how to find that specific trigger. If you have no clue or patience to discover what can cause you to doze off automatically, you can also form a habit that will eventually signal your body that it’s time for bed. Bed time routines like laying out clothes for the next day, brushing your hair before laying down, fiddling with an item while already in bed, or listening to one song on repeat are just some of the things you can try to help you fall asleep faster. Just make sure that the activity you plan to try is relaxing, so you won’t have an opposite effect to your sleepiness.Sing a LullabyApparently, singing a lullaby is not only for kids, as it can also help adults fall asleep faster. According to some experts, singing can help soothe and relax your nerves, allowing you to doze off in a flash. Singing also helps relieve stress, so if it’s stress that’s causing you to stay up late, then this trick is worth trying. Just remember not to do it too loud, especially if other people near you are trying to catch some zzz’s as well.

weird tricks to fall asleep

Falling asleep shouldn’t feel like a huge burden, especially since worrying about it makes it even more difficult to fall asleep. If you have other effective, albeit weird tricks that help you doze off immediately, share it to us in the comments below or reach us through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We’d love to hear more weird tricks for falling asleep, so send us your stories today!

Are You Suited for a Midday Nap?

midday nap

For most people, getting a quick shut eye is always a great idea. Especially if you’re facing a long day ahead, there’s nothing better than getting some additional zzz’s to power you through.

However, there are also some individuals that aren’t just meant to take naps. According to experts, some people are just not good in taking naps. How would you know if you’re not meant to take a siesta? Here are some examples of folks who should just try to stay awake the whole day and get more sleep at night instead:


While naps seem like the best solutions for insomniacs’ sleep deprivation problems, it’s actually the worst thing to do if you’re suffering from this condition. According to some experts, naps can actually affect an insomniac’s sleep continuity at night, especially if done late in the day. If you have problems falling asleep at night, it’s best to stay away from midday slumber, so you can work up your body’s need for sleep in the evening.

Bad nappers

If you have no discipline in taking a nap and can’t limit your midday snooze for just a few minutes, you shouldn’t nap. Napping for more than 10 to 20 minutes can leave you feeling groggy, disoriented, and sluggish, defeating the purpose of cat napping.

Those who work in strict environments

If you’re work requires you to stay awake at all times or you’re office isn’t exactly nap-friendly, maybe you should forgo napping entirely. You wouldn’t want to be scolded by your boss by getting some shuteye, so it might be best to avoid anything that can cause possible misunderstandings.

midday nap

For some people, naps aren’t really their best bets. If you’re one of these people, getting a healthier sleeping habit is your best choice in staying alert and at your top shape during the day time. Some caffeine boost and a little bit of sweets can be your best friends instead of naps, but be careful, as these can also affect your sleep at night.


Alcove Beds: Indulgent Pleasures for Your Bedroom

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Alcoves are recesses, found in walls, creating a special nook or private space. They’re great indulgences for homeowners, because you can’t just buy one, you have to specifically build it and make it a permanent part of your home. This makes alcove beds extra special, as not everyone can easily have one.

If you’re thinking of having your home renovated and are looking for ways to make it more unique, adding some alcove beds could be a great idea. To help you get started, here are some great inspirations you can try at home:

alcove bed 1


alcove beds 3

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alcove bed 5

alcove beds 6

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alcove beds 9

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Not only are these alcove beds prove to be cozy, but they can also add some element of privacy in your space. Perfect for shared bedrooms, having one made can also pave the way for a built in shelf or cabinet as well. Alcove beds may require a bit of work, but it can also be worth it in the long run.

To ensure the coziness of your alcove space, add a Salem Bed to the mix. Create a nook as comfortable as it can be with one of our high quality beds and mattresses today.


Sleep While You Can: A Few Tips for Expecting Parents

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According to studies, new parents lose up to 44 days or 1056 hours in the first year of having a child. What with all the feeding, changing, and keeping the house in order, sleep goes to the last spot in the list of priorities for people who just had a kid.

This staggering amount of sleep deprivation is especially bad for your health. A lot of new parents buckle to the mildest viruses and suffer from weak immune systems in the early years of their kids. It’s not too surprising, especially among hands-on parents, as they work so hard to keep up with the demands of being a new parent. However, you don’t have to suffer harder than necessary. With some proper preparation, you can get ahead in the parenting game without compromising your health and sleep.

If you’re an expecting parent, there are a few things that you can do to prepare for the inevitable sleep deprivation that you will suffer from. Here are some examples:

Sleep while you still can

If it’s your first time getting pregnant, people will surely tell you to sleep while you still can. Losing sleep while taking care of a newborn is a typical experience that people with experience will surely give out such a wise piece of advice. Many experienced parents will tell you to get more sleep while you’re still pregnant, so you can preempt the upcoming sleep loss you’ll surely experience. This way, you can also bank on some sleep, so you can lessen the impact of your impending sleep debt.

The only problem that you can experience in having to sleep more while pregnant is that pregnancy can also cause some sleep issues. The frequent need to urinate, occurrences of heartburns, discomfort, and bouts of RLS (restless leg syndrome) typically disrupt a pregnant woman’s sleep, making it difficult to catch more zzz’s. This article from Metro Parent Magazine can give you some tips in dealing with some sleep woes.

Understand pregnancy sleep better

There are lots of sleep issues that you can experience while pregnant, as pointed out earlier. However, there are tons of tips and tricks that you can learn about with the right amount of research. Read up on various pregnancy and sleep topics starting with the National Sleep Foundation.

Stop stressing out

Whether you’re pregnant or not, stress is one of the biggest hindrances to sleep. Of course, while carrying a child, there are just tons of worries that you could be fretting about. Remember, however, that worrying too much will get you nowhere and may even damage your baby’s health, so try to relax a little and try to nod off as much as you can.

Welcome the idea of getting some help

A lot of new parents are determined to enter parenthood on their own. While there’s no problem in having the drive and confidence of doing that, you should also welcome some help from relatives and loved ones. It will be especially hard for new parents to deal with sleep deprivation, catering to a newborn’s every need, as well as run a household, so some assistance should be a welcome thing.

Being a new parent is definitely an exciting and challenging phase of one’s life, so many are just over the moon in being one. While every parent only want the best for their little ones, also remember to take better care of yourself, so you can make sure that you’ll be able to care for your child.

For a good night’s sleep, get a Salem Bed today! We offer a wide range of product options to choose from, so you can be sure to find an excellent match for your needs.