Sleeping Comfortably on a Hot Summer Night


With temperatures reaching up to 39 degrees in the summer, the Philippines can be a tough place to be in during the months of March ’til May. It definitely gets hot and humid, even in the evenings, with many areas finding it difficult to catch a cold breeze or two. These make it quite a challenge for many to fall asleep easily during the summer months, as the blistering heat can be a big hindrance in dozing off.

So, what are you to do if you want a good night’s sleep for these coming months? Here are some of our tips:

1. Crank up the AC

If you’re willing to invest in your comfort this summer, a reliable airconditioning unit is your best bet. The body requires a lower temperature to fall asleep easier, so find the right setting for you, and snooze your way comfortably through the hot summer nights ahead.

2. Prepare for the night time

Minimize the heat build up during the day by using blinds to keep out the sunlight or closing the windows if it’s hotter outside than inside. Avoiding slow cooking and other methods that requires high heat that can get trapped inside the house for extended periods of time. Prepping for the evenings is one of the best techniques in getting a comfortable slumber during the summer, so why not give it a shot?

3. Relocate for the summer

It is a scientific fact that heat tends to rise, so the higher you are, the more likely it is to experience the heat. If you sleep on a higher level, you may want to go lower. You can do this by either ditching the bed frame and placing your cot or mattress on the floor or switch  entire spaces during the summer months and sleep on the ground floor (if you have a multiple-story home) for the mean time. If you’re a big outdoor enthusiast, you might also like to try sleeping al fresco by pitching your tent up in your backyard.

4. Switch to cotton sheets and sleepwear

Cotton is a light breathable material, making it perfect for summer evenings when you are sure to break a sweat. Deck your bed, as well as yourself, in cotton, to ensure a more comfortable summer night slumber.

5. Blow off the hot air

salem beds summer sleep

Usually we use a fan to blow air towards us. However, during the summer, all this does is blow hot air around a room, which makes it even more uncomfortable for many. What you can do, though, is to face the fan outside your window, so it can suck the hot air inside your home and blow it outside, giving your space a reprieve from the balmy indoor air. It also improves the air circulation, allowing you to get colder air.

Extra tip: if you have an extra fan with a lower wattage, you can also use it to improve airflow and create a cross breeze inside your room.

6. Cool off before you hit the hay

It’s hard to fall asleep if you’re feeling sticky and hot, so a quick shower could also be a great way to cool down after a long day of suffering the stifling heat. A quick rinse will also help take down your core body temperature a few degrees, allowing you to relax more and even fall asleep easier.

7. Switch to a more comfortable bedding solution

Foam can get quite stuffy in the summer, especially since it’s not designed to encourage air circulation. Innerspring mattresses, however, offer a much better option, as the coils provide enough space for air to flow through, making it a more appealing option for tropical countries like the Philippines.

However, if you want to ensure that your mattress won’t get too heated in the middle of the evening, you can also opt to suspend it, through a bedroom renovation, or just skip the mattress altogether by hanging a hammock. Sleeping on the floor with a banig can also be an excellent alternative for those extra balmy nights.

8. Unplug completely

At night, folks like to recharge not only their bodies, but also their electronics in preparation for the next day. However, some experts say that unplugging everything at night is not only energy efficient and a great safety precaution, but can also reduce the heat created inside the home. Electronics tend to heat up a little when plugged in for long periods, and that can further increase the temperature inside your home. By unplugging everything at night, you also take a few degrees off, giving some summer reprieve.

9. Out with your feet

salem beds summer sleep

Those who cannot sleep without any blankets on surely find summer a difficult time to get an easy shuteye. However,  there’s actually a quick solution to feel more comfortable without having to lay bare. By leaving your feet uncovered, you can feel more comfortable as your feet and ankles have lots of pulse points, making it more sensitive to temperature.

Extra tip: you can also try dipping your clean feet in cold water before you hit the hay, or even keep a bucket of water by your bed so you can dip your feet in it whenever you feel hot.

10. Hydrate

salem beds summer sleep

If there’s one thing you’ll surely experience during the summer, it is  that you’ll break into sweat. Even after sun down, perspiration can be quite inevitable. What you can do, though, especially if you can’t cool yourself quickly enough to prevent you from sweating, is to make sure that you’re well hydrated. This way, you can prevent other complications, like your sleep getting interrupted, by getting dehydrated in the middle of the night.

EXTRA: Sleep like the Egyptians
The “Egyptian Method” is basically the technique of using a damp (but not dripping) cloth as a blanket. The moisture from the cloth is said to have kept the Egyptians cool from the harsh desert nights, allowing them to sleep comfortably despite the heat. A variation of this technique is hanging a damp light curtain on an open window, so the breeze can carry some moisture as it enters your room. In theory, the Egyptian Method can be a great way to handle the heat, but with the Philippines being overly humid, this may only exacerbate the humidity, and make you feel stickier than the usual.These are just some of the top techniques you can try to ensure that you’ll sleep comfortably this summer. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks that you can try to improve your sleep right here in the Salem Bed blog!


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