Salem Beds with a Little Extra

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Whether it’s for your kids, for a guest room, or for your own personal use for practical reasons, like storage, frequent impromptu slumber parties, or as a way of saving space, owning a bed with a little extra will not hurt. If you’re looking for some beds with additional storage or an extra bed, here are some of our top suggestions you should look into.


salem beds clouds

 Want to sleep in the clouds? Well you’re in luck, because our Clouds can help you do that, literally. This soft firm spring trundle bed offers two mattress in one package. Perfect for small spaces, kids’ bedrooms, and as guest beds, the Clouds come with a 2 year warranty and the S-Gard feature, which is Anti-Dustmites, Anti-Bacteria, and Anti-Fungi guaranteeing hygiene and good health.


salem beds Sea

A popular option for kids’ bedrooms, the Sea is a soft firm spring bed that can cater to your little one’s needs. Designed with two drawers underneath the mattress, it offers extra storage without sacrificing the comfort of your child. With a built in headboard, it will definitely complete your bedroom without a fuss. The Sea bed also comes with a two-year warranty and S-Gard for hygiene and cleanliness.


salem beds sky bed

Much like the Sea bed, Salem’s Sky bed is a storage savvy soft firm spring bed that comes with two drawers. It also comes with a 2-year warranty and the S-Gard feature.

If you’re more picky about your mattress, we also have a few bed boxes that will suit your needs.

Orlando Bed Box

Salem beds Orlando

The Orlando bed box is a lot like the Sky bed, offering two drawers integrated into its base. The main difference, however, is that you can change the mattress on top of it to suit your comfort needs and preferences. Our line of ordinary spring mattresses are designed to fit the Orlando, as well as the Osmond bed boxes.

Osmond Bed Box

salem beds osmond

The Osmond bed box is a nifty trundle bed that is a lot savvier than your regular pullout bed. What makes it so special is that its trundle can isn’t attached to the base of the main bed box, but comes as a second, lower level bed box with wheels. This allows more flexibility and easier storage.

Highly recommended for children, solo sleepers, dorm rooms, or for guest rooms, these practical beds can easily complete the practicality of your home. Available in various sizes, you can find these trundle and pull out beds at a Salem bed retailer near you.


8 thoughts on “Salem Beds with a Little Extra

  1. Hi! How do you suggest we cover the Cloud series pull-out bed? We didn’t realize the top was attached to the entire frame when we purchased it and would still like to use it but without exposing the fabric that it naturally comes in. Do you have any samples? Hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you!

  2. Hi, Ms Carmina! For the Clouds po, if you want to cover everything, we suggest using a bed sheet with a flowy bed skirt. Unfortunately, we don’t offer such bedsheets, but we are sure you can have some customized for your Clouds bed po.

    Hope we have helped you out and should you have other questions, you can also contact us through our Facebook page or through our website Thank you!

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