New Pick from Salem Bed: The Milton

It’s no secret that people’s opinion on comfort vary from one person to another. Some folks love to sink into their beds while others prefer a more supportive surface to help them sleep better. This is the very reason why you’ll find a wide range of mattresses with varying firmness and softness levels in our selection.

However, we recognize that as diverse as our selection may be, there can still be a number of sleepers who have very specific preferences. This pushes us to further innovate and create new and different products so every Filipino home will have a choice.

This is the very reason why we love adding new products to our roster. So for our latest offering, meet the Milton mattress.

The best description for the Milton is it’s the perfect balance between firm and cozy. With its unique combination of our special blend of firm rebonded foam and a layer of high-grade memory foam, it will let you sink just enough to get that nice cozy feeling while giving enough resistance to hold your back in place. This makes it a nice choice for those who tend to have back pains in the night because the poor support of their old mattress.

To further ensure your comfort, the Miton is  finished with a knit, Sanitized fabric cover. It guarantees top-notch hygiene and protection against dustmites, insects, and other harmful microorganisms, minimizing allergic reactions by boosting the unit’s ability to keep itself in top shape.

With a 5-year warranty, the Milton can also offer you a years of excellent sleep. So if you still haven’t found “the one” sleeping surface for you, this might just be it.

Learn more about or shop the Milton here.


Sky & Sea: Kiddie Beds for Shared Rooms

sea and sky

As your family grow, it is just common to find yourself needing to sleep train your children. Moving them to a big kid bed is an essential part of teaching them how to do things on their own and giving them a taste of individuality. This also gives parents the chance to bond with each other once again, after having their little one the be all of their lives.

If your family ever find itself in such a situation, investing on a bed that your little one can grow up in would be a practical move. Instead of buying a new kid bed every year or so to accommodate their growth spurt, opting for a regular bed is a more ideal option. With a quality regular sized bed, you don’t have to worry about your kid’s feet dangling at the end of their beds at night for at least up to 7 years.

For your little one, you can choose anything from the wide range of Salem Beds’ products. However, a mattress alone will still leave you fretting for a base and additional accessories, so an all in one bed is always our top suggestion for little kids’ bedrooms. In this case, we often recommend the Sky and Sea beds.

Sky Bed

salem beds sky bed
Sky Bed

Mixing comfort and functionality, the Sky Bed is a great choice for growing kids. Not only is its plush surface ideal for sleeping, but it also comes with a built in bed frame with storage. These drawers are ideal for storing clothes and toys, making them the best options for your little one’s bedroom.

Sea Bed

salem beds Sea
Sea Bed

If you want to up the ante and ensure a complete bed set for your little one, the Sea Bed is an excellent Salem Bed option. This model ups the Sky Bed’s offerings, as it comes with a matching headboard. A no-fuzz solution for busy growing homes, the Sky Bed can definitely solve your little one’s bedding challenges in a jiffy.

For growing families, being practical is a priority alongside the children’s wellness and safety. Comfort, however, shouldn’t be sacrificed, so why opt for anything less than a high quality Salem Bed? With our years of experience, you can definitely rely on us for your little ones’ good night sleep.

Multi-functional Bed Bases for Growing Homes

salem beds salem products

For many homeowners, their abodes are continuous work in progress. Especially for starter families, buying furnishing their spaces completely in one go is just not financially wise and possible. This is why many opt for affordable options first and just replace them as needed along the way.

Bed bases and frames are some of the most easily neglected accessories for the bedroom. Most starter homes are fine with having their mattress on the floor for the first few months of living independently. The mattress is usually a bigger priority, so unless an opportunity comes up, bed bases tend to take the back seat for furniture shopping.

The thing with bed bases, though, is that they are also great parts of your bedrooms. Aside from elevating the mattress to let you maneuver around your space easier, they can also help you get more out of your floor area.

Take our Osmond and Orlando bed bases for example. These two products offer a lot more than just support and extra height for your mattress, making them some of the best purchases for starter homes.

OSMOND salem beds


The Osmond is Salem Bed’s trundle bed base, designed to hold two mattresses. It is much like the Nite & Day trundle bed except for the fact that you can choose which mattress to go with your bed. For Nite & Day, you get regular innerspring mattresses, but for the Osmond, you can opt for a foam mattress on top instead.

ORLANDO salem beds


For those who want their beds to be a bit more functional, the Orlando bed base is a great choice. Designed with two drawers built in to the frame, this Salem Bed product doubles as bed support and storage. Perfect for those who have limited living space, the Orlando is a must-have for most growing homes.

If you’re ready to transition your starter home into something more permanent but not yet prepared for some big investments, the Osmond and Orlando are some of the best options to give you more bang for your buck. You can also discover more Salem Beds options at

Custom-made Salem Beds

 salem beds emperesse

Do you have specific needs and preferences when it comes to your bed? Being in the mattress industry for nearly fifty years now, we know how difficult it can be to find the right mattress. Especially if you’re extra discerning, settling for anything less is not an option.

So, what’s a homeowner to do with the lack of options? Have someone customize what you want, of course – and when it comes to mattresses, we’re the guys perfect for the job. How? As Salem Beds is a local manufacturing brand, we take pride in the fact that we design, craft, assemble, and complete each and every Salem Bed in the Philippines. This means that we have the capacity to produce mattresses independently, allowing us to produce world class products right within the Metro.

If you have a specific design, make, shape, or style in mind that you can’t find in our roster of mattresses, we can still be the perfect choice for a customized mattress. Let us help you in crafting the best mattress for you and your loved ones, so you can be rest assured that you’ll get a nightly good night’s sleep.

For customized orders of Salem Beds, contact us through our hotline (02) 432-0562 or email us your inquiries at

Eco-friendly and Affordable: The Salem Bed R Foam


If you’re both eco and budget conscious, finding a good quality mattress that suits your requirements can be a big challenge. As most eco-friendly mattresses are made with imported natural materials, there’s hardly anything available for the lower budget market. However, did you know that these products are not your only options?

One of the latest additions in Salem Bed’s roster of products is the R Foam. Made from rebonded foam using trimmings from other foam products, it maximizes the materials used in producing high quality mattresses and minimizes waste. With the help of high grade adhesive products and a rigorous research and development process, the R Foam is certainly an eco-conscious and budget-friendly product.

The R Foam is available in 30×75, Single, Semi-Double, Double, and Queen sizes in 2″ and 4″ variations. For prices and ordering, visit our website by clicking here.

Product Suggestion: Hybrid Mattresses for the Indecisive

hybrid banner

Sometimes, making a decision can be hard. Especially with the great number of options available nowadays, you’re always having second thoughts and asking yourself whether you’re making the right choice. There’s also the chance of regretting your decision later on, which can weigh heavily in most people’s minds.

If you’re the type of person who just cannot make up your mind in just about anything, mattress shopping can be extra stressful for you. With the vast selection to choose from, picking just one can be a bit overwhelming for the indecisive. So, to help you out, take our hybrid mattresses in consideration.

Salem Beds’ hybrid mattresses are the perfect combinations of spring and foam materials, offering the best of both worlds for sleepers. The Salem Elite collection and the Renascence collection’s Somerset mattress fit the bill perfectly: spring and high grade memory and latex foams in one single comfort-filled package.

Salem Elite


Featuring four exquisitely designed mattresses, the Salem Elite collection is all about offering you luxurious comfort. This collection features pocketed spring systems, ensuring excellent back support, minimized sleep disturbance, lessened risks of allergies, and innovative qualities that will guarantee you a series of good night’s sleep. Topped with natural latex foam and new generation memory foam, the Salem Elite collection gives you a chance to enjoy thorough coziness night after night.

For more information about the Salem Elite collection, click here.

Renascence’s Somerset Mattress


The Renascence’s Somerset mattress is a lot like the Salem Elite collection as it also offers a great combination of spring and foam goodness. However, as the Renascence line offers memory foam and high grade polyurethane foam, it is a popular choice more mature sleepers. Memory foam is favored by older markets as it follows the body’s contours, providing ample resistance and support to different pressure points. By combining it with a pocketed spring system, extra benefits of better back support and movement isolation are added to the menu.

To read more about the Renascence collection, click here.