Sky & Sea: Kiddie Beds for Shared Rooms

sea and sky

As your family grow, it is just common to find yourself needing to sleep train your children. Moving them to a big kid bed is an essential part of teaching them how to do things on their own and giving them a taste of individuality. This also gives parents the chance to bond with each other once again, after having their little one the be all of their lives.

If your family ever find itself in such a situation, investing on a bed that your little one can grow up in would be a practical move. Instead of buying a new kid bed every year or so to accommodate their growth spurt, opting for a regular bed is a more ideal option. With a quality regular sized bed, you don’t have to worry about your kid’s feet dangling at the end of their beds at night for at least up to 7 years.

For your little one, you can choose anything from the wide range of Salem Beds’ products. However, a mattress alone will still leave you fretting for a base and additional accessories, so an all in one bed is always our top suggestion for little kids’ bedrooms. In this case, we often recommend the Sky and Sea beds.

Sky Bed

salem beds sky bed
Sky Bed

Mixing comfort and functionality, the Sky Bed is a great choice for growing kids. Not only is its plush surface ideal for sleeping, but it also comes with a built in bed frame with storage. These drawers are ideal for storing clothes and toys, making them the best options for your little one’s bedroom.

Sea Bed

salem beds Sea
Sea Bed

If you want to up the ante and ensure a complete bed set for your little one, the Sea Bed is an excellent Salem Bed option. This model ups the Sky Bed’s offerings, as it comes with a matching headboard. A no-fuzz solution for busy growing homes, the Sky Bed can definitely solve your little one’s bedding challenges in a jiffy.

For growing families, being practical is a priority alongside the children’s wellness and safety. Comfort, however, shouldn’t be sacrificed, so why opt for anything less than a high quality Salem Bed? With our years of experience, you can definitely rely on us for your little ones’ good night sleep.


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