Feature Highlight: Pocketed Spring


One of the most popular complaints about innerspring mattresses is that they tend to be a pain to share with someone else. As the support system can get bouncy, every movement of the person one sleeps with creates an effect on the sleeping surface. This can lead to disrupted sleep, and of course, not being able to get the most out of their slumber.

To deal with this issue, many have chosen to switch and opt for foam mattresses instead. With the wide variety of firmness levels of these alternative bedding options, there’s really a high chance that you’ll be able to find the support and comfort that you need. However, foam mattresses are not exactly for everyone. Those who need excellent back support due to an illness, as well as those who are overweight, may not find foam mattresses as the best bedding solutions. A sturdier support system is required for these individuals, making spring mattresses still the best options there is.

But what if you’re not too keen on going back to regular spring mattresses? Well, with today’s technology, it’s extremely easy to find an alternative solution to such a predicament. An excellent option is a Pocketed Spring mattress.

Pocketed spring mattresses are, basically, innerspring mattresses, but unlike the regular ones, each coil is wrapped with a special fabric, packed together tightly, allowing individual movement for each coil. This capability is probably the best feature of the pocketed spring unit, as it also prevents partner disturbance. In simpler words, pocketed spring units can prevent disturbances among co-sleepers, ensuring a full night’s slumber.

Salem bed’s pocketed spring systems ensure these and more. Our Elite collection boasts of the finest pocketed spring units as it combines movement isolation with utter comfort from the combined layers of latex, memory, and high grade polyurethane foams. The mattress ticking is also reinforced with unique innovative features, giving more bang for the buck.

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Feature Highlight: Theraposture


Most people believe that a soft mattress is all you need if you want a good night’s sleep. While this is largely true, there’s a lot more to a mattress than just being soft, as softness does not necessarily equate with comfort in certain cases. In some occasions, being soft means the mattress lacks the capability to provide ample back support, which is important for sleepers who suffer from back problems.

If you’re having issues with your back, one good solution will be to use Orthopedic mattresses. These products are designed to provide proper back support, preventing body aches and pains. The only issue with Orthopedic mattresses is that they can be quite expensive. They also tend to come in a limited variety, leaving you with just a few options.

Theraposture is Salem’s answer to the Orthopedic mattress. Like the Orthopedic mattresses, Theraposture offers proper back support, as it is designed to follow the contours of the body. With a goal of providing rest to the spinal column, Theraposture aims to create a healthy, good night’s sleep.

While Orthopedic mattresses come typically in very firm varieties, Salem beds’ Theraposture mattresses come in a wide range of softness and firmness, which will surely fit your needs and requirements. Employed in several of our high end pieces, including the Elite, as well as select Renascence and La Memoire mattresses, you can choose from a vast array of products to ensure a deep and satisfying slumber.

salem beds theraposture

Feature Highlight: No Turn Maintenance

Flipping the mattress is one of the most widely known and practiced techniques in mattress maintenance. By switching the sides of the item, you get to enforce even wear for the product, preventing sagging portions and making it last longer. However, with recent innovations and trends, the need to turn the mattress to prolong its life is not as necessary anymore with certain designs.

salem beds NO TURN feature

Salem’s No Turn feature is commonly found in pillow top designs, wherein one side is designed with additional paddings, usually of varying high quality foams. Depending on the model, it can be made with polyurethane, memory, or latex foam. This design trait makes it unnecessary to turn the mattress and switch sides, as the sides are not equally padded, and most usually, the intended bottom side is built with an anti-skid material. The pillow top adds extra comfort, ensuring that you’re fully supported and in utter comfort.

To prolong the life of your No Turn mattress, you can easily even out its wear by rotating it 180 degrees around every three to six months. Switching the ends is an excellent alternative for turning, as it is far easier and requires less effort to accomplish. Regular cleaning and airing is also essential, as well as careful maintenance according to the materials used in the mattress.

Most Salem beds with pillow top designs, aside from ones with double pillow top constructions, have the No Turn feature, making them the excellent choice for those in search of a new wonderful mattress.

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Feature Highlight: Sanitized

As we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, it is just necessary to focus on bedroom hygiene. During the night, human shed a lot of skin cells, as well as excrete bodily fluids, sweat, and oils that usually settles on your bed. Not to mention the amount of dust that naturally covers surfaces despite the regular use, dirt definitely accumulate on the mattress over time, making it necessary to change your bed clothes at least once a week. Failing to do so heightens the risk of certain health issues like asthma, allergies, eczema, and rhinitis among many others.

If you, or your loved ones, are sensitive to various things and want to ensure that your bedroom hygiene will keep you safe from the many health risks an unclean bed poses, taking it up a notch from just the regular changing of bed sheets would be a great touch. Going under the covers and paying attention to your mattress would also be a great way to ensure that you’re doing everything you can to keep your home healthy.

With Salem bed’s innovative feature, ensuring that your bedroom hygiene is off the charts can be pretty easy. Especially with the Sanitized feature, you can be guaranteed that your mattress will stay fresh and hygienic despite repeated use.

What is Sanitized?

salem beds with SANITIZED

Sanitized is a special treatment applied to fabric, creating a material that can ensure cleanliness and freshness like no other. What makes it so notable is that it can keep out harmful bacteria, fungi, and mildew with the help of active ingredients like silver, zinc pyrithion, folpet, and permethrin among others. These function as purifying agents that can prevent unwanted microorganisms from infesting a product. These active ingredients are also capable of maintaining the products’ cleanliness, lessening the risks of adverse reactions and health issues from exposure to bacteria and the likes.

There are many benefits the Sanitized function in Salem mattresses can offer. One of these include the guarantee of a cleaner sleeping surface. The likeliness to develop a foul odor is minimized as well, especially during the summer months where sleepers can sweat profusely during the night, as odor causing microorganisms are dealt wit by the Sanitized function’s active ingredients right away. Tendencies to develop allergies are also lessened, as the mattress is kept clean, fresh, and healthy.

salem beds sanitized

With the Sanitized feature in several Salem bed models, you’ll surely find a great match for your needs and preferences. Check out our Top of the Line, Renascence, and La Memoire collections for your Sanitized options.

Feature Highlight: ActiPro Probiotic Fabric

Salem beds actipro

ActiPro, in the simplest sense, is a treatment done to a fabric to improve its ability to stay clean and actively keep out harmful elements that are unwanted in a mattress. Through the employment of natural materials, it ensures that the fabric will keep its highly hygienic state.

The ActiPro Probiotic Fabric makes use of a specific kind of microflora that competes with unwanted pathogens and bacteria when it comes to feeding on the dust and debris commonly discarded on mattresses. By doing this, the good bacteria pushes out the bad bacteria through deprivation, leaving them no choice but to starve and die out. This is possible through the high number of the microflora, creating a tough competition for the harmful bacteria, flushing the latter out from the surface of the mattress eventually.

ActiPro is definitely a step up from other kinds of sanitizing methods used in fabrics as it makes use of live and natural ingredients in keeping the fabric free of unwanted germs and microorganisms. With the use of this technology, not only will you be assured that your new mattress is clean and hygienic, but you can also be guaranteed that it will stay in great shape for the longest time possible.

In order to maintain the great health of an ActiPro mattress, however, there are a few things an owner should keep in mind. First of all, washing the fabric using chemicals are highly discouraged, as it can kill the living microflora in the product. Airing it out and flipping the mattress around can also be of great help in keeping the mattress in top shape.

The Salem Elite collection features ActiPro Probiotic Fabric. Check out our different models to discover which one suits your needs best.

Feature Highlight: Thermic

In a tropical country like the Philippines, the temperature can get pretty stable. Our temperatures usually stay around the 20 degrees range, only climbing to the 30s during the summer months. This makes air conditioners and electric fans some of the most commonly used electronic appliances in local households, and memory foams among the most highly doubted mattress types in the market.

As most people will know, mattresses and other cushioning products tend to absorb the body heat of the person laying on them. This gets the items quite balmy after a time, which can be uncomfortable for some. Especially when it comes to old generation memory foams, the mattresses can really get warm after a few hours of lying on it.

To avoid this, Salem has created a new formulation of memory foams. These improved products promise excellent temperature regulation, so the mattress won’t get too soft when it’s really hot out and won’t get too hard when the temperature drops. It also creates a stable temperature for the sleeper, so a heated mattress won’t disturb your slumber.

Salem Beds THERMIC

As an alternative to new generation memory foams, though, the Thermic Thermal Intelligent Comfort function has been employed by Salem for select items. As other foam products can also get heated after being in use for a long period of time, relieving the sleeper from too much heat is a desired comfort by many. With Thermic, maintaining your bed’s ideal temperature can be done more easily.

Salem’s Thermic function makes use of PCMs or Phase Change Materials, which are capable of adjusting to the temperature. Like water and ice, the PCMs can turn itself into a solid or liquid state, depending on the environment’s temperature, allowing it to absorb or emit heat as necessary. This allows the PCMs to be able to create an ideal micro climate, creating a continuous slumber when used in mattresses.

Especially in a tropical country like ours, the temperatures throughout the night typically fluctuates from something toasty to a chilling low. With a Thermic treated mattress from Salem beds, you can at least get a temperate surface to lie on, eliminating a possible hindrance in achieving high quality sleep.