Daydream with Us: Modern Bedrooms on the Water

Houseboats and floating homes are not new concepts but they continue to excite and amaze most of us because they offer a whole different experience. They combine the tiny house mania and places them in scenic and vacation-worthy spots, so they tend to be very charming. They definitely look magnificent, so why not spend some time daydreaming with us about these marvelous bedrooms on the water?

Modern Floating House is the Perfect Relaxing Retreatvia


Bluefield Houseboats is currently working on a fully off-grid option for its models, but for now...via


A Dreamy New England Houseboat: gallery image 6

A Dreamy New England Houseboat: gallery image 1

If the soft movements of the waves help you fall asleep, these might be the most ideal bedrooms for you.

Would You Sleep Somewhere High Up?

When it comes to sleep, the most ideal place would be somewhere comfortable and safe. You’re vulnerable when you’re off in dreamland so you might want to make sure that nothing bad can happen to you while you’re defenseless.

This hasn’t stopped adrenaline junkies and adventurous souls from giving sleep a twist. Nowadays, you’ll find a number of death-defying sleeping accommodations in various places so you can give it a try if you dare. We’ve rounded them up below so see for yourself whether you’re willing to give them a shot.

1. Skylodge Adventure Suites




Located in the Sacred Valley in Peru, the Skylodge Adventure Suites feature a series of crystalline pods suspended on the side of a cliff. It offers guests magnificent views of the valley below and the Milky Way at night.

Getting to the venue is a challenge, though. You can either climb up the 1,300 feet rock face or hike a daring trail that is also comprised of a series of zipline network.

2. Treehotel

treehouse hotel mirrorcube

treehouse hotel ufo

treehouse hotel bird's nest

treehouse hotel cabin


Sweden’s Treehotel is composed of seven sleek and modern treehouses created by seven Scandinavian architects. Each offers something unique, making it not just a great place to stay for the night but a destination in itself as well.

It might not be as adventurous as the Skylodges but it will still let you sleep high up in the trees. You’ll get to do it in style and comfort, though.

3. Bangkok Tree House

bangkok tree house 3bangkok tree house 2bangkok tree house 1

Providing a tranquil refuge from the hustle and bustle of one of the busiest cities in the world, the Bangkok Tree House offers another twist on the treehouse accommodation concept. You can choose from actual treehouses or get “A View with a Room” that will let you sleep right under the stars.

4. Tsala Treetop Lodge

Tsala treetop lodge 3Tsala treetop lodge 2Tsala treetop lodge 1

Nestled in the beautiful Garden Route of South Africa, the Tsala Treetop Lodge is a five-star hotel that will let you enjoy nature without compromising your comfort. It features ten lush villas that will let you enjoy green views for miles around.

5. Hapuku Lodge

HapukuLodge 2HapukuLodge 1

A family built and run establishment, the Hapuku Lodge features the beauty, taste, and wonders of its locale. Its 5-star accommodations are suspended 30 ft off the ground and nestled in a mangrove orchard.

Honestly, the Skylodge is the only one that will really question you whether you can sleep up there. The others are just magnificent modern iterations of treehouses. They’re all amusing and may even be worth a spot on your travel itinerary.

DIY Bedroom for Studio Units: Shelves, Consoles, & Dressers

Furnishing a studio unit? Make it look more like a fully-furnished home rather than a bedroom with a kitchen by getting inspiration from these interior shots.

studio apartment bedrooms

studio apartment bedrooms

studio apartment bedrooms

studio apartment bedrooms

studio apartment bedroom

studio apartment bedrooms

 studio apartment bedrooms

Small spaces can get really cozy, but it also wouldn’t hurt to take it up a notch by outfitting your tiny home with a Salem Bed. Check out our selection today and you might just find the perfect pick for your studio unit.

Make the Bed Your Happy Place and Sleep Better

For most of us who needs to power through their days, the promise of a cozy bed can really make things better. There are those people who can be so stressed out the whole day but then instantly have a light and jolly mood the moment their backs hit the bed. Not everyone can transition this fast so you might be wondering, how do they do it?

The explanation is simple, albeit the execution may not exactly be: they made their beds their happy place.

Lots of us have happy places. Some find it in the great outdoors, other by the beach. There are also those who can instantly relax the moment they get together with a special someone or their family. It doesn’t even have to be a place at all in some cases. As long as you get to instantly relax the moment you’re there, then that’s it.

For some people, it just happened to be their beds. After a long day, your bed can be one of the most comforting places since it is, ideally, comfortable. The physical comfort, familiar smells, privacy, and the sense of security can do a number on your mood when you’re in bed. If you also have a cuddle buddy, it can up the comfort levels and even the sense of euphoria.

Turning your bed into your happy place shouldn’t be that hard. If you’re naturally inclined to feel relaxed upon lying in bed, then all you need to do is realize it. If not, you can try these tricks:

1. Don’t work in bed.

Doing any kind of work in bed often will have it associated with the stress and frustrations of working. If you have to work at home, do it outside of the bedroom.

2. Only do the things you enjoy in bed.

If you find something too tedious, don’t do it in bed. Don’t calculate the bills you have to pay in bed. Never open mail or bills that you’re sure will stress you out while you’re still laying down. Just don’t do anything that will upset you in bed so you won’t get stressed while in there and associate it with stressful things.

3. Remove clutter.

Even those who can work with clutter around them might find it hard to relax if their bedroom is a mess. Sure, you can sleep in it, especially if you’re really tired, but you won’t really feel relaxed with so much bothering you. Tidy up a bit and enjoy a relaxing bed.

4. Turn your bed into your haven.

Outfitting your bedroom with the coziest pillows, softest blankets, and the most comfortable mattress can really make it one of the best places to chill out at home. Add a few more items to turn it into what you’d call your favorite space and you’ll be able to relax more in your bed.

5. Hang out in your bed from time to time.

Got some free time on your days off? Hang out in your bed and just generally chill out in it. Read a good book, watch a fun series, or just do whatever else you like doing in bed. It can help you better associate it with some good times, allowing it to be a relaxing spot for you.

We’re not saying this because we’re in the sleep business, but, really, there are lots to gain by having your bed as your happy place. Not only will it promise you a nice and cozy place to relax in, but it can also benefit your sleep. If it’s a Salem Bed product, you’re even better guaranteed that it will be comfortable.

Beds with a View: Dream Vacations that will Literally Let You Dream

What’s better than a cozy bed? A cozy bed with a view. Let these amazing beds take you on an imaginary trip right in front of your screen.

city view

city view 2

city view 3

city view 4

city view 5

sea view

sea view 2

sea view 3

sea view 7

sea view 4

sea view 6

mountain view 1

mountain view 4

mountain view 3

sea view 5

Want to make your own bedroom staycation-worthy? Add a Salem Bed and you’re set to up the comfort levels of your home.

The Bedrooms we Daydream About Spending the Night In

While we love our bedrooms dearly, it wouldn’t hurt to try out other cozy-looking beds from time to time. Besides, as experts say, sleeping in a different bed can help reinvigorate your sleep hygiene which means that it’s a good thing to sleep somewhere else on some occasions as well.

As it’s also summer, we are slightly struggling with wanderlust as we’re stuck in the city with its unbearable heat and traffic. It wouldn’t really hurt to daydream about marvelous bedrooms that we’d love to spend a few nights in, right?

If we can take a pick of where we’d sleep tonight, here are a few that we’ll love to be in.













For now, though, we’ll be crawling back to our cozy Salem beds and enjoy the comfort that’s readily available to us.