Make the Bed Your Happy Place and Sleep Better

For most of us who needs to power through their days, the promise of a cozy bed can really make things better. There are those people who can be so stressed out the whole day but then instantly have a light and jolly mood the moment their backs hit the bed. Not everyone can transition this fast so you might be wondering, how do they do it?

The explanation is simple, albeit the execution may not exactly be: they made their beds their happy place.

Lots of us have happy places. Some find it in the great outdoors, other by the beach. There are also those who can instantly relax the moment they get together with a special someone or their family. It doesn’t even have to be a place at all in some cases. As long as you get to instantly relax the moment you’re there, then that’s it.

For some people, it just happened to be their beds. After a long day, your bed can be one of the most comforting places since it is, ideally, comfortable. The physical comfort, familiar smells, privacy, and the sense of security can do a number on your mood when you’re in bed. If you also have a cuddle buddy, it can up the comfort levels and even the sense of euphoria.

Turning your bed into your happy place shouldn’t be that hard. If you’re naturally inclined to feel relaxed upon lying in bed, then all you need to do is realize it. If not, you can try these tricks:

1. Don’t work in bed.

Doing any kind of work in bed often will have it associated with the stress and frustrations of working. If you have to work at home, do it outside of the bedroom.

2. Only do the things you enjoy in bed.

If you find something too tedious, don’t do it in bed. Don’t calculate the bills you have to pay in bed. Never open mail or bills that you’re sure will stress you out while you’re still laying down. Just don’t do anything that will upset you in bed so you won’t get stressed while in there and associate it with stressful things.

3. Remove clutter.

Even those who can work with clutter around them might find it hard to relax if their bedroom is a mess. Sure, you can sleep in it, especially if you’re really tired, but you won’t really feel relaxed with so much bothering you. Tidy up a bit and enjoy a relaxing bed.

4. Turn your bed into your haven.

Outfitting your bedroom with the coziest pillows, softest blankets, and the most comfortable mattress can really make it one of the best places to chill out at home. Add a few more items to turn it into what you’d call your favorite space and you’ll be able to relax more in your bed.

5. Hang out in your bed from time to time.

Got some free time on your days off? Hang out in your bed and just generally chill out in it. Read a good book, watch a fun series, or just do whatever else you like doing in bed. It can help you better associate it with some good times, allowing it to be a relaxing spot for you.

We’re not saying this because we’re in the sleep business, but, really, there are lots to gain by having your bed as your happy place. Not only will it promise you a nice and cozy place to relax in, but it can also benefit your sleep. If it’s a Salem Bed product, you’re even better guaranteed that it will be comfortable.


Beds with a View: Dream Vacations that will Literally Let You Dream

What’s better than a cozy bed? A cozy bed with a view. Let these amazing beds take you on an imaginary trip right in front of your screen.

city view

city view 2

city view 3

city view 4

city view 5

sea view

sea view 2

sea view 3

sea view 7

sea view 4

sea view 6

mountain view 1

mountain view 4

mountain view 3

sea view 5

Want to make your own bedroom staycation-worthy? Add a Salem Bed and you’re set to up the comfort levels of your home.

The Bedrooms we Daydream About Spending the Night In

While we love our bedrooms dearly, it wouldn’t hurt to try out other cozy-looking beds from time to time. Besides, as experts say, sleeping in a different bed can help reinvigorate your sleep hygiene which means that it’s a good thing to sleep somewhere else on some occasions as well.

As it’s also summer, we are slightly struggling with wanderlust as we’re stuck in the city with its unbearable heat and traffic. It wouldn’t really hurt to daydream about marvelous bedrooms that we’d love to spend a few nights in, right?

If we can take a pick of where we’d sleep tonight, here are a few that we’ll love to be in.













For now, though, we’ll be crawling back to our cozy Salem beds and enjoy the comfort that’s readily available to us.

New Year, New Bedroom? Get Some Ideas Here!


Planning to revamp your cozy space by the new year? We’ve got some of the best ideas that might just tickle your fancy. Check them out below!

1. Starry night bedroom by Crispin Young Wilson

Crispin Young Wilsonstarry-ceiling

Ok, so let’s start off with an amazing ceiling art made by Crispin Young Wilson for a young boy who’s struggling to sleep on his own in his first bedroom. The actual bedroom isn’t something to write home about, but the ceiling art will definitely help you relax. Especially if you love sleeping under the stars, this might just give you the relaxation you need every time you go to bed.

The best part about this work of art is it’s completely invisible when the lights are on! It makes the whole thing extra magical and easy to whip up in any kind of bedroom.

2. Use “scraps” as decor.


There may not be a lot of these intricately detailed discarded façades laying around, but if you’re lucky to find one, the bedroom is an excellent place to put it on display.

3. Let nature take its course.

plant interiors

tree inside

We love some quick and unusual ways to update the bedroom, so we’re throwing in adding some plants into your bedroom in this list. They can really change up the look of your space and make it feel more relaxing. Opt for plants that can clean the air, as well as varieties that don’t require too much sunlight, so they won’t wither and die in a few days.

4. Move your bed near the window.

bed by the window
If your bedroom has a massive window and a nice view, why not incorporate the feature to your interiors? Use the great view to decorate your space by ditching the curtains (okay, you can still use them for privacy, but it’s best to keep them drawn open) and enjoying the marvelous sight from you bed.

5. Give your walls a fresh treatment.


industrial bedroomvia

Covering your walls with a fresh coat of paint, a new wallpaper, or an entirely different treatment is another way to refresh your bedroom without doing anything major. You can get this done in a weekend, so it’s definitely worth trying out if you want a new look for your cozy space by the new year.

Give any of these five a go and you’ll surely enjoy a bedroom that looks fresh in no time. If you want it to really want it to feel different, grabbing a new Salem Bed also wouldn’t hurt.

Personalize Your Bed for a Good Night’s Sleep


You might already be tired of hearing this from us, but because it’s true, we won’t get tired of saying that your bed is a huge factor in getting a good night’s sleep. Personalizing it is essential to get the most amount of comfort that you need to get great zzz’s. Doing this may sound pretty simple, but with all of the options available in the market today, choosing the right products can be a challenge.

To help you personalize your bed, here are some tips that you should keep in mind:

If you’re replacing your old mattress with a new one, make sure to try out the very product you’re planning to buy.

A lot of us tend to like ordering stuff online as it’s a lot easier to just click on the items you wish to purchase than actually go to a store. While you can already buy mattresses online, it’s still best to actually visit a store and try the mattresses out. We cannot stress this point enough: try out the mattresses out. This way, you can get the feel of the mattress before purchasing it.

Mattresses are made in different ways using a wide range of various materials so they definitely don’t feel alike at all. Not all mattresses will feel comfortable for you as well, so you need to look for one that allows your body to relax and provides ample support to your body’s curves and contours. You won’t be able to do that by just clicking on a product that seems nice on your screen, so, please, do yourself a favor and actually visit a mattress store before you make a decision.

Choose the right pillow for your sleeping style.

Pillows are just as important as picking the right mattress to buy but people always neglect getting a good pillow for their bed. Some just picks out the first thing they come across with, without too much thought.

As pillows help keep your spine properly aligned while you lay in bed, it’s an essential addition to your sleeping environment. You need one with a good lift but not too high to put strain on the muscles in your neck.

The problem with buying a pillow is that it’s hard to test them out in stores. Lots of pillows sold locally are vacuum-sealed so you don’t really know if it’s just the right amount of fluffiness or not. Make sure to ask if there’s a sample pillow so you can try to get its feel. You might also be able to stand flat against a wall and place a pillow behind your head just so you can get the feel and height of the pillow. It can be tricky, but if you want a good pillow, it’s something worth doing.

Be picky when it comes to sheets and blankets.

No one wants to use a scratchy bed sheet or blanket, so make sure to really feel the material of the sheets and blankets that you want to buy. Don’t purchase anything that feels rough and think that it might soften up after a few washes, because it’ll be a total waste if it didn’t. Go for something that already feels nice and cozy as soon as you touch it, so you’re guaranteed that you’ll get a nice sheet to sleep in.

cozy sleep

Create a cooler bedroom.

A cool bedroom will let you drift off to sleep easily as the body needs a drop of temperature to let you doze off. If you can’t afford having an air conditioning unit yet, you can always find ways to improve the air circulation in your bedroom by strategically placing fans and opening windows.

Make sure that you’re perfectly comfortable.

Lastly, a bed is not personalized enough if you’re not comfortable in it. Make sure that you are perfectly cozy in your bed, so you can easily welcome sleep every time you climb in it.


Bedrooms You’ll Want to be In this Rainy Season


The rainy season brings in a major bed weather to the country. It’s an excellent respite from our harsh summers, making us feel a bit cooler than the usual. So, if you’re the type who likes to coop up on your bedroom during this rainy season, here are a few nice interiors that will give you some major bedroom envy.


bedrooms rainy season

bedrooms rainy season

bedrooms rainy seasonvia

bedrooms rainy season

bedrooms rainy season

bedrooms rainy season

bedrooms rainy season

bedrooms rainy season

Ah, if only we can tuck ourselves in!