Ever Wondered Why Some People Can’t Sleep Without a Blanket? Science Explains Why

6360299917728757431144214810_puppyWe may be living in a tropical country with humidity levels that are just a wink away from becoming water, but you’ll still find lots of folks who can’t sleep without a blanket on them. They may have all ove their limbs exposed and just a teeny tiny corner of their blanket touching their torso, but it can still be their absolute bedtime requirement to get some zzz’s.

What’s even more amazing is that studies show that only nomadic foragers are the only folks who doesn’t sleep with beddings even in the hottest climates in the planet. This research focused on the foraging and non-foraging peoples who live in the hottest areas near the equator. They’ve discovered that almost everyone uses some sort of bedding or blanket, although, there’s no strict definition for such items.

How on Earth can people fall asleep with some covering despite the heat? According to experts, there are two main reasons why people can’t ditch the blanket no matter how sweltering the evenings can get. One is the fact that the body temperature drops when you near bedtime. A warmer body makes us more alert and awake, while a slightly cooler body signals your brain to hit the sack soon. To help you stay comfortable, having a blanket on hand will be a good idea.

Then there’s also the fact that the body can’t regulate heat during REM sleep. Even on sweltering nights, the temperatures will still drop in the wee hours and your body won’t have any means to warm you up on its own. You’ll need some external help to get it done and a blanket can also be your best bet.

For temperature regulation, it’s more like a habit that you might have already formed through the years. If you used to not need a blanket to fall asleep, there’s a high chance that things changed when one night you woke up to feeling too uncomfortable from the cold. That can catalyst your constant need of having a blanket nearby when you catch some shuteye.

The need for a blanket during bedtime is also said to be a product of conditioning. As humans have been wearing blankets to bed since birth, blankets are easily associated to sleep. It might even actually help trigger sleepiness as the body connects the presence of blankets to bedtimes.

So, if you’ve always wondered why you can’t sleep with a blanket, these reasons can easily answer your queries. Of course, some people can completely do away with them as not everyone is programmed in the same manner. Some folks even have more unique requirements for sleep, so, really, to each his own.

Paired with a cozy Salem Bed, a cozy blanket can really be an effective tool to help you sleep better.



Group Napping will Let You Lose Weight While You Get some ZZZ’s

Gym classes are, without a doubt, some of the biggest fitness trends today. They tend to be more entertaining since you’ll be exercising as a part of the group and the expert-led sessions come as a perk as you don’t have to pay big bucks to hire your own trainer. The best thing about it is there are tons of classes to choose from. Yoga, spinning, rowing, pilates, crossfit, calisthenics, and piloxing are just a few options that will really help you burn those calories and strengthen your muscles.

But what if you don’t really want to sweat it all out and you still want to lose weight through a gym class? Well, the folks at UK’s David Lloyd gyms got an answer for you: napping classes.

Yep, you’ve read it right: a gym is offering a fitness class on napping. Known as the ‘Napercise’ classes, these classes will give you access to a single bed and 45 minutes of undisturbed napping.

Inspired by studies has shown sleep’s ability to burn some calories on top of its other benefits, the club’s Napercise classes are designed to offer the most conducive space for naps. The room temperature will be dropped and the participants will be guaranteed uninterrupted zzz’s. Too bad they don’t have a branch here, no?

With sleep becoming a popular health trend as of late, we aren’t exactly surprised that someone has came up with this idea. Besides, not everyone has an access to a cozy bed in the afternoon, right? However, there’s always the issue of not being able to sleep anywhere else other than your own bed and a host of other reasons that might just prevent you from getting a good nap.  We also find the time constraint quite problematic as it can put a pressure on you to fall asleep right away which isn’t always something a lot of people can do.

Since such a program isn’t available in our sunny tropical country, why not just work on your night time sleep even better? Maybe a new Salem Bed might just help you make do with your night-time zzz’s instead of relying on naps to help you power through the day?

Gift Ideas for the Sleepy


While some of you have already ticked off every item on your gifts list, there might still be some who are quite stumped with what to give to a friend, family, or co-worker. If they happened to love sleep (or you feel like they need more of it), you’re in luck because we have a few suggestions that might come in handy.

So, what should you give a sleepyhead or someone you think should get more zzz’s? Here are our picks:

A New Mattress!


Perfect for aging parents, siblings, and even yourself, a new mattress will guarantee a good night’s sleep for the new year. Just make sure to check with them how firm they like their mattresses to be or better yet, let them pick something from our website!


knitted pillows

If you don’t have the budget for going all out, you can also go small and get a nice pillow or two. It’s best to give decorative or huggable pillows since pillows for sleeping need to be the perfect fit for sleepers.

Air Purifier

air purifier

Struggling with allergies in the bedroom? An air purifier will help you get better zzz’s. The best thing here is, if you’re not too keen on getting an appliance, you can also opt to give a potted plant that can also get the job done.



Cute and cozy pajamas are some of the best gift ideas for those who love to lounge around and catch some shuteye.


chunky blanket

Blankets are also great gifts for those who love to snooze as they will always get reminded of you every time they get under the covers. There are also tons of options to choose from, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect gift for your loved one.

Eye Mask

eye mask

They’re cute, functional, and affordable, so why not opt to give them out as gifts? The best part is the fact that these items are very versatile. They can be taken and used anywhere, so you’re not only helping your loved one sleep better, but also get more zzz’s.

Linen Spray

linen spray

If nice scents relax the person you wish to give a gift to, a linen spray is an essential for their bedroom. These products are easily available and can even be DIY’ed so it’s easily one of the easiest gift options there is.



This might seem like a cop-out gift, but anyone who knows how to relax will love a nice smelling candle for their bedroom. Skip the harsh smells and opt for these scents instead as they are the best for bedrooms as they’re relaxing and can enhance your sleep.

These are just a few examples of what would be great gifts to those who like to sleep and deserve to get more zzz’s. We hope we were able to give you a few good ideas to give out and make your holiday merrier.

Why A Good Night’s Sleep is Almost Impossible Away from Your Bed

good nights sleep

Some people can sleep anywhere at any given time. They’re often humorously referred to as the “masa,” short for “masandal, tulog” (can fall asleep as soon as they get back support). Others, however, find it hard to sleep in new places. We typically refer to this as “pamamahay,” or the feeling that you’re not really at home in a new place. We knew that being in a different place can cause sleep difficulties, but what we didn’t know was why it was so hard for some folks to sleep in a different bed.

A new study published in Current Biology explains what exactly happens when we sleep in a different place. Apparently, when you sleep in a different environment, your body does its best to protect you. By keeping the left hemisphere of your brain awake, your body can still react to potential dangers even while you’re catching some zzz’s. As we are most vulnerable while asleep, being in an unfamiliar place heightens the body’s alertness, urging it to take measures to protect itself even subconsciously.

This is why grogginess is experienced the next morning after sleeping in a different bed. It’s really hard to get a good night’s sleep when your body has a high sense of self preservation, so if you tend to experience “pamamahay” on the regular, getting more sleep at home is advised. This way, you can, at least, bank on a few restful zzz’s before you have to sleep somewhere else.

This 8-Hour Classical Album Will Help You Sleep

sleep album

With so many of us struggling with falling asleep at night, it’s not surprising that a lot of people have already ventured into finding ways to make dozing off a lot easier. Nowadays, you can find lots of inventions that are designed to help you get some zzz’s – from consumables to electronics. Not all of them may work on everyone, though, so the options are always highly appreciated by the sleep deprived.

If you’ve tried almost everything to nod off as soon as you climb in bed to no avail, you may find music to be a more reliable solution to your sleep issues. Relaxing music can work as grownup lullabies for many, but if you want something more guaranteed, this new 8-hour long album, designed to help you get a good night’s sleep may just be the very thing you need.

Max Richter Sleep

British composer Max Richter recorded a composition entitled Sleep, which is 8 hours long. Richter worked on this piece for two years, this digital album is designed to make you fall asleep. As “sleeping and being asleep” are some of Richter’s favorite activities, he has decided to “provide a landscape or a musical place where people could fall asleep.”

For a sampling of this modern day lullaby, check out the video below.

Released in September this year, the piece has been performed in full in Wellcome Centre’s Reading Room in London and has been reported to have broken two world records (the longest broadcast of a single piece of music and the longest live broadcast of a single piece of music).

Sleep at the Wellcome Centre by Alecsandra Raluca Dragoi for The Guardian

Get Creative in Saying “Good Night”

good night banner

Sleep may seem boring for some, but saying your good nights shouldn’t be. Take your nightly rituals game up a notch and impress your special someone by learning a few different ways of saying “good night”.

good night





























Try some of these “good nights” and impress a loved one with your new ways of saying you care before you doze off.

Language(s) of Sleep


Sometimes, saying you need sleep in just a language or two is not enough. So to help you express your urgent need for some shuteye, here is a list of how you can say sleep in different languages.





























With this list, we hope you can now express yourself better when you need sleep. Just make sure to hit the hay (or lie down on your Salem Bed) soon after, so you can quickly get the zzz’s you so eloquently need.