New Pick from Salem Bed: The Milton

It’s no secret that people’s opinion on comfort vary from one person to another. Some folks love to sink into their beds while others prefer a more supportive surface to help them sleep better. This is the very reason why you’ll find a wide range of mattresses with varying firmness and softness levels in our selection.

However, we recognize that as diverse as our selection may be, there can still be a number of sleepers who have very specific preferences. This pushes us to further innovate and create new and different products so every Filipino home will have a choice.

This is the very reason why we love adding new products to our roster. So for our latest offering, meet the Milton mattress.

The best description for the Milton is it’s the perfect balance between firm and cozy. With its unique combination of our special blend of firm rebonded foam and a layer of high-grade memory foam, it will let you sink just enough to get that nice cozy feeling while giving enough resistance to hold your back in place. This makes it a nice choice for those who tend to have back pains in the night because the poor support of their old mattress.

To further ensure your comfort, the Miton is  finished with a knit, Sanitized fabric cover. It guarantees top-notch hygiene and protection against dustmites, insects, and other harmful microorganisms, minimizing allergic reactions by boosting the unit’s ability to keep itself in top shape.

With a 5-year warranty, the Milton can also offer you a years of excellent sleep. So if you still haven’t found “the one” sleeping surface for you, this might just be it.

Learn more about or shop the Milton here.


Maybe It’s Time to Replace Your Sofa

replace sofa banner

Aside from beds, sofas are also among the top comfort providers in every home. They’re also typically considered as big ticket purchases, which is why for most households, sofas should last a long time. But, like other furniture that gets a lot of use over time, you should know when to swap your old couch for a new one.

BORIS NOIR with logo

So, how do you know if it’s the right time to get a new sofa? Here are the top signs:

1. The materials are already falling apart.

If your couch is already full of tears and patches, accompanied with some foam spilling out and spring peeking, you should definitely toss it to the curb and get a new one. Especially if it doesn’t have an inner frame that you can still salvage and have reupholstered, sofas that are literally falling apart should already be replaced.

2. The frame is starting to warp.

If your couch is already losing its original shape, then it’s high time you should get a replacement sofa. A misshapen couch wouldn’t have the right support and could break any time. This makes it perfectly unsafe for your family, so replacing it with a new one is important.

3. It doesn’t fit the new home you’re moving into.

If you’re moving to a smaller property like a condo or apartment, bulky sofas may not literally fit into the small space. Especially if your new home is in a high rise building, maneuvering a large object in its utility areas may be impossible. Getting a new one could be a lot easier option in cases like this.

4. Deep cleaning won’t thoroughly clean it anymore.

Through the years, your sofa may experience different ways of use. It may cause stains and dirts that are hard to clean and remove, not to mention accumulated dust and possible molding. If this is the case, maybe it’s better if you just replace your old couch with a new one. It could even help lessen allergic reactions and illnesses in your home.

Salem Bed's Ashford Sofa

Salem Bed’s Ashford Sofa

With Salem Bed’s new sofa collection, you can now replace your old sofa with a product that you can be sure to last a long time. Made with the same expertise as our mattresses, our sofa collection will surely stand the test of time and provide you the comfort you need.

Types of Pillows You Absolutely Need at Home

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While pillows may seem to be some of the most basic items in the home, you might actually be surprised at how different types can help spruce up and add function to your home. Available in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and designs, there are tons of options when it comes to pillows. This is why it can really be challenging to pick out the ones you need when faced with the challenge of shopping for home pillows.

If you’re on the search for some pillows to use as accents and sleeping tools at home, here’s a list of the essentials we recommend.

Rectangular standard bed pillows

Emily Henderson Pillows

When you say pillow, the rectangular ones are the first thing that will come to mind for a lot of people. As most of us only use pillows for sleeping, the standard bed pillows are the most commonplace for the general populace. Standard size measures 20×30″ but variations are also available that can go up to 20×72″.


Salem Bed Regular Pillows
 goosedownSalem Bed Goose Down Pillows

Bolster Pillows

Bolster Pillow

Also known as “hotdog” pillows, bolster pillows add depth to your bed’s styling and serves as an excellent dantayan for when you sleep. They come in a wide range of measurements, so it is up to you how long you want yours to be.


Salem Bed Bolster Pillow

Throw Pillows


Throw pillows are some of the most versatile kinds of accessories at home. Both decorative and functional, you should definitely get a few in your living room, bedroom, even kitchen (if your space allows it), and porch.

living room

For inquiries regarding Salem Bed pillows, contact our Retail Department at (02) 432 0562.

Buy Direct: Salem Bed’s Retail Outlets

Want to buy direct from us but not too keen on shopping for a mattress online? Visit our Retail Outlets listed below and get great prices on Salem Bed products!


Factory Outlet

659 T. Santiago St., Lingunan, Valenzuela City

Factory Outlet

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MC Home Depot Ortigas

A-29 168 Ortigas Ave. cor. Meralco Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig City


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MC Home Depot Taguig

FS-006-B 32nd St., Bonifacio Blvd., Fort Bonifacio, Global City, Taguig City


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Life So Easy – SM South Mall

2/F SM South Mall, Almanza I, Las Pinas City

SM SouthmallGoogle Map Link


2/F Gaisano Capital City Mall, Luna St., Iloilo City

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Cagayan de Oro

3/F South Bldg, Centrio Mall, Claro M. Recto St., Cagayan de Oro City

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How to Find Out if a Mattress is Right for You

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Being in the home furnishing industry for nearly half a decade already, we know just how challenging it is to find the right mattress. While there are tons of options available, it doesn’t necessarily make the choosing process easier and can even be a bit confusing at times.

This is why when asked, we always say that personal comfort should be the very thing you look for when shopping for a mattress. Aside from your budget, your personal comfort should be the deciding factor in making the call in which mattress you should get. Why? It’s pretty simple: if you’re not comfortable enough in your bed, you will find it difficult to fall asleep, rendering the mattress useful in the end.

As mattresses are not exactly cheap, your comfort should really be taken into great consideration when purchasing one. Since you’re already spending a good amount of hard earned money to provide you some comfort at the end of the day, wouldn’t it be just ideal for you to find an actually comfortable mattress to put your cash in?

To make sure that you’ll find the right mattress for you, here are some some tips:

  • Actually lie down on the mattress to get it’s feel for at least 10 minutes. This way, your body can get a good idea in how the mattress feels for longer periods of time.
  • Make sure to lie down in your common sleeping position. This can give you a good heads up whether you’ll feel strain on your pressure points or not.
  • Try as many mattresses as you can. Salem Beds, especially, offer a wide range of features and designs, so trying out just a few may cause you to miss out on other options available.
  • Never hesitate to ask your Salem Bed promodiser questions.

Extra tip, especially if you plan to purchase a Salem bed through our website: try our mattresses in one of our dealers or outlets first. It may seem counter-intuitive, but, then again, since you’re spending a good amount of cash in a mattress, it’s best if you are familiar with the item you’re going to purchase online. Besides, there are also a number of perks from purchasing through the website, like free delivery for orders P5k and up (for Metro Manila only), so you can still opt to test out a product in store and purchase online.

How to find out if a mattress is right for you? You’ll feel it once you’ve tried it. If you’ve found yourself getting cozy on top of the bed and ready to fall asleep despite the harsh lights of the furniture store, then take that model home.

Sky & Sea: Kiddie Beds for Shared Rooms

sea and sky

As your family grow, it is just common to find yourself needing to sleep train your children. Moving them to a big kid bed is an essential part of teaching them how to do things on their own and giving them a taste of individuality. This also gives parents the chance to bond with each other once again, after having their little one the be all of their lives.

If your family ever find itself in such a situation, investing on a bed that your little one can grow up in would be a practical move. Instead of buying a new kid bed every year or so to accommodate their growth spurt, opting for a regular bed is a more ideal option. With a quality regular sized bed, you don’t have to worry about your kid’s feet dangling at the end of their beds at night for at least up to 7 years.

For your little one, you can choose anything from the wide range of Salem Beds’ products. However, a mattress alone will still leave you fretting for a base and additional accessories, so an all in one bed is always our top suggestion for little kids’ bedrooms. In this case, we often recommend the Sky and Sea beds.

Sky Bed

salem beds sky bed
Sky Bed

Mixing comfort and functionality, the Sky Bed is a great choice for growing kids. Not only is its plush surface ideal for sleeping, but it also comes with a built in bed frame with storage. These drawers are ideal for storing clothes and toys, making them the best options for your little one’s bedroom.

Sea Bed

salem beds Sea
Sea Bed

If you want to up the ante and ensure a complete bed set for your little one, the Sea Bed is an excellent Salem Bed option. This model ups the Sky Bed’s offerings, as it comes with a matching headboard. A no-fuzz solution for busy growing homes, the Sky Bed can definitely solve your little one’s bedding challenges in a jiffy.

For growing families, being practical is a priority alongside the children’s wellness and safety. Comfort, however, shouldn’t be sacrificed, so why opt for anything less than a high quality Salem Bed? With our years of experience, you can definitely rely on us for your little ones’ good night sleep.