Sleep & Health: Losing Weight in Your Sleep is not Just a Dream!

Let’s face it, losing weight is a lot of work. A perfect balance of dieting and exercising is needed to make sure that you do get to shed off those pounds to get to the shape you aim for. However, there are also those additional techniques that can help you out in losing weight. Just like the idea of slimming down in your sleep.

salem beds sleep weight loss

According to some experts, sleeping can help you burn those calories you’ve taken in during the day. It may sound bogus, but science backs this up. There are more than two dozens of studies conducted to prove this dream diet, and has gained favorable results. The most popular explanation? Sleep deprivation alters the body’s systems, inducing a bigger appetite, causing people to want to eat more. Another possible reason that scientists have come up with is that sleep deprivation can make a person feel more fatigued, causing them to skimp on their workout or avoid exercising at all.

Losing weight in your sleep is largely natural, but there are ways how you can boost its effectiveness.  Here are some techniques you can try:

1. Get enough and regular sleep.

In a study conducted by experts from the Brigham Young University, it suggests that getting enough and regular sleep (around 6.5 to 8.5 hours per day) can prove to be a more effective way of losing weight. If you can keep up with getting a certain number of hours asleep on your bed, odds are, you can burn more calories and lose weight easier than others.

2. Try to learn more about other medical causes of weight gain.

Contrary to what others believe, it’s not just the type and amount of food you consume that makes you gain weight. Other people who are having issues with their weight may have a more complex set of reasons why they can’t shed some pounds off no matter how they diet or workout. Figuring out whether this is the cause of your weight issues can also be a great way how you can incorporate sleep in your quest to lose weight.

3. Eat small meals frequently all throughout the day instead of having breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

This is a popular weight loss tip by trainers everywhere. According to experts, eating smaller meals in a more frequent occasion rather than sticking to three big meals a day can help you lose weight better. How? Apparently, eating frequently keeps your metabolism on its toes, making it work overtime. This trains it to breakdown calories and nutrients faster and better, upping your odds of more effective nocturnal weight loss. However, make sure that these small meals are still healthy and balanced, though, so you can definitely get the most out of the technique.

4. Ensure that your sleep won’t be interrupted.

A continuous and undisturbed sleep throughout the night works best for the dream diet. This means that if you can sleep all throughout the night, continuously from 10 pm to 6 am, you can be sure that you’ll be effectively shedding pounds in your sleep. If you’re prone to having tummy issues during the night, taking medications like antacids would be of great help.

5. Take measures in getting quality sleep.

Of course, the best technique in losing weight in your sleep is still ensuring that you get quality slumber. With quality sleep, you get to wake up feeling refreshed, preventing the need to compensate for the tiredness with additional servings of food.

Like all healthy weight loss regimens, losing weight in your sleep won’t happen overnight. Keep in mind that this dream diet is just an auxiliary technique in a larger weight loss scheme, so relying on it entirely may not prove to be as fruitful as you’d want. Couple it with a healthy and balanced diet and exercise and you will surely be able to transform into a fitter and healthier body.

A Salem bed will help you enjoy quality sleep, so may be with our assistance, you can get a jumpstart on your dream diet.


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