How to Get More Sleep in the Morning

salem beds more sleep in the morning

Sleeping in is one of the most pleasurable things in life. It’s relaxing and indulgent, especially if you know that you still have time to actually snooze and have a few more minutes of shut eye. If you’re a big fan of sleeping in, you may want to learn a few tricks in how you can get more quality time with your bed.

1. Prepare the night before.

Getting ready the night before will free you from the hassle of running around and going in circles in the morning. Not only will this give you enough time to find the stuff you need to bring, but it will also let you do everything without stressing you out so much.

If you’re going to be cooking breakfast for the family, chop, mix, and prep everything the evening before so you’ll only need to fire up the stove or pre-heat the oven when you wake up. If you need to be in the office early the next day, laying out your clothes, packing your lunch, and prepping everything you need to bring before you sleep can also help you sleep in worry-free the next morning.

2. Teach your kids to sleep in longer.

If your kids are the very causes of you waking up before your alarm goes off, then teaching them to sleep in is a must. There are tons of ways how you can get your little ones get more sleep, so focusing on that can also be a great thing. Sleep training will take time to become more effective, though, especially with toddlers and young kids, so patience will be highly necessary.

3. Invest on black out curtains.

Some people get awakened by the sunshine touching their face in the morning. In most cases, this is one of the most natural ways of waking up, and getting out of bed would be the best next step to follow it. However, if you want to get more shut eye after waking up the most natural way possible, keeping the sunshine away is the best solution for you. Getting some black out curtains will provide your bedroom the shade you need to stay asleep a bit longer in the morning.


Aside from sleeping in, these tips are also very useful if you want to have some extra time in the morning, whatever it is that you wish to do. You can read, stretch, work out, meditate, or take the time to catch up with loved ones. However you wish to spend these extra minutes, you’ll surely find pleasure in finding extra time, especially if you always get stressed about having to do so much in so little time.


Design Highlight: Bedrooms Using Live Plants as Decor

salem beds plants as decor banner

When decorating a bedroom, most people focus on the big things like the furniture and major accessories. While the essentials are definitely some of the things you really need, finding the additional items to inject some personality and style to your space is also necessary. With the vast amount of decorative pieces that you can choose from to adorn your bedroom, some believe that among the best choices are the ones you can find in nature. Plants, with all their charm and beauty, are definitely among the best decorations inside the home as they will not only spruce up your space, but they can also add a certain freshness and even offer other benefits for your home.

If you’re thinking how you’re going to pull off live plants as decor inside your home without your interiors looking like an abandoned property, you’re in the right place! We’ve rounded up a number of snapshots from all over the web to inspire you. Check out our list below for some photos that may help you turn your home into an indoor oasis.

salem beds plant as decorvia

This small Portland home incorporates plants into its overall interior design and makes use of a lot of natural lighting, creating a very fresh and open space. The bedroom is especially attractive, as it is small and tucked away.

salem beds plants as decor

When you’re trying to bring in the outdoors in, why not extend your reach and try to go big? In this bedroom, a small tree is used to introduce some plant life. it works well with the stripped wooden cabinet and the exposed brick walls, offering a whole lot of visual interest and textures.

salem beds plants as decorvia

Save some space and easily update an old folding screen by hanging some plants in them. Just make sure to balance the weight, though, so your screen can still stand up.

salem beds bedroom with plants

Live plants can easily double as low cost and low maintenance air purifiers inside your home aside from just being decorative, so including them in your plans can be a very practical designing solution. In this case, the bedroom stayed very clean and minimal and played with the capability of the climbing plant to add excitement to the space.

salem beds plants as decorvia

salem beds plants as decor

Go all out! Whether you have the space or not, there are so many options and ways how you can add live plants into your home, so don’t hesitate to go for it.

salem bed plants as decor

If you want to use a strictly decorative live plant, you can also opt for varieties that are considered decorations like the bonsai. These plants are so special that they can easily decorate a space without a fuss.

salem beds plants as decor

salem beds plants as decor

Hanging plants instead of art can also be a wonderful decorating idea for your home. Especially if you’re going for a rustic look, they work best with the overall aesthetic of the style.

When using plants for decoration, however, make sure to remember that live plants do require maintenance, depending on their species and variety. If your home does not let in a lot of sunshine, bringing them outside from time to time will ensure your plants’ health. Pots that are designed to go inside are also the most ideal for use, as this will ensure that watering your plants won’t damage your floors, walls, or other furniture. If you want a specific pot or planter, though, at least adding some plates to catch the excess water will be ideal.

Finish your room with a nice comfortable Salem bed, and you’ll surely create a bedroom that will take your breath away, but will supply you with a great amount of fresh oxygen at the same time.

Rainy Season Mattress Maintenance: How to Keep Your Mattress in Great Shape Despite the Weather

salem beds rainy season banner

Here at Salem beds, we know that mattresses are considered as big ticket purchases for most households. They’re normally seen as investments by many, that prolonging their mattresses’ lifespan is something necessary. While we can guarantee that Salem mattresses can truly stand the test of time, it doesn’t mean that additional measures won’t help you go a long way.

In a previous blog post, we’ve discussed a few things that you can do to keep your mattress in great shape. However, as the rainy season has already made it’s way in the country, in full swing nonetheless, some extra tips may come in handy. Most of what we’ll share below will help you deal with the humidity and how to keep your mattress smelling great and mold free despite the moist air and the wet weather.

1. Try out different ways to air out your mattress.

As most mattresses are designed to be breathable, it also makes sense that they can be quite absorbent. They can take in perspiration, oil, and air moisture that can really create foul odors, develop molds, and even trigger adverse reactions to sleepers. To prevent all these and numerous sleepless nights, finding ways to air out your mattress, despite the rainy season, is a must.

Commonly, people air out their mattress by taking it out of the bedroom and laying it out under the sun. The heat and the open air allows it to dry, freshening it up after absorbing moist, sweat, oil, and other fluids that may have been seeped under the sheets. However, since the rainy season is already here, it will be too difficult to take your mattress outside of the house just to lug it back in after a few minutes when it starts drizzling.

What you can do instead is to remove the sheets and leave it bare for the day before you get out of the house in the morning. Done best when you’re already scheduled to change sheets as it can really boost the freshness of your mattress, this will let your mattress breathe for the day, giving it time to dry out and at least prevent soaking in more fluids that must have been left on your sheets.

If you want to freshen up your mattress on a weekend, you can also strip the sheets off and sprinkle some baking soda on top of the mattress. Let it sit for 30 minutes before vacuuming, so the baking soda get the chance to soak all the moist and odor the mattress may have.

2. Make sure sheets are completely dry before putting them on.

salem bed clothesline

Since the Philippines is a line dry country more than any other means of drying laundry, it is just typical to find it difficult to dry bed sheets during the rainy season. Although this is the case, it is still important to make sure that your bed sheets are completely dry before you use them. This way, you’re not putting your mattress in greater risk of mold growth, as well as harming its integrity and endangering you from possible consequences of inhaling mold while you sleep.

3. If you don’t want to risk it on a rare sunny day, just strip off the bed sheets, open the windows, and draw the curtains to let the sunshine into your bedroom.

If you happen to wake up on a nice sunny morning, and want to take advantage of the sun’s appearance without having to wrestle with your mattress, you can let the sunshine in instead of taking your mattress outside. This will save you the hassle of dragging your mattress out and having to take it inside right away the moment the skies turn grey. It is also the perfect solution if your bed is placed near the window or if your bedroom gets sunshine. Just make sure, however, to not leave your home while the windows are wide open. You never know when the rain will pour during the rainy season and it might also cause other security issues at the same time.

4. If you need to hang your laundry indoor, find other areas within your home if you can, instead of hanging them all inside your bedroom.

An area that is warm and moist is the perfect breeding ground for mold, so if you must line dry your clothes inside your house, find another place other than your bedroom for it. This way, you won’t put your mattress at risk of mold growth and your smell won’t get that “kulob” smell most homes in the country suffer from during the rainy season. This tip may not involve a mattress directly, but putting damp clothes in the same stuffy room as your mattress can spell trouble over time, so make sure to just avoid it in general.


These tips, combined with the regular mattress maintenance tip that we have shared before can be your best bet in prolonging the life of your mattress even more.


What to Do When You Just Can’t Sleep

salem beds can't sleep banner

Even though you have a great relationship with sleep, there are always those times when dozing off can be more of a challenge than a natural occurrence. If you find yourself having difficulties sleeping, whether it’s a nightly problem, or it’s one of those off nights when you don’t feel tired despite having a long day, there are things that you can do instead of tossing and turning while fretting about the hours you’re wasting being awake in bed. Some of the best examples of these are the following:

1. Make a Worry List

salem beds worry list

Sometimes, the very cause of your sleeplessness is the fact that you have so many things going through your mind. You worry about different things that you can’t deal with immediately or completely has no control over and it is making you anxious. Some also like to remind themselves of the things they have to do right before they sleep, and when it sounds complicated, they end up mulling it over nonstop.

When you find yourself unable to sleep because of this, one of the best things to do is to make a worry list. Worry lists are basically lists filled with the things that bugs you when you lie on your bed at night and try to fall asleep. These lists will also help you release some anxiety over the things you’re fretting about, allowing you to relax a bit and finally catch some zzzs.

There’s really no particular format for worry lists. All you need to do is just jot down everything you’re worrying about and you’re good to go. Experts say that it helps because it organizes your thoughts and  that you get to properly visualize the things that you find important to remember and essential to address.

2. Do something uninteresting

Doing something that doesn’t really excite you when you’re trying to fall asleep. Doing something that you don’t find engaging will help relax your mind, thus allowing you to slow down and get sleepy. Some of the top things you can try is to read something you find boring or tune in to a very dry podcast. Whatever disinterests you, do it when you can’t fall asleep and you’ll instantly find yourself dozing off in just a few minutes.

3. Focus on your breathing

salem beds breathe

Trying a few breathing exercises can be very calming and relaxing, making them ideal techniques in falling asleep. Some sleep apps will help you get started, but you can also do it on your own. You can also try inhaling through your left nostril to reduce your blood pressure and enhance circulation, making sleep a lot easier.

4. Get out of bed

If you’ve been trying to nod off for more than 15 minutes to no avail, maybe getting out of bed is already the next best thing to do. Some experts say that staying in bed will only train your system to stay awake in bed, so sleepless nights may come regularly if you don’t get out right away. Once you’re out of bed, engage yourself in dull activities, so you’ll feel the pull of your cozy mattress after a while.

5. Try some Reflexology to induce sleepiness

salem beds reflexology

Reflexology is a form of alternative medicine that makes use of certain pressure points in the body to create certain effects in other body parts. By applying pressure to specific points, it is said that it can improve one’s health easily, mostly through the improvement of blood circulation, easing of muscles, and its ability to induce relaxation.

According to experts, there are certain points in the body that you can press to help you get some shuteye. Some of these include the slants in between your eyebrows and nose, as well the space below the nail on the second toe of your right foot. By pressing and massaging these points, it is said that you can induce sleep faster.

6. Cuddle

salem beds cuddle

Cuddling is said to be an effective way to fall asleep, according to some experts. Some say that this method works because the touch of the people (or pets) you love can be very relaxing, allowing you to settle down and drift off to sleep without a fuss.


A good and high quality bed can also help you sleep easier better, so the next time you can’t doze off, you may also want to look at your mattress. Maybe your sleeplessness is caused by the need to switch to a new Salem bed? If it’s not the case, you can always try to relax before you hit the hay, so you can avoid spending hours trying to nod off.

A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Spring Mattresses

salem beds types of spring mattresses

So you have already decided to get an innerspring coil mattress as it offers the most benefits for your needs and preferences. However, the shopping is just getting started, as there are still a few decisions you have to make. The next thing you’ll need to decide on is which type of innerspring mattress it is that you want.

There are actually a few different kinds of spring mattresses in the country today. To give you a good idea on what your options are, here’s a quick guide you can use for easy reference.

Regular Spring Coil Mattress

salem beds types of spring mattress

Regular spring coil mattresses are, as the name suggests, your regular spring mattresses. They’re the ones you have known for the longest time. They are composed of a spring unit core, layered with foam and other materials for padding and comfort. They’re usually firm varieties and are typically the most affordable.

Pillowtop Mattress

salem beds types of spring mattress pillowtop

Pillowtop mattresses are commonly noted for their softness. With a feather type pad attached on top of the spring unit, making it look like there’s a mattress topper on top of a regular spring coil mattress. One glimpse at these and you’ll know that you’re looking at a very cozy surface. However, they are also pretty flexible, as the materials of the padding can differ greatly. Especially when it comes to Salem’s pillowtop mattresses, you can find models that make use of memory foam, polyurethane of varying densities, and even latex.

Eurotop Mattress

salem beds types of spring mattress boxtop

Boxtop mattresses look a lot like regular spring mattresses, except that they’re usually thicker than the latter. This is because they are a lot like pillowtop mattresses, in terms of extra padding for additional comfort. This variety is the most celebrated of all the different designs, as they allow additional padding into the mattress seamlessly, creating some of the most luxurious mattresses in the market today.

Double Pillowtop Mattress

salem beds types of spring mattress double pillowtop

Double pillowtop mattresses are much like pillowtop mattresses, except that instead of just having the additional padding on the top of one of its sides, the core spring mattress unit is actually sandwiched by additional pillow-type pads. This allows turning or flipping, as both sides are equally padded for comfort.

Double Eurotop Mattress

salem beds types of spring mattressdouble eurotop

Like the double pillowtop, the double eurotop is also padded equally on both its top and bottom side, making it ideal for turning or flipping. This variety is considered as the most plush of the bunch, as the padding is taken to a great level.


These different types of spring mattresses tend to vary in degrees, so at the very best, we suggest that you give each one a try when you go mattress shopping. Only you can decide which one feels the most comfortable to you, so make sure to give them a go when you visit Salem retail outlets or distributors.

Design Highlight: Effective Studio Apartments

salem beds studio apartment

Living small is one of the most popular trends today, what with the close proximity of high rises to central business districts. Instead of living in traditional homes, more and more individuals and families make the more convenient choice of moving up and scaling down their quarters, in order to be nearer to everything and cut down their commute time. Others, however, like the idea that compact living can be a much greener option, especially since they use less power to run and the closeness to everything eliminates the need to commute and travel for work and school on a daily basis.

Studio type condominium units are among the most popular varieties of compact living spaces, as they are easily available and are most commonly the cheapest options there is. In most cases, they are used by some as the weekday refuge of corporate professionals, if they’re not too keen on driving through Manila’s heavy traffic everyday. These are also the perfect places for yuppies, as it creates the perfect (and affordable) first homes for individuals who are just starting out in the real world.

If you are planning to move into a condominium unit from a traditional house, one of the most challenging tasks you’ll have to work on is how you’re going to fit your stuff into a small space. Giving some of your items up should already be expected, but maximizing your tiny space would be a bigger test. Knowing how to do it, however, isn’t impossibly hard. There are lots of effective ways how you can make even a studio apartment work for you, without feeling like you’re living in a disorganized space.

Here at Salem, we believe that living small shouldn’t have to mean that you need to sacrifice comfort in order to fit inside a tiny home. With the right decisions, good tips, and some prioritizing, you can create a humble abode that will suit your needs and even more. And to help you get started, here are some tips that we can give you.

1. Map it Out

salem beds floor plan

salem beds floor plan

Planning what goes where is essential if you’re dealing with a small space. This is because doing so will allow you to budget the space you have and help you make more ideal choices when it comes to furniture and storage options. It can also help you organize your stuff better, allowing you to create a more effective layout for your tiny home.

Make sure to try to plan your new home’s layout in advance, though. This will allow you the freedom to plan without the stress of getting it over with as you’re starting to get tired of having no clear space to walk on.

2. Use storage as an integral home element.

salem beds studio apartmentvia

salem beds studio apartment

salem beds studio apartmentvia

salem beds studio apartments

salem beds studio apartment

Aside from just finding ways to store away all of your stuff, why not find excellent measures to make it work for your tiny space aesthetically? Paint them a bold solid color and create a feature wall out of them or turn them into a note board with the help of chalkboard paint. Open shelving is also a great alternative option, especially if you have a number of pieces you don’t mind showing off. Just be careful, though, as open shelving is prone to looking cluttered if not done properly.

3. Opt for furniture that are visually non-intrusive like open bookshelves, lucite tables, and rounded sofas.

Salem beds studio apartment

salem beds studio apartment

When you have limited space, you can’t really fill it up with a lot of furniture as it will look cramped and crowded. With clear, transparent furniture pieces, though, you can easily add more seats and surfaces as they do not add visual obstruction, and create an illusion of a more spacious room.

4. Build up.

salem beds studio apartments

salem beds studio apartments

salem beds studio apartment

Creating lofted spaces within a small apartment can easily solve your space restrictions. Instead of just working with your floor area, your vertical space can also be used by building up.

5. Opt for multi-functional furniture.

salem beds studio furniture

salem beds studio apartmentvia

Multi-functional furniture are the most ideal furnishings for studio apartment as they are more practical for small spaces. With their design, they’re easily more flexible and functional, allowing them more use.

Just like any other home, your studio apartment can be designed in whichever way you want. It just takes a bit more planning and strategic purchasing of items to make things work better for your limited floor area. However, what you should never forget that moving to a smaller space doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice comfort. A good Salem bed in the right size will still fit perfectly in a studio apartment, and with the right additional furnishing, you can easily create a lovely home despite the limited space.

Five Bad Sleeping Habits You Should Stop Doing Right Now

salem beds bad sleeping habits

Do you feel like a zombie during the day and finding it difficult to nod off at night? Or wake up feeling heavy and unrefreshed in the morning? You may be sleep deprived and not functioning at your best. This can easily lead to poor work performance, weight gain, and being prone to health issues, complications that could be avoided by just catching some zzz’s.

When you find it difficult to fall asleep at night or wish to get the most out of your nightly rest, some of the things you should look into are your pre-bedtime routines and habits. What you do before bed could be the very culprit to you wasting time tossing and turning in your bed, trying to fall asleep, to the additional inches on your waist, or to your upset stomach that never seems to feel better whatever you do. To help you out recognize these patterns, we’ve made a list of the top five bad sleeping habits that you should definitely avoid.

1. Pulling constant all nighters then trying to catch up on sleep during the weekends.

This is one of the most common sleeping habit a lot of us are guilty of. With such hectic lifestyles and the internet, everyone falls to the trap of staying up all night, either to work, study, or just have some fun, thinking that they can always sleep in during the weekend.

While some experts will agree that you can catch up on sleep on your days off, they also note that doing that won’t be enough if you constantly miss out on hours of sleep. These hours tend to accumulate and can be a challenge to get back, so regularly missing out on sleep and attempting to gain it back by sleeping in on your days off, may not prove to be effective or successful. At best, most folks will be able to manage to squeeze in up to ten hours of extra sleep per weekend, but it can also mean an out of sync Circadian clock. This, in turn, will mean that you will continue to find it hard to fall asleep on a decent hour every night, as your body rhythm will not be attuned to a reasonable sleeping hour. In the end, doing so will not improve your sleeping routines, and may only prolong your sleeping difficulties.

What you can do to deal with this habit is to at least try to set a bedtime, even if it’s late, and meet it consistently. This will help you regulate your Circadian rhythm, promote better health and regeneration, and give you an easier time falling asleep nightly as a result.

2. Eating Right Before You Hit the Sack

eating in bed

Most people include snacking when they try to relax. However, if you’re trying to do that before you hit the sack and you manage to eat an entire donut or a hefty serving of left over cake, it may cause some discomfort that could prevent you from falling asleep easily. Eating too close to bedtime may mean you’d have to go to bed while digesting, which is not the most optimal way to go through such a process. Experts say that it can cause acid reflux, which can easily make you lose sleep.

Eat at least four hours before bed, as an alternative, so you can be sure that your digestive system has already done its job before you try counting sheep.

3. Having an Alcoholic Night Cap

Contrary to popular belief, ending the day with a bottle of wine, a 6-pack of beer, or a few shots of whiskey will not make the Sandman’s arrival a lot faster. While it may get you sleepy, it can also cause a lot of other things, including cravings, dehydration, and blood sugar fluctuations, all of which can disrupt sleep and even add a few pounds on you.

If you really want to grab some drinks in the evening, do it at least 2 hours before bed and be sure to rehydrate. This way, you can be sure to fall asleep soundly and even get to avoid some hangover in the morning.

4. Not unwinding before trying to sleep.

Going straight to bed without calming down may hinder sleep according to experts. Sure, after a long day, most people will want to crawl into the comforts of their beds as soon as they get home, but the comfort it offers does not equate to a guarantee that they will be able to fall asleep right away. This is mostly because the body is still in its work mode, still wired to the adrenaline and stress that comes with your daily life. Flopping on the bed and waiting for sleep will take some time, so why not use it to take a bath, read a book, or engage in some pillow talk with your loved ones? All of these will help you relax and be more ready for some shuteye.

5. You don’t sleep enough.

Yes, one of the worst sleeping habits is not sleeping enough. A great number of experts agree that eight hours is the most optimal number of hours of sleep for most adults, although there are also ones who can function effectively with less. Getting enough sleep on a nightly basis will help improve the body’s Circadian rhythm, as well as get your body in great shape without too much fuss.


If any of these habits sound familiar to you, you may need to reconsider how you do certain things. Although correcting these habits may require small lifestyle changes, but it will surely pay off later on. Couple your small habit changes with the comfort of a Salem bed and enjoy better odds at achieving high quality sleep and good health.