How to Sleep with Pets & Keep Your Mattress Healthy

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As mentioned in our previous blog posts, we have stated before that here at Salem Beds, we recommend against sleeping with your pets. Aside from the possibility that they will damage your mattress, there’s also a huge chance that they will disturb your sleep. However, there’s also no denying that sleeping with pets can also be beneficial to your slumber. Which is why, it is totally up to you whether to let your pets into your bed or not.

If you choose, though, to sleep with your pets, a few precautions should be observed. Especially if you want to keep your mattress healthy and in a good shape, make sure to take these tips to heart.


1. Potty-train your pet.

To avoid bedwetting (or at least minimize the chances of it), potty training your pet is essential. It may not be the easiest thing to do and will ask a lot of patience from you, but by trying this out, you’re teaching your fur baby a great trait. It may even help you travel with them with less fuss, as you don’t have to worry too much about them peeing everywhere.

2. Use a rubber mat.

Protective rubber mats are typically used by parents who co-sleep with infants. It minimizes the chances of urine wetting the mattress, serving as a waterproof shield. This is why it makes sense  that it can also be used for pets who like to sleep in their owners’ beds.

3. Clean your mattress more often.

Aside from urine, other things from your pet can also soil your mattress easily. This is why it has to be cleaned more often than you do when it’s just humans who sleep on them. Vacuum your mattress at least twice a week, especially if your pet sheds, so there won’t be a lot of pet hair on your bed. You should also change sheets at least once a week to ensure the cleanliness of your sleeping surface.

4. Air it out.

Airing the mattress out not only lets your bed breathe, but it also lets odors dissipate. If you can’t take your mattress outside for some sunning and fresh air, you can at least take off the sheets once a week and let it sit bare for a few hours.

5. Keep your pet well-groomed.

Keeping your pet well groomed can also help ensure the health of your mattress. If you keep your pet clean, you can be sure that they won’t stink up the bedroom and won’t bring illnesses as well. Regular and proper grooming can also help your pet to shed less, letting you enjoy a clean bedroom free of pet hair.

6. If your mattress has already been damaged, you can have it professionally cleaned or serviced.

If you already sleep with your pets and they have already peed on it, there are a number of ways how you can help your mattress recover. If these didn’t work for you, you can consider hiring a professional mattress cleaner or opt to have your unit serviced. Here at Salem Beds, we can replace foams and fabric covers. Just contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

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Now that you know how to keep your mattress in good shape, sleeping with your pets should be a lot easier. Let’s just hope that they don’t have disturbing nocturnal habits, so you can be guaranteed of a good night’s sleep.



The Gift of Sleep: New Pillows

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Pillows are essential items for sleep. However, unlike mattresses, not a lot of people pay much attention to the support pillows can give to the body. It’s even very likely that most of us use pillows that are older than two years – which is the recommended lifespan of pillows, according to the Sleep Council.

There are lots of reasons why you should replace your pillows right now. Here are some examples that could convince you to head out and get new ones:

1. They’re already getting flat.

Fluffy pillows feel great because they provide ample support to your neck and head. However, years of daily use could definitely wear it out, causing it to lose its volume and lay flat. This will deem it incapable of providing the right amount of support for your head, so a new one is definitely necessary.

pillows as gifts

2. They’re already gross.

Hundreds (maybe even thousands) of days’ worth of saliva, sweat, tears, oil, soot, dust, and other sorts of minuscule dirt will definitely find their way to your pillow, making it quite gross over time despite the use of fresh sheets and pillowcases. This alone should make you consider replacing your pillows as often as you can.

3. Dust mites and fungi can live inside your pillows and pose a health risk.

With your daily close contact with your pillow, it can be the perfect thing to cause you a respiratory infection. Fungal growth could take place in your pillows, especially if it gets significantly wet on a daily basis. As dust mites find fungi some of the most palatable things in the planet and fungi gets its nutrients and nitrogen supply from dust mites’ fecal matter, it’s very likely that a mini ecosystem can be found within your pillows. These two can easily cause respiratory infections, worsen one’s asthma and sinusitis, as well as trigger other more serious diseases like the Aspergillosis.

4. Your pillow may not be the right match for your sleeping position.

Many of us have specific preferences when it comes to using pillows. Some love flat ones that barely elevates their heads, while others cannot sleep if their pillows aren’t stacked high. It’s all about comfort when it comes to your pillows, so as long as you don’t wake up with neck and back pains, it’s highly likely that you have found a pillow that’s perfect for your sleep.

pillows as gifts

If you can’t even remember the age of your pillows, it’s probably time to replace them. But as many of us tend to forget to replace these items as often as necessary, you can always start the trend of giving pillows to friends as gifts. As it is a fact that not a lot of households go out to shop for pillows that often, receiving new ones as gifts can be a nice reminder for them to replace their old pillows.

Rainy Season Mattress Maintenance: How to Keep Your Mattress in Great Shape Despite the Weather

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Here at Salem beds, we know that mattresses are considered as big ticket purchases for most households. They’re normally seen as investments by many, that prolonging their mattresses’ lifespan is something necessary. While we can guarantee that Salem mattresses can truly stand the test of time, it doesn’t mean that additional measures won’t help you go a long way.

In a previous blog post, we’ve discussed a few things that you can do to keep your mattress in great shape. However, as the rainy season has already made it’s way in the country, in full swing nonetheless, some extra tips may come in handy. Most of what we’ll share below will help you deal with the humidity and how to keep your mattress smelling great and mold free despite the moist air and the wet weather.

1. Try out different ways to air out your mattress.

As most mattresses are designed to be breathable, it also makes sense that they can be quite absorbent. They can take in perspiration, oil, and air moisture that can really create foul odors, develop molds, and even trigger adverse reactions to sleepers. To prevent all these and numerous sleepless nights, finding ways to air out your mattress, despite the rainy season, is a must.

Commonly, people air out their mattress by taking it out of the bedroom and laying it out under the sun. The heat and the open air allows it to dry, freshening it up after absorbing moist, sweat, oil, and other fluids that may have been seeped under the sheets. However, since the rainy season is already here, it will be too difficult to take your mattress outside of the house just to lug it back in after a few minutes when it starts drizzling.

What you can do instead is to remove the sheets and leave it bare for the day before you get out of the house in the morning. Done best when you’re already scheduled to change sheets as it can really boost the freshness of your mattress, this will let your mattress breathe for the day, giving it time to dry out and at least prevent soaking in more fluids that must have been left on your sheets.

If you want to freshen up your mattress on a weekend, you can also strip the sheets off and sprinkle some baking soda on top of the mattress. Let it sit for 30 minutes before vacuuming, so the baking soda get the chance to soak all the moist and odor the mattress may have.

2. Make sure sheets are completely dry before putting them on.

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Since the Philippines is a line dry country more than any other means of drying laundry, it is just typical to find it difficult to dry bed sheets during the rainy season. Although this is the case, it is still important to make sure that your bed sheets are completely dry before you use them. This way, you’re not putting your mattress in greater risk of mold growth, as well as harming its integrity and endangering you from possible consequences of inhaling mold while you sleep.

3. If you don’t want to risk it on a rare sunny day, just strip off the bed sheets, open the windows, and draw the curtains to let the sunshine into your bedroom.

If you happen to wake up on a nice sunny morning, and want to take advantage of the sun’s appearance without having to wrestle with your mattress, you can let the sunshine in instead of taking your mattress outside. This will save you the hassle of dragging your mattress out and having to take it inside right away the moment the skies turn grey. It is also the perfect solution if your bed is placed near the window or if your bedroom gets sunshine. Just make sure, however, to not leave your home while the windows are wide open. You never know when the rain will pour during the rainy season and it might also cause other security issues at the same time.

4. If you need to hang your laundry indoor, find other areas within your home if you can, instead of hanging them all inside your bedroom.

An area that is warm and moist is the perfect breeding ground for mold, so if you must line dry your clothes inside your house, find another place other than your bedroom for it. This way, you won’t put your mattress at risk of mold growth and your smell won’t get that “kulob” smell most homes in the country suffer from during the rainy season. This tip may not involve a mattress directly, but putting damp clothes in the same stuffy room as your mattress can spell trouble over time, so make sure to just avoid it in general.


These tips, combined with the regular mattress maintenance tip that we have shared before can be your best bet in prolonging the life of your mattress even more.


Salem Beds’ Mattress Guide: Get to Know the Different Types of Mattresses

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It has been said multiple times before that mattress shopping can be one of the most taxing tasks that someone who wishes to get a good night’s sleep has to do. With the vast number of options available, getting started is just as intimidating as actually making the call in which item to take home.

Being in the business for nearly half a century now, we here at Salem beds understand that you may find it difficult to kickstart your mattress shopping. So to help you out in your quest of locking in the best sleep there is, here’s a quick guide on everything you need to know about mattresses.

Types of Mattresses

In the Philippines, there are six types of mattresses that are easily available in the market today. These are the innerspring or coil mattresses, memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, polyurethane foam mattresses, rebonded foam mattresses, and combination or hybrid mattresses. Each has its own merit and promise of comfort, providing as much options as possible to the consumers.

Innerspring / Coil Mattresses

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What they are: Innerspring or coil mattresses are known to be the most traditional mattress options in the market. Composed of a series of coiled springs to create the bounce and support needed by the sleeper, it is layered with foam and other materials to provide the softness needed for a good night’s sleep. They’ve been around for several decades in the country now, and almost every home has already experienced sleeping in one.

There are two types of innerspring/coil mattresses. One is the open type, which makes use of a series of individual springs . The open variety is further divided into two sub-types, bonnel and continuous. The bonnel type is the face of the open type spring coil unit, especially since it is the more commonly used variety. It is best described as a series of coil springs attached to the frame one by one. The other type is the continuous spring unit, wherein the whole spring system makes use of a single, continuous line of metal, touted to be durable, as the coils get support from the ones next to them.

The other type of innerspring mattresses is the pocketed system. With these, the coils are wrapped with a special fabric, allowing movement isolation, and creating an undisturbed sleeping experience in a shared bed. These mattresses are relatively more expensive than others, but are definitely worth the investment.

The great thing about innerspring mattresses is that, with the right brand, they can last a good long time. If the coils are made out of high grade metal and the additional paddings are of quality foam products, there’s a good chance that the mattress can be in great shape for more than a decade.

Who should get one: Innerspring mattresses are perfect for everyone as they come in a wide range of designs and softness levels. However, those who are overweight may benefit more from these products, as they offer better support and can be a lot easier to get in and out of.

Memory Foam

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What they are: Possibly the most in vogue mattress material today, memory foams are known for their excellent support and resistance as well as great comfort. Made of a special kind of foam, memory foam mattresses follow the body’s contours, offering just the right amount of resistance and creating a comfortable sleeping experience.

The only negative thing about memory foams is that they tend to get too hot while in use. As the materials make use of the body’s heat to follow the shape of the person in the bed, it also tends to retain the absorbed temperature, which can later disturb the sleeper. However, new generation memory foams are now finding solutions to these issues, making memory foams a more attractive option for many.

Who should get one: Experts recommend memory foam mattresses to those who are having difficulties getting comfortable, as well as those who suffer from chronic fatigue and muscle pains.

Latex Foam

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What they are: Latex foams are gaining some traction in the mattress game as of late, as they slowly establish their dominance over other types of foams. Being made largely from natural materials from the rubber tree, they have definitely caught the attention of the eco-conscious consumer block. As latex foam prove to be a wonderful natural solution to bedding, they are surely creating some buzz as of late.

Although, latex foams are also available in the synthetic variety, natural latex foams are easily the ones making waves in the market right now. As they offer a natural bedding option, it is just typical that they are known for being healthier. With the use of natural materials, they are easily resistant to harmful allergens and bacterial growth, which all pose dangers to sleepers.

However nice latex foam may be, though, it is still quite pricey, stopping a lot of consumers from getting mattresses made from such materials for their homes. Thankfully, latex foam layers can now be found in Salem bed products like the Elite and Renascence collection. With this, Filipinos can now enjoy the healthy comfort such products can bring.

Who should get one: Those who favor very firm sleeping surfaces will enjoy latex foam mattresses. If you’re also quite sensitive to certain allergens, these could be the perfect products for you.

Polyurethane Foam

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What they are: The most economical option in the bunch, polyurethane foams are synthetic foams created with the use of chemicals. There’s a wide range of options available with this variety, as polyurethane foams vary in densities. High density foams are firmer and tend to last longer, while the low density ones are softer and can lose its fluff in a short time. As it is made from chemicals, some polyurethane foams can be highly flammable. However, the ones used in beddings are commonly treated with fire retardants, making them safe for use.

Who should get one: Those who are looking for an affordable bedding solution will surely find a good option among Salem’s foam mattress selection. Make sure to choose the right item, though, so you can be guaranteed that you can use your mattress for a good long time.

Rebonded Foam

What they are: When it comes to the cheapest options available, rebonded foams should be your best bet. These bedding options are made from discarded scraps of other polyurethane foam products, making them a great way to cut down costs and minimize production waste. They are usually sold at very low prices or used as additional padding for furniture or coil spring mattresses.

The best thing about rebonded foam is that they are really affordable. They were made at such small costs for the manufacturer, making it just typical that they are sold at a low price. They’re also an excellent way to help the environment, as they’re created as a way to repurpose what some would already consider as junk.

Who should get one: If you’re looking for an inexpensive bedding option, rebonded foams are excellent options. However, you can’t expect such products to last for a long time or to be very comfortable, as they tend to come in very thin varieties. They’re actually more ideal as portable bedding options or as an additional cushioning to a pre-existing bed.

Hybrid/ Combination Mattresses

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What they are: Hybrid or combination mattresses are basically a mix of an innerspring system with a substantial foam layer. These products are becoming popular options lately as it put together the support offered by a quality coil system and the comfort of high grade latex, memory, or polyurethane foam.

There are two types of combination mattresses in the market today. The first one is the pillow top variety, wherein a pillow looking layer is attached on top of the mattress. It actually appears like a similar looking mattress topper has been placed over your mattress, except for the pillowtop variety, the upper layer is not removable. The other type is the boxtop kind, wherein you can enjoy an additional layer in a seamless manner. The boxtop kind doesn’t look too different from regular innerspring mattresses, except there’s usually an additional layer marked by the regular piping present in several mattress designs.

Who should get one: Those who are used to sleeping with a mattress topper can enjoy a good hybrid mattress. With the wide variety of options available, it won’t be difficult to find a great match for your need and preference with this kind of mattress.


When it comes to mattresses, there really isn’t a singular type or bed that can be called the “best” as finding the right mattress for you depends solely on your preference and comfort. We hope, with this little guide, you get to have an easier time finding the mattress that you deserve and need.


Feature Highlight: No Turn Maintenance

Flipping the mattress is one of the most widely known and practiced techniques in mattress maintenance. By switching the sides of the item, you get to enforce even wear for the product, preventing sagging portions and making it last longer. However, with recent innovations and trends, the need to turn the mattress to prolong its life is not as necessary anymore with certain designs.

salem beds NO TURN feature

Salem’s No Turn feature is commonly found in pillow top designs, wherein one side is designed with additional paddings, usually of varying high quality foams. Depending on the model, it can be made with polyurethane, memory, or latex foam. This design trait makes it unnecessary to turn the mattress and switch sides, as the sides are not equally padded, and most usually, the intended bottom side is built with an anti-skid material. The pillow top adds extra comfort, ensuring that you’re fully supported and in utter comfort.

To prolong the life of your No Turn mattress, you can easily even out its wear by rotating it 180 degrees around every three to six months. Switching the ends is an excellent alternative for turning, as it is far easier and requires less effort to accomplish. Regular cleaning and airing is also essential, as well as careful maintenance according to the materials used in the mattress.

Most Salem beds with pillow top designs, aside from ones with double pillow top constructions, have the No Turn feature, making them the excellent choice for those in search of a new wonderful mattress.

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Mattress Maintenance: Tips to Prolong Your Mattress’ Life

salem beds mattress maintenance

Here at Salem beds, we are known to produce products that last for a long time. This is one of the reasons why we’re so confident with our long term warranties, as we know that our mattresses can outlive their 10 to 15 year warranties. We’re also used to getting feedback from customers about their Salem mattresses lasting for decades. Just last week, we’ve received a message from a client saying that his Salem mattress is already 35 years old and still in good shape. Mostly, we owe it to the finest materials we use and the wondrous craftsmanship we apply to creating our products, but we also note that such feats can’t be achieved without the customer’s proper care for their item.

Maintaining your mattress isn’t just about doing everything to keep it spic and span, though. The proper steps and techniques are also very necessary, as some cleaning methods may prove to be harmful to your mattress.

To ensure that you’ll be able to prolong the life of your mattress, here are some tips that you can try out:

1. Turn, flip, or rotate your mattress every three months, depending on the make and variety of your product. This will promote even wear, preventing concentrated sagging in specific parts of your bed. Your mattress will last longer if you don’t overuse a single portion of it, allowing it to stay leveled and comfortable for a long time.

2. Never let your mattress get wet, but in case of an accident, make sure to air the mattress out and dry the wet area properly. Liquids can definitely damage your mattress, especially since it can get trapped inside the product, This puts your mattress at risk of maintaining damp inner parts, which can lead to spring rusting and soaking of inner foams and linings. This can also create the perfect breeding ground for fungi, mold, and other harmful bacteria that can easily cause several ailments and illnesses.

3. Handle the mattress carefully when transferring it from one place to another. Mattresses are created to lie flat, so if you’re going to transfer it to another location, it is important to remember that handling it properly is highly necessary. Keeping it on its side for a long time will put a lot of weight on the side support materials, which can cause sagging and create uneven surfaces. Grabbing on to the piping when lifting the mattress can rip the ticking and cut the mattress open at the seams. Remember, when carrying a mattress, lift it up vertically, so the weight won’t be distributed all throughout its massive surface. This makes the job a bit easier, as well as safer for the mattress, as too much pressure on the areas you’re holding onto will be lessened. Also avoid dropping the mattress. Aside from the possibility of dirtying the product, this can also affect the inner components of the item.

4. If you own a spring coil unit, make sure to avoid folding or bending the mattress. These actions can cause deformation, especially if there was great pressure applied to the bending or folding. The inner coils will change its shape, which will then be unfavorable to your sleep needs and requirements.

5. Do not jump on the mattress. Jumping on an innerspring mattress has always been one of the most memorable and fun games children enjoy inside the bedroom. The coils provide a nice bounce, creating an enjoyable physical activity for the little ones. Although it is fun for the kids, it can be harmful for your bed. The repeated pressure on the coils can definitely put a strain to it. It may lose its capability to rebound to its original shape after so many jumps, resulting to a less comfortable sleep the next time you lay yourself down on the mattress.

salem beds mattress maintenancevia

6. Use a quality bed frame or box to support the mattress’ weight. When you go to bed after a long day, drifting off to sleep should be an easy and unhindered tasks to enjoy. However, if your bed frame creaks and threatens to break itself, the much coveted dozing off may become the last thing on your mind as the possibility of crashing down to the floor may not exactly be the most comforting thoughts to send you to sleep. This is why getting a quality bed frame or bed box is also highly necessary. A good frame or box will be able to provide ample support to you and your mattress, ensuring that you can sleep soundly at night and even prolong the health of your mattress.

7. Make sure to learn everything about your mattress. Some mattresses. like the pieces in Salem beds’ collections, make use of special materials that can be destroyed when cleaned with chemicals, thus shortening its lifespan significantly. If you are fully aware of what your mattress can do for you, you can easily reciprocate and enjoy its innovative features for a longer time.

8. Use bed clothes and mattress covers. While you recharge on your sleep, your body keeps busy through regeneration. This is why you shed a large amount of dead skin cells while in bed, on top of the sweat and oils you regularly secrete. These things tend to attract parasitic organisms like dust mites and even bed bugs, as they feed on what you release. By using coverings for your mattress, including mattress covers, beddings, and fitted sheets among others, you get to keep your mattress in good shape, as it is kept away from bodily fluids as well as other liquids that can cause staining. Cleaning it will also be a lot easier, as the layers above your mattress will surely be dirtied first before anything else.

salem beds mattress maintenance

9. Vacuum your mattress regularly. As mentioned in number 8, your mattress will surely get dirtied with repeated use. Aside from dead skin cells, other small droppings will land on it, including dust, dandruff, and other gross things that can’t be seen easily by the naked eye. By vacuuming your mattress every once in a while, you can be sure that you’re not inhaling every dust, droppings, and other dirt that is present in your bed while you sleep. This can also lessen the risks of asthma attacks, as well as bouts of allergies.

10. Remove bed clothes when leaving your house for a few days. This will air out the mattress and let it breathe, allowing it to rest a bit and freshen up a little.


Whether you sleep on a Salem bed or is still planning on making the big switch, these tips can help you promote and ensure your mattress’ good health.