Cozy Up: Bed Accessories to Make Your Bed Comfier

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When it comes to a good night’s sleep, it’s not just your mattress that seals the deal. You also need a few more things to get really comfortable. So if you’re really dedicated to getting quality slumber, finding the right sleep accessories should be a priority as well.

To help you get started in creating the coziest bed for your zzz’s, here are a few essentials you absolutely need.

1. Smooth and clean sheets

Sleeping on a rough and itchy bed is just the worst. It’s even possible that you won’t actually fall asleep in such a condition as it’s just totally uncomfortable. So make sure to shop for sheets that feels nice and soft on your skin and always change your sheets. At least once a week will do, but if you want to use new sheets more often, especially during our sweltering summer months, that’s not a problem as well.

2. The right pillows

We’ve talked about how important pillows are in getting a good night’s sleep, and we’re saying it here again: you need good pillows. The right pillow will help support your head and align your spine properly while you lie in bed for hours on end. It can make or break a good night’s sleep as waking up with a stiff neck is always considered as the opposite as a night of great slumber. You need the right pillows to sleep better and there’s no contesting that.

There are lots of pillows to choose from. Of course, you need one for your head, but you might also need one for your knees or lower back. When shopping for these, you need to consider your sleeping position. Side sleepers will usually require an additional “knee spacer” or a knee pillow to serve as a cushion between their knees to better align their spine.

For a more detailed guide in pillow shopping, you can also read this article.

3. The season-appropriate blanket

In a tropical country like ours, not everyone sleeps with a blanket. However, with the colder months approaching, you should already have a blanket on hand when you sleep. It can get chilly in the middle of the night and you don’t want to disturb your sleep just to look for a good blanket to keep you warm. Also, it’s hard to go back to sleep if you’re already woken up by the cold, right?

In any case, having a blanket that perfectly suits the weather or season is a must. A really thin blanket can be used in the summer, while thicker ones are great for cooler nights. Choose one that is soft and smooth, so it can get you cozy while bundled up. If you can also get a big one for you and your bed partner to share nicely, that’ll be a great plus.

4. Some shut out blinds or curtains

Sometimes, bedrooms don’t really get dark enough for you to drift off to dreamland in a breeze. Especially if street lights tend to seep into your bedroom, you’ll want to use thicker curtains or shut out blinds to keep your bedroom nice and dark¬† for a good night’s sleep.

5. Cozy sleepwear

What you wear or don’t wear is also essential when it comes to getting you comfortable at night. An old, soft shirt does the trick for many, but there are also tons of special sleepwear that you can purchase in case you want to make your nights extra special. The most important thing is that the clothes you wear are comfortable.

6. A cuddle buddy (only if you want one)

Cuddling can help you sleep better, so why not grab a cuddle buddy and call it a night?

7. Extras like sleep mask, ear plugs, etc.

Other sleep accessories like sleep masks, ear plugs, white noise makers, and many others are essential for some people under certain circumstances. If you think these things can help you improve your zzz’s, grab some and start using them tonight.


While not all of these may prove to be useful to you, this list is what most people use to get a good night’s sleep. Give some of them a try and discover how they can be beneficial for your slumber.


Why Investing on a Good Mattress can Help Improve Your Sleep


Sleep is, without a doubt, one of the most important things you need to do to keep yourself healthy. While we still don’t know why it’s so important, not sleeping can lead to very serious illnesses that can turn fatal. Science have also proven its importance over and over again, so at this point, it’s already fully established that you have to sleep.

Sadly, not a lot of people get quality sleep regularly. A lot of things can factor in this, and some times, your body is just really wired to make catching some shuteye a major challenge. In many cases, you really have to work hard to get some quality zzz’s. But there are also a lot of easy ways to improve your slumber.

One of the best and easiest ways to help boost the quality of your sleep is by investing on a good mattress. This fact is backed up by many sleep experts, noting that a comfortable surface matters in helping you get a good night’s sleep. Others may want to ignore this fact as much as they can, but there’s really no going around it. A quality mattress is really essential in catching some quality shuteye.

The only downside to mattresses is you often get what you pay for. If you want to save, you’ll most likely get a less than stellar product. If you’re willing to invest, though, you’re in for nights of comfort and quality sleep.

The Importance of a Good Mattress

The value of a mattress to your sleep is pretty simple: it lets you get comfortable. If you’re comfy, the easier you can relax, and the better the sleep you’ll get. Of course, there are tons of other features mattresses can have like motion isolation, special fabric treatments, or cooling designs to prevent you from getting hot in the night. All of these are just extras as the main priority is your comfort when you lay down to sleep at night.

The main purpose of your mattress is to provide a cozy surface that will let your body rest properly all throughout the night. As we spend a great chunk of our days in bed, it’s just essential to have a mattress that you feel comfortable in. This way, you can easily relax and lull yourself to sleep easily.

Investing on a Good Mattress

If you wish to invest on a good mattress, we always recommend Salem Bed spring mattresses. Spring mattresses are durable and will not get heated the longer you lie down on it as they have spaces inside where air can move around and let the furnishing breathe. The firmness levels vary, though, so make sure to choose one according to your preference. It’s best if you can try them before taking one home so you can be sure that you’re really comfortable in the mattress that you buy.

Some people prefer foam mattresses, though. There’s no problem in this, you just have to make sure to choose a good one. You also need to know that foam mattresses come in varying density levels and that can affect their firmness.

Low density foams are softer and more malleable. They’re also cheap and will most likely wear down in the shortest amount of time. Medium density foams are soft-firm and are already great budget options for many homes. High density foams are firm with ample give, making them perfect for those who need excellent back support.

Memory foams are special as they follow the contour of your body. Latex are also great as they’re soft and made from natural materials, so you don’t have to worry about getting allergies or harmful fumes.

What you need to know about foams is that they are bound to lose thickness over the years. This is mostly due to compression from daily use, so expect to see your foam getting thinner as the years go by.

Again, when it comes to mattresses, you often get what you pay for. If you wish to get the lowest-priced product, be ready to need to replace it in a couple of years. So make sure to also check the product’s warranty to know the shortest life span the item you’re eyeing could have. Most items will last way longer than its warranty period, but a short warranty should tell you the indicated number of years would be the minimum lifespan of your item.

Replacing Your Mattress can Improve Your Sleep


If you can’t sleep at night, your mattress could be the very reason why. Mattresses should only last seven to eight years, so if yours have lasted longer, maybe it’s time to get a new one.

Salem Bed mattresses are some of the best options in the market today, so make sure to check out our selections by visiting our website or any of our dealers. If you want to keep yourself updated with our latest promos and sale events, make sure to follow us in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well.

Sleep Apps aren’t the Solution to Your Sleep Deprivation


Anyone with a smartphone will know that tons of different apps are being designed to help solve different problems, ranging from the mundane to the most outrageous ones. There are even lots of these applications touted to solve sleep problems, mostly by reminding you to make certain lifestyle changes, adjusting your phone’s blue light emission, or tracking how much sleep you’re getting.

While apps can be useful in diagnosing your sleep situation, it hardly does anything to actually solve it. All it really does is tell you how bad the situation is, but solutions aren’t really readily available. It can tell you that you snore or that you don’t sleep long enough and that’s mostly it. There are hardly any solution available to help improve your sleep.

This isn’t to say that they’re completely useless, though, because they still have use. As they can help affirm your suspicions as to whether you are really having sleep problems or not, they’re definitely useful in taking the first step in confirming that you do have a problem. Solving it is completely on you, though.

What we’re trying to say here is that sleep apps aren’t the be all and end all of your sleep problems. In the end, you’ll still need to do some lifestyle changes to improve your sleep. Whether it is through a specialized treatment by sleep experts or through taking steps to sleep better, it’s entirely up to you how you can improve your zzz’s. Apps are just tools to help you learn more about what you’re struggling with.

So the next time you download an app thinking that it will help you get rid of the bags under your eyes, pause for a bit and think whether you’re also ready to take actual steps in getting more and better zzz’s. We’ve talked about the things you actually need to do to get quality slumber in this blog multiple times before, but if you’re not going to take such tips to heart, the app will just eat up your phone’s storage space and do nothing to help you get better rested and healthy.

Bed Etiquette for those who Share a Bed

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Do you sleep well at night despite sleeping next to someone else? Is your bed partner having problems sleeping? If your answer is yes to both of these questions, then it might be you who’s keeping your bed partner up all night.

Even if you sleep well, you should still feel concerned about your bed partner’s lack of sleep, especially since you’re the very reason why they can’t get a full night of zzz’s. Observing the following bed etiquette can help, though, so make sure to take note of the following.

1. Talk it out with an open mind.

It’s very likely that your bed partner knows exactly what it is that you do in your sleep that keeps them up all night.¬† Talking about it with an open mind will help you get started in addressing the issue. Do not feel offended or hurt if they think that your kicking or cuddling is too much, though, because being defensive will get the two of you nowhere. You need to understand that both of you may sleep differently, so addressing those differences is essential.

2. Don’t hog the blankets.blanket hoggingBlanket hogging is one of the most common issues bed partners experience. It’s also the easiest to solve: get a bigger blanket or get separate ones for the both of you. It’s simple and you don’t have to get resentful and angry at each other over it.

3. If you can’t sleep, don’t toss and turn in bed.

If you’re the type who constantly needs to find the right position to fall asleep, tossing and turning could be your usual bedtime activity. This can also be the very reason why your bed partner can’t fall asleep as they can feel your every movement through waves on your bed. What you can do is to just get out of bed first if you still can’t fall asleep and do something else. Go back when your sleepy and ready to catch some zzz’s.

4. Just don’t move around too much in bed in general.

Some people are also notorious for moving around the bed too much in their sleep. This one’s really tricky to solve because you are doing it unconsciously.There are a few solutions, though:

  • Get a bigger bed. If the problem is that your bed partner gets kicked and punched every night, putting some space between the two of you can help.
  • Get a bed with motion insulation. Some mattresses, like the Salem Elite collection, have individually wrapped coil springs, so each spring won’t affect the others. This allows bed partners to not feel the other’s movements, allowing a fuller and undisturbed sleep.
  • Sleep in separate beds. In the worst cases, sleeping in separate beds might work out for the best. You can still share a bedroom, but getting two twin beds might be a better idea than sharing just one big bed.

5. Don’t take too much space on the bed by sprawling.

bed sprawler

If you share a bed with someone, you also have to consider that they need space to lay down in. Avoid sprawling or taking too much of the bed as a courtesy. If you can’t do that, you can also opt to get a bigger bed or separate beds.

6. Work on your snoring.


Snoring can definitely keep your bed partner up all night or even jolt them awake in the middle of their slumber. Sadly, solving snoring takes a while, so while you work on it, you can either get your bed partner some ear plugs to shut out the noise.

7. Squeeze in a cuddle schedule on your bedtime routine.

If one of you don’t enjoy sleeping while cuddled with the other, things can definitely get complicated in bed. To work this out, first throw out feeling offended out the window. Some people just really don’t like to cuddle when they’re asleep for a whole lot of reasons, one of which is that the cuddler could be very heavy and restricts the breathing of the other. In any case, it could keep them up all night.

But cuddling is great, so a compromise is essential. What you can do is to schedule around 10 minutes every night to cuddle. This is ample time to relieve stress and release some happy hormones to your body, so you can sleep easier. You can go separate ways afterwards and sleep back to back or however you want.

Remember that working on improving on both bed partners’ sleep is essential to improve your health and relationship. So make sure to work out on these issues right away so your problems won’t get worse and affect other areas in your lives.