New Year’s Resolution: Get More Sleep

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With the new year rolling in, most of us are creating our own New Year’s Resolutions lists to get us started with some life changes. If you’re thinking of what other things you can include in your list that can improve your quality of life in 2015, our suggestion is to get more sleep.

Creating a healthier sleeping habit is a great addition to everyone’s New Year’s resolutions list, as it can easily promote a healthier lifestyle and a higher quality of life. If you’re not yet convinced why you should opt to sleep more this coming 2015, here are a few reasons that could change your mind.

1. Sleep is good.

salem beds sleep is good

We’ve written about the benefits of sleep numerous times before, and we will continue to tell you more about how awesome it can be for you. Read about why you need sleep here, top benefits of sleep here, and why sleep is the secret to happiness here.

2. Sleep can help you be healthier in general.

Experts say that sleep is just as important as eating well and exercising, as you get to rest and regenerate the energy you’ve spent from the day’s activities. As mentioned in our other blog posts, there are just so many health benefits to getting proper sleep, so why not try it out and give yourself a shot at a healthier lifestyle? To get a better grasp of how sleep can be very good for your wellbeing, check out the infographic below (click to enlarge).



3. Sleep can help you lose weight.

According to experts, if you want to shed some weight off, a perfect balance of diet and exercise is needed. However, additional studies also suggest that sleep can also be beneficial for those who want to get rid of their excess fat. Sleep helps control your hunger hormones, as well as allow you to burn more calories (more sleep = more energy = more calories burned). Sleep deprivation, on the other hand, will make you crave for more fatty and sugary foods to fuel the body, pushing you to consume more than your body and physical routine can expel. For more details on how you can lose weight in your sleep, you can also read a previous blog post here.

4. Sleep can help you get better grades.

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When you sleep, your brain stores and processes information. This is why sleep is essential for school children, as it helps them retain more knowledge. Read more about this here.

5. Sleep can help you be more productive.

As getting enough sleep lets you recharge and regenerate for the day ahead, it can also be your best tool for productivity. If you’re groggy and sluggish at work or school, it’s more likely that you’ll complete less tasks by being slow or inefficient. This, in turn, can cause you to even opt to sleep less, since there’s just so much to do and you have so little time. By sleeping enough, though, you can break this vicious cycle and get more alertness and wakefulness to ensure productivity.


These  are just some of the top reasons why getting more sleep is a great addition to your New Year’s resolutions. Improve your sleep this coming 2015 and get to enjoy the year even more.


Design Highlight: Holiday Bedrooms

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With the holidays just a few sleeps away, most homes are now decked with lights, trinkets, and tinsels to bring home the holiday cheers. Not only does most homeowners enjoy having an excuse to decorate their humble abodes with some season-appropriate trinkets, but visitors will also surely appreciate the effort that you’ve put in to celebrate the holidays. We know we love homes all beautified for the end of the year festivities, and we’re sure most of you do, too!

The thing, though, is that not a lot of homes choose to decorate their bedrooms for the holidays. Most opt to just decorate their living and dining rooms, while bedrooms left as is. Especially since bedrooms are private spaces and most guests won’t even see them, some people do not want to go through the stress of planning and executing for these spaces. However, if you’re thinking of going the other way, this blog post is for you!

Since it is a Monday, we’ve decided to round up a few inspiring interiors that are definitely in the holiday mood already. Check out our selections below and click on the links to read more about each bedroom.


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salem beds holiday bedrooms

salem beds holiday bedrooms

salem beds holiday bedrooms

salem beds holiday bedroom

salem beds holiday bedroom

Some usual decoration techniques to try for the bedroom include hanging garlands, string lights, and wreaths, adding decorative pieces like pine cones, and other baubles, and using holiday themed bed clothes are some of the easiest ways to introduce some festivity in your bedroom.

salem beds holiday bedrooms

Hanging some holiday stockings can also be a great way to inject some holiday vibe into your bedroom.

salem beds holiday bedrooms

salem beds holiday bedrooms

salem beds holiday bedrooms

Those who don’t observe religious holidays around this time of the year but still love to decorate their homes for the new year, adding a little bit of sparkle and whimsy is also a great way to welcome the New Year with a bang!

salem beds holiday bedroom

Opt for some winter whites for a bright new year.

salem beds holiday bedrooms

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Make your bedroom sparkle and glitter a little in coordination with your end-of-the-year party.

Spread the cheer all throughout your home and couple your bedroom’s comfort with some glitter and sparkle to make it more festive. We know you love your bedrooms, but a little bit more cheer added to it can be a nice way to keep the whole interior design theme a bit more unified all throughout your home.

Holiday Sleep: How to Sleep Well this Season

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With the holidays coming up in just a few days, we’re sure that you’re already in the middle of all of your preparations for the upcoming visits, trips, and parties that you’re about to have with family and friends. It can be nerve-racking and stressful, as there’s so much to do with so little time.

While it is typical to get specially busy around this time of the year, we feel that it is important to remind everyone to avoid sacrificing their sleep just to get everything done. Sure, there’s just so much to do that sleeping late and getting up early seems to be the most logical solution to all of your conundrums, but keep in mind that this can take a toll on your health as well.

Some may, however, argue that getting some quality sleep around these time of the year is near to impossible. Again, there’s just so many things to do, so many party to attend, and a lot of friends to see, so why sleep when you can be merry?

Well, for one, you will need to recharge after all the activities you’ve engaged in. With everything you need to do, you need as much energy that you can get and use to be able to rush around. With enough sleep, you can actually be more alert and efficient, allowing you to work smart while working hard. Aside from this, you really wouldn’t want to start the new year with a massive sleep debt, would you?

You might be wondering, though, how are you going to get some quality sleep over the holidays? To help you out, here are some of our tips:

1. Keep your sleeping schedule.

salem beds holiday sleep

If you have a regular bedtime, it’s very likely that you also have a regular wake-up time as well. However, with all of the holiday preparations you may be doing right now, you might opt to push your bedtime a few hours later to accommodate more tasks and some evening parties. While this works out every time, if you want to sleep better for the holidays, you can at least try to make up for it when you don’t really have to stay up late. If there’s no need to finish something immediately, you should stick to your regular bedtime and try to fall asleep on the usual hour you doze off on regular days.

Waking up at the same time is also essential. This keeps your Circadian rhythm healthy and can even help you get better sleep despite your hectic schedule. By getting up at your regular schedule, you’re also more likely to sleep at the same bedtime, allowing your body to stick to its recognized and established schedule.

2. Relegate some tasks to others.

One of the things that causes sleepless holidays is that you simply have too much to do. If you think you have too much on your plate, why not elect some loved ones to assist you? Get your eldest child or your sister to run some easy errands like answering calls and following up on people. Relieving yourself from some of the time consuming but menial tasks will surely free up some of your time and let you sleep better at night.

3. Avoid late night tasks.

Salem beds holiday sleep

For the holidays, learn how to know how much task is enough for the day so you can have some time for yourself to sit back and relax. If you don’t really need the task done by morning, put it off a day later and deal with it when you wake up.

4. Try not to get too stressed out.

Stress is the enemy of sleep. Try reducing your stress levels so you can doze off easier at night.

5. Try not to drink yourself to sleep.

You’re tired, you’re stressed, and there’s an open bar at the party you’re in. Why not make sure you’re sleeping soundly tonight by drinking a glass or two more of that wine you’re having? Well, for one, it may not exactly be the best solution to ensure a good night’s sleep for that evening. It may even be counter productive and hamper your ability to doze off that evening. Alcohol can work as sleep inhibitors in most cases, so they’re not exactly recommended if you want quality slumber.

6. Take naps.

salem beds holiday sleep

If you really can’t get a full night’s sleep, at least take naps during the day to keep you alert and awake.

7. Give yourself a break.

You’ve accomplished a lot and you should reward yourself. Why not catch some shuteye as a way to treat and give yourself a break? Take some time during the holidays to just stop and enjoy the buzz and being with your family. You can surely afford to stop and bask in the holiday cheers for a moment this season, so make sure to do so.

8. Get comfortable.

Maybe it’s your comfort that’s keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep this holiday season. Keep your bed clean (put all those lists and pens away) so you won’t accidentally roll on something pointy and hurt yourself in the middle of the night. If you’re also visiting relatives and you’re sure you won’t be sleeping on a bed (due to the amount of relatives spending the night and the house being packed), squeezing in a portable mattress in the trunk of your car before you head out to their place can also be a great idea. This way, you can ensure that you’ll have a cozy surface to sleep in.


This holiday season, we wish you can give yourself the gift of sleep. Just give it a try and see for yourself how enjoyable your holidays can be with enough shuteye.

Plants for a Good Night’s Sleep

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Plants are some of the nicest additions you can have inside your home. They have so many benefits, that what was once believed to be an unhealthy practice of putting plants inside your bedroom is now recommended by many.

Health Benefits of Having Plants Indoors

Back in the older days, plants were discouraged from entering the bedroom as it produces carbon dioxide during the night. Being exposed to CO2 while you sleep doesn’t sound too ideal as it can be harmful to your health, so plants are not easily allowed to be in a room where people snooze. However, experts have recently discovered that although it is true that plants produce CO2 in the evenings, it’s amounts are really small that it doesn’t even matter.

If you still have some doubts about the benefits of having plants inside your bedroom, we’ve created a short list of the great things these greens can bring into your boudoir.

1. Plants can help improve your room’s air quality.

As plants are living organisms that thrive from sunlight and carbon dioxide, it tends to process what’s in the air and churn out a fresher product in return. Breathing in quality air, of course, helps your body better, allowing you to sleep easier and rest fuller.

2. Specific plants’ odor can encourage high quality sleep.

According to a study made by the Wheeling Jesuit University, the scent of the jasmine plant can help achieve a more restful sleep. According to the report, “when the participants woke (from the experiment), those who breathed the jasmine rated their level of anxiety and vigor lower, and performed cognitive tests more rapidly.” This has led to a conclusion that inhaling certain natural scents, like that of the jasmine plant, can actually increase a person’s quality of sleep.

3. Plants, in general, help promote relaxation.

There have been countless of studies published about how plants can be very relaxing. Even just the presence of the color green is believed to be helpful in relaxation, so why not give it a shot?

4. Plants can help improve your mood.

Aside from its capability  to beautify a space, plants can also lift people’s moods as studies have shown in instances wherein individuals are exposed to the great outdoors. By taking nature indoors with you, experts believe that the same effects can take place.

Top Plants for Your Bedroom

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salem beds plants for sleep


salem beds plants for sleep


salem beds plants for sleep


Some Reminders in Introducing Plants into Your Bedroom

While plants have a wide range of benefits for people, there are still a number of instances wherein plants may not be the best inclusions in your bedroom. Those who are allergic to pollens may find flowering plants harmful to their health and sleep, so avoiding it altogether is more ideal. Of course, those who are unable to care for the plant properly should also consider against making such a move, as plants also require some attention to continue growing.

salem beds plants for sleep

Adding plants into your bedroom is just one of the easy ways to promote sleep. Pair this tip with a comfortable and quality Salem bed, and you’re sure to get quality slumber all year round.

How to Have a Thrifty Weekend

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It’s the weekend once again and you might be thinking of ways how to spend it without spending too much cash. Most households are anticipating bigger expenses with the quick approach of the holidays, so thinking of ways how to bond with the family without shelling out money would be a great and thrifty alternative to all of the mall sales and events taking place this weekend.

So, how are you going to spend the weekend without cashing out at the mall? Here are some of our suggestions:

1. Go on a picnic at your local/village park.

salem beds thrifty weekend

In the flurry of the holiday preparations and attending events here and there, you may be missing out on some quality time with your family. This weekend, why not take a break and just chill together at your local park? Try doing some old school bonding, like flying kites, playing taguan or patintero, or just enjoy some isaw and sorbetes as a family.

2. Movie marathon over the weekend.

If you really want to minimize your spending over the weekend, you can always stay at home and spend your time on a movie marathon. Watch sagas and trilogies non-stop and enjoy a whole weekend of family bonding for less!

3. Catch up on some sleep.


This may not exactly spell fun for many, but hey, if you really want to cut costs this weekend, why not try catching on some sleep? Who knows, this might be your last chance to bank some hours of shuteye before the holidays arrive.

4. Make doing chores fun.

For many households, weekends are for chores. Of course, this is also a very thrifty way to spend your days off, as well as have some quality time with your loved ones. You can always work on some home projects together to make the task lighter as well as teach a thing or two to your little ones. You can also try making chores more fun through a friendly competition and an exciting reward system.

5. Focus on some home improvement projects you’ve been setting aside for quite a while now.

Is there a home improvement project you’re trying to do but never got around to actually working on it? Why not focus on it this weekend and make it a family project? Get those kids cutting, gluing, painting, scrubbing, or spraying with a nice meryenda or dinner as a reward.

6. Try out some new dishes that you can serve on the holidays for guests.

Hosting a family get together over the holidays? This weekend may just be the best time to try out new recipes you’ve found online for your Yule tide feast! Clock in some time in the kitchen and churn out some delicious meals that your family can enjoy.

salem beds weekend

These are just some of the easiest things that you can try this weekend without spending too much and missing out on opportunities in making some memories together with your loved ones. As the year comes to an end, it is the perfect time to catch up with your loved ones and spend some alone time with your immediate family before you meet every relative for the holidays. It is also the best chance to get some rest and prepare yourself for the hectic weeks coming ahead.

The Case of the Box Spring

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Earlier this week, we’ve talked about the different bed heights that you can try for your own bedroom. Today, we’re highlighting the box spring.

Box springs, also known as bed boxes or simply as bed bases, are platforms typically used as foundations for mattresses. They are made of a wood frame, layered with a spring coil system, and covered with heavy duty fabric. Here at Salem beds, we offer a number of bed bases that are specifically designed to match our mattresses, ensuring that you will get the support you need when you drift off to sleep.

The bed box is basically an alternative to bed frames. As opposed to the slats that typically support mattresses in bed frames, a box spring offers fuller support, as it is designed to be solid and capable of handling heavy weights. It is also perfect for those who prefer firmer sleeping surfaces and opt for mattresses with heavier components.

Sleep Benefits of a Box Spring

Those who like sleeping on their backs or stomachs are said to benefit the most from box springs. Firmness is essential for those who sleep on their backs and stomachs, since it offers better support for the spinal column, so if you’re not satisfied with your mattress’ firmness, you can get a quality bed box to harden it up a little.

Box springs are also commonly preferred for their ability to minimize bounce and movement, ensuring a full night’s worth of shuteye. Since it helps make the bed a bit firmer, it also tends to lessen the surface’s motion, which can easily disturb sleep among folks who share a bed. This makes it perfect for those who sleep with kids who toss and turn in their slumber, or even a partner who is having trouble finding the most comfortable position to sleep in.

Interior Design Strengths

If you want more versatility for your bedroom’s interior design, a box spring is also a great option. As it is basically just a platform underneath your bed, it isn’t obtrusive. It allows more creativity and can even let you change up the look of your bedroom as often as you’d want.

In many cases, beds come with a design that suit a specific theme or trend. This might feel restricting to some, as it will only allow you to play with a few themes every now and then. And since most beds are made of high quality materials, giving up your frame just so you can change up the look of your interiors may not be the most practical move there is. With a bed box, though, all you need to work with is a plain platform, and you’re all good to go.

Prolong your Mattress’ Life

Lastly, the use of bed boxes are believed to be capable of boosting the durability of your mattress. This is because these bases also function as shock absorber, helping reduce wear and tear to your mattress, allowing it to last longer despite the heavy use.


If you’re trying to decide between a bed frame or a bed box, these are some of the things that you can consider. Box springs are totally worth investing on, so why not give it a shot?

High or Low: A Guide to Bed Heights

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Next to the firmness of the mattress, bed height is another thing you should focus on. It can easily make or break the look of your interiors, as well as determine your ultimate comfort. Your bed’s height factors in the comfort of your bed, so choosing the right set up is essential.

To help you out learn more about the different bed heights available to you, here are some pros and cons of the typical bed set ups available today.

Low beds

salem beds bed heights

Low beds are all the rage today, as it is minimalist and can make a room look bigger. It can be done either by having just your mattress on the floor, or by getting a low bedframe that is only a few inches off the ground.

salem beds bed heights

While low beds look amazing, there are also a few down sides to it. For one, it is really low, like only a few inches high from the floor low. So, if you find it difficult to crouch down and to stand up from sitting on the floor, it might not be a great option for you. Aging sleepers will particularly find this set up tedious and unattractive. It also doesn’t offer a lot of storage space, since it’ll be taking as much room in the floor as possible.

Knee-level or 16-24″ off the floor

salem beds bed heights

If you’re not too keen on something modern, a regular bed is always a good idea. These traditional beds typically come in knee height or sixteen to twenty-four inches off the floor, making it easier to get in as it doesn’t require too much effort to bend your knees and lift your leg a little to climb in.

There are lots of options when it comes to traditional beds, making it an easy option for many households. For one, you can get a regular bed frame, which comes in all colors, shapes, designs, and sizes, allowing you the freedom you want in decorating your home.

salem beds bed heights

Nowadays, there are two most popular bases for mattresses. One is the traditional box spring or bed box, while the other are the prevalent slat beds. Box springs or bed boxes are the solid platform bases used for mattresses made with wood and an inner spring system. It offers support to the mattress as well as serves as a shock absorber, minimizing the wear and tear for your mattress. The downside, though, is that it doesn’t really give storage space under the bed as it lies flat on the floor. However, you can also resolve this by putting some legs on your box spring. Just make sure that it’s sturdy and stable.

Slat beds, on the other hand, are bed frames with slats to support the mattress. Unlike spring boxes, it doesn’t offer the same amount of support to the mattress as it distributes the weight instead. The great thing about slat frames is that they are normally cheaper than box spring units, as they require less materials to make. They can also be more space-friendly, since you can easily stow things under the bed. It also allows your mattress to breathe, as the open slats welcome air flow. The only downside, though is that, depending on the quality of the material and craftsmanship of the slat bed, it might not be able to perform as well as box springs in the long run.

salem beds bed heights

Knee level or 16-24″ used to be what most people consider as the ideal height for beds. Nowadays, however, it’s not necessarily so. Most people believe that as long as you’re comfortable and are not having any issues with your bed, you got the “ideal” height for your bed.

Bunk beds and loft beds

salem beds bed heights

For  those who need to maximize their limited floor area, higher beds can be very ideal. This is why bunk and loft beds are also gaining a lot of buzz as of late, as they make use of vertical space without a fuss. Depending on the purpose, loft beds can go as high as six feet or more, allowing more uses for the space below for other purposes and activities.

The only downside with bunk and loft beds is that they may not exactly be ideal for older sleepers. However, if you’re young and restless, these can be some of the best options available.

salem beds bed heights

Of course, there are other beds that will not fit into these categories, but since these are the most common, it can help you get a good idea about which beds you can try and get in the market today. Just make sure you pair it with Salem beds, so you can get the comfort you deserve.