Multi-functional Bed Bases for Growing Homes

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For many homeowners, their abodes are continuous work in progress. Especially for starter families, buying furnishing their spaces completely in one go is just not financially wise and possible. This is why many opt for affordable options first and just replace them as needed along the way.

Bed bases and frames are some of the most easily neglected accessories for the bedroom. Most starter homes are fine with having their mattress on the floor for the first few months of living independently. The mattress is usually a bigger priority, so unless an opportunity comes up, bed bases tend to take the back seat for furniture shopping.

The thing with bed bases, though, is that they are also great parts of your bedrooms. Aside from elevating the mattress to let you maneuver around your space easier, they can also help you get more out of your floor area.

Take our Osmond and Orlando bed bases for example. These two products offer a lot more than just support and extra height for your mattress, making them some of the best purchases for starter homes.

OSMOND salem beds


The Osmond is Salem Bed’s trundle bed base, designed to hold two mattresses. It is much like the Nite & Day trundle bed except for the fact that you can choose which mattress to go with your bed. For Nite & Day, you get regular innerspring mattresses, but for the Osmond, you can opt for a foam mattress on top instead.

ORLANDO salem beds


For those who want their beds to be a bit more functional, the Orlando bed base is a great choice. Designed with two drawers built in to the frame, this Salem Bed product doubles as bed support and storage. Perfect for those who have limited living space, the Orlando is a must-have for most growing homes.

If you’re ready to transition your starter home into something more permanent but not yet prepared for some big investments, the Osmond and Orlando are some of the best options to give you more bang for your buck. You can also discover more Salem Beds options at


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