Product Suggestions: Firm and Sturdy Salem Beds


As we here at Salem Beds try our best to provide comfort to everyone who wants it, we offer a wide selection of products to the public. Every Salem bed offers something unique, ensuring that there’s always a good match for every sleeper.

However, we also understand that this wide selection can also get a bit overwhelming. With all the options available, it’s not surprising for some people to be a little bit confused with which one to choose. So, in response to this concern, we offer you our new category, Product Suggestions. In this series of posts, we’re going to pick a specific need/trait/preference and suggest which products best answer it.

To kickstart this new series, we’d like to feature our firm mattresses. Perfect for those who suffer from back pains, these firm Salem Beds will not easily yield to your weight and make your body sink far into your mattress. Firm mattresses will also ensure that your spine is properly aligned, preventing further damage to those who are already suffering from back issues, thus lessening the occurrence of aching.

If you’re looking for a firm Salem bed, here are some of the options you can choose from:

1. Salem Elite Collection’s Legacy


Salem’s top-of-the-line mattress model, the Legacy is a mattress we’re truly proud of. With more than 1500 coil count of pocketed spring and a top layer of latex foam, this Elite mattress is definitely dreamy. Add to the fact that it offers the perfect combination of soft and firm feel to it, you’ll surely enjoy spending your nights (even your days really, if you don’t have plans to go out) in this bed!

2. Salem Exceptionale Collection’s Prelude


Prelude is one of the older models Salem Beds offer. Through the years, it has been updated and improved to further suit the needs and requirements of sleepers. 12 inches in height with a double euro top design, the Prelude is a mid-range mattress that will last a long time. Topped with layers of high density polyurethane foam, it definitely provides the support your back needs for a good night’s sleep.

3. Salem Foam’s G-Foam


If you’re not ready to make the big leap to a spring mattress just yet, the G Foam may just be the right choice for you. Made with firm, high density polyurethane foam, the G Foam is a budget choice for your back support needs.

We hope that with this list, we were able to provide ample information to help you narrow down your options while shopping for the right Salem mattress. If you have any additional questions or inquiries, send us a message through or through our Facebook page.

For each product’s details and pricing, please click on the links provided.


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