Dream Sleep: Our Top Dream Destinations for Sleeping (Among Other Things)

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When traveling, sleep isn’t exactly what a lot of people have in mind when asked what it is that they are most excited about their trip. But if you’re a fan of sleep, you might also consider going on a different getaway and prioritize your slumber this time. If you want to experience something new with the way you sleep, you might want to do it outside, but not without the comfort you’re accustomed to.

Sleeping under the stars without having to hurt your back is always a nice twist to an outdoor adventure. A number of exotic luxury hotels offer services that will let you be one with nature in a cozy bed outside with all the amenities you need to have a comfortable stay. Perfect for those who are not too fond of roughing it to see nature, splurging in these places may just seem like great getaways.

Mixing adventure, the great wild outdoors, and a cozy night in bed, here are some of our top dream sleep destinations that may just perk up your Monday.

1. Nkwichi Lodge‘s ‘Lake of Stars’ Bed (Mozambique)

Nkwichi Lodge Star Bed

Featuring the beautiful Lake Malawi, the Nkwichi Lodge is a luxurious hotel and resort that is deemed as “Africa’s Best Kept Secret.” It offers a wide range of accommodation types that also allow access to the gorgeous Lake Malawi. What took our breath, though, is their ‘Lake of Stars’ Bed, described as such:

The ultimate way to savour Lake Malawi, Nkwichi’s ‘Lake of Stars’ Bed’ is a unique and unforgettable experience.

Set on a deserted, virgin beach surrounded by breathtaking baobabs, or on a private rock island close to the shore with Fish Eagles soaring overhead, this is the perfect way to see the wonders of an African night-sky.

Not only will the ‘Lake of Stars’ Bed let you sleep under the stars, but will also put you in a gorgeous beach, surrounded by a breathtaking landscape. With the place so dazzling, though, we’ll understand if you’re too distracted to sleep.

Nkwichi Lodge Star BedPhotos via Nkwichi.com

2. Loisaba Wilderness Lodge (Kenya)

Loisaba Wilderness Star Bed

Designed as a nurturing location that gets a lot of help from its gorgeous natural surroundings, the Loisaba Wilderness is a facility in Kenya that will surely be a memorable destination for all of its visitors. It offers several kinds of accommodations, with its Star Beds being its main highlights. Like Nkwichi’s ‘Lake of Stars’ Bed, the Star Beds of Loisaba Wilderness will let you sleep under the stars, but this time, you have an option where. There are two locations available, one overlooks the “Kiboko” waterhole, while the other sits on the banks of the Ewaso N’giro River. Raised from the ground, the cottages will also make you feel like you’re living in a treehouse, which is always a nice touch for those who are looking for a one-of-a-kind getaway.

Loisaba Star Bedvia

3. Amangiri Resort (Utah, USA)

Amangiri Lake Powell Resort Sky Terrace

Offering 600 acres of desert wilderness is the luxe Amangiri Resort in Lake Powell, Canyon Point, Utah. Versatile suites offer grand accommodations to guests, which are very popular during the summer months, as it is warm enough to sleep outside and spend the evening taking a splash in the attached suite pools. Outside day beds can be transformed into full beds at night so guests can enjoy the night under the stars.

Amangiri Lake Powell Resort Terrace Suite

4. KiChic (Peru)

KiChic Hotel Himalaya Suite

Dubbed as an upscale boho resort, KiChic is a cozy resort in the only tropical part of Peru’s Pacific Coast. Guests can surf, swim, and play in the beach as well as sunbathe in comfort or sleep under the stars in the Himalaya Suite as its spacious balcony can easily accommodate another full bed for the guests.

KiChic Hotel Himalaya Suite

5. Las Ventas al Paraiso (San Jose del Cabo, Mexico)

Las Ventanas al Paraíso

While still close for renovation (and may still be close up until July 2015), the Las Ventas al Paraiso is considered as one of the most romantic places ever and has a whole lot of previous guests who just can’t wait to go back. As a treat, many look forward to the hotel’s new offer of being able to sleep under stars in it’s rooftop terrace. Rooftop Junior Suites guests can opt to book the terrace for a night and enjoy a romantic evening with the views of the glistening water and the glittering night sky.

6. AKA Central Park (New York, USA)

aka central park outdoor bedroom

Although it may be hard to see the stars in the middle of the city, Manhattan’s AKA Central Park’s Penthouse suite still seems irresistible. For the summer months, the hotel will offer its guests the opportunity to sleep al fresco and bask in the wonderful New York City night lights.

Bonus: L’Albereta (Lombardi, Italy)

L Albereta Cabriolet Suite

L’Albereta’s Cabriolet Suite is not exactly what you would have in mind by sleeping outside, but we can’t resist adding this to our list as it’s completely retractable sky roof can give you an excellent view of the night sky in this rural area. The romantic classic interiors and the views to the nearby vineyard and Lake Iseo are definitely enhanced by the retractable roof, making your stay even more magical.

L Albereta Cabriolet Suite

Being comfort-obsessed, we adore the idea of sleeping under the stars without having to rough it out. Do you have any other destinations that you can add in this list? Share it to us in the comments!


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