Design Highlight: Library Bedrooms

salem beds library bedrooms

People say that the bedroom is a reflection of what an individual is really like. As it is where a lot of people feel the most at ease in, bedrooms become sanctuaries where the most personal expressions are exhibited. It can be in whatever style the dweller wants it to be, decor and messes working in symphony to say a lot more about the owner.

This is why it shouldn’t be a surprise that some bedrooms turn out to be full of the things the owner love. In most cases, these beloved items are incorporated into the decor, while in others, they stand as the central design elements. Library bedrooms are some of the best examples of a person’s self expression inside the most intimate areas of their home. Lining the walls with books make an easy decor as well as keeping them right on hand. It’s also a nice way to be surrounded by the things one loves, as it creates an atmosphere of safety and contentment for most people.

What’s not to love about about library bedrooms, really? Especially if you’re a big fan of collecting books and reading them, wall to wall shelves filled with different titles will not only add a nice touch to your space, but will also make your room bigger as it now contains thousands of different worlds within the pages of each paperback and hardbound literature.

For those who are thinking of mixing their bedrooms and libraries together, here are some of the best examples we’ve found from all over the web:

The dark wood and printed bed clothes and rug creates a wonderful classic look that is nothing short of coziness.
This primarily white bedroom may be very minimal, but the books on the walls make up for it, adding the color and decor you’d think you need.
This charming bedroom makes use of the pop of color technique that some interior designers are so fond of. It may be a bit monotonous, but with the pale orange bed runner and the accenting orange flowers by the bed side table, as well as some of the orange books in the shelves, the room looks perfectly put together and in great unison without causing any boredom.
salem beds library bedrooms
Another light and airy space, but this time, it makes use of the books to create great contrast and visual interest.
Although a bit darker than the rest of the photos in this list, this room is another perfect example of a wonderful library bedroom. The mix of the books with the frames of artworks create a moody vibe to the space. It also gives a lot of character and says so much about the owner.
salem beds library bedrooms

The colorful books on the stark white shelves and beddings have truly decorated this space magnificently.


Although, it looks a bit cluttered, this space makes it feel so lived in and realistic.

salem beds library bedrooms

The wood detailing makes this bedroom feel so cozy and welcoming. It’s also so easy to imagine yourself lounging on the bed and reading one of the books on a bright, sunny day.

salem beds library bedrooms

We’re not too sure if it’s the elegant, antique-looking mirror, the fact that this room is from a Parisian apartment, or the very simple and minimal styling that makes this bedroom so chic and beautiful. It’s like the room is made for reading and late night discussions about art, politics, literature, and probably philosophy.

salem beds library bedroomvia

The master suite of the St. Pancras Tower in London, this bedroom may be a bit sparse, but it has tons of potential. We especially adore the lofted bathroom and the book case that makes use of a ladder access.

salem beds library bedrooms

Possibly the most effortless looking of all the photos in this list, this bedroom is simply charming. From the floral prints to the chintz side table, to the framed photos on the bookshelf wall, it’s everything a girl who keeps her nose stuck in a book can dream of.

While it is a wonderful idea to combine a bedroom and a library, there may be some things you need to consider if such a set up will work for you. For one, books will need constant cleaning, so you can prevent dust from accumulating near your bed. As you will know, dust can be disruptive to some people’s health, especially if they are allergic to it. Bookshelves can create a lot of nooks and crannies where dust can settle, so maintaining your room properly would be your best protection against allergic rhinitis and other adverse reactions.

Complete your library bedroom with a comfortable and high quality Salem bed and you’ll surely find the best spot in the house to read.


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