Feature Highlight: Sanitized

As we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, it is just necessary to focus on bedroom hygiene. During the night, human shed a lot of skin cells, as well as excrete bodily fluids, sweat, and oils that usually settles on your bed. Not to mention the amount of dust that naturally covers surfaces despite the regular use, dirt definitely accumulate on the mattress over time, making it necessary to change your bed clothes at least once a week. Failing to do so heightens the risk of certain health issues like asthma, allergies, eczema, and rhinitis among many others.

If you, or your loved ones, are sensitive to various things and want to ensure that your bedroom hygiene will keep you safe from the many health risks an unclean bed poses, taking it up a notch from just the regular changing of bed sheets would be a great touch. Going under the covers and paying attention to your mattress would also be a great way to ensure that you’re doing everything you can to keep your home healthy.

With Salem bed’s innovative feature, ensuring that your bedroom hygiene is off the charts can be pretty easy. Especially with the Sanitized feature, you can be guaranteed that your mattress will stay fresh and hygienic despite repeated use.

What is Sanitized?

salem beds with SANITIZED

Sanitized is a special treatment applied to fabric, creating a material that can ensure cleanliness and freshness like no other. What makes it so notable is that it can keep out harmful bacteria, fungi, and mildew with the help of active ingredients like silver, zinc pyrithion, folpet, and permethrin among others. These function as purifying agents that can prevent unwanted microorganisms from infesting a product. These active ingredients are also capable of maintaining the products’ cleanliness, lessening the risks of adverse reactions and health issues from exposure to bacteria and the likes.

There are many benefits the Sanitized function in Salem mattresses can offer. One of these include the guarantee of a cleaner sleeping surface. The likeliness to develop a foul odor is minimized as well, especially during the summer months where sleepers can sweat profusely during the night, as odor causing microorganisms are dealt wit by the Sanitized function’s active ingredients right away. Tendencies to develop allergies are also lessened, as the mattress is kept clean, fresh, and healthy.

salem beds sanitized

With the Sanitized feature in several Salem bed models, you’ll surely find a great match for your needs and preferences. Check out our Top of the Line, Renascence, and La Memoire collections for your Sanitized options.

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