Feature Highlight: No Turn Maintenance

Flipping the mattress is one of the most widely known and practiced techniques in mattress maintenance. By switching the sides of the item, you get to enforce even wear for the product, preventing sagging portions and making it last longer. However, with recent innovations and trends, the need to turn the mattress to prolong its life is not as necessary anymore with certain designs.

salem beds NO TURN feature

Salem’s No Turn feature is commonly found in pillow top designs, wherein one side is designed with additional paddings, usually of varying high quality foams. Depending on the model, it can be made with polyurethane, memory, or latex foam. This design trait makes it unnecessary to turn the mattress and switch sides, as the sides are not equally padded, and most usually, the intended bottom side is built with an anti-skid material. The pillow top adds extra comfort, ensuring that you’re fully supported and in utter comfort.

To prolong the life of your No Turn mattress, you can easily even out its wear by rotating it 180 degrees around every three to six months. Switching the ends is an excellent alternative for turning, as it is far easier and requires less effort to accomplish. Regular cleaning and airing is also essential, as well as careful maintenance according to the materials used in the mattress.

Most Salem beds with pillow top designs, aside from ones with double pillow top constructions, have the No Turn feature, making them the excellent choice for those in search of a new wonderful mattress.

salem beds no turn banner

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