Design Highlight: Bedrooms Using Live Plants as Decor

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When decorating a bedroom, most people focus on the big things like the furniture and major accessories. While the essentials are definitely some of the things you really need, finding the additional items to inject some personality and style to your space is also necessary. With the vast amount of decorative pieces that you can choose from to adorn your bedroom, some believe that among the best choices are the ones you can find in nature. Plants, with all their charm and beauty, are definitely among the best decorations inside the home as they will not only spruce up your space, but they can also add a certain freshness and even offer other benefits for your home.

If you’re thinking how you’re going to pull off live plants as decor inside your home without your interiors looking like an abandoned property, you’re in the right place! We’ve rounded up a number of snapshots from all over the web to inspire you. Check out our list below for some photos that may help you turn your home into an indoor oasis.

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This small Portland home incorporates plants into its overall interior design and makes use of a lot of natural lighting, creating a very fresh and open space. The bedroom is especially attractive, as it is small and tucked away.

salem beds plants as decor

When you’re trying to bring in the outdoors in, why not extend your reach and try to go big? In this bedroom, a small tree is used to introduce some plant life. it works well with the stripped wooden cabinet and the exposed brick walls, offering a whole lot of visual interest and textures.

salem beds plants as decorvia

Save some space and easily update an old folding screen by hanging some plants in them. Just make sure to balance the weight, though, so your screen can still stand up.

salem beds bedroom with plants

Live plants can easily double as low cost and low maintenance air purifiers inside your home aside from just being decorative, so including them in your plans can be a very practical designing solution. In this case, the bedroom stayed very clean and minimal and played with the capability of the climbing plant to add excitement to the space.

salem beds plants as decorvia

salem beds plants as decor

Go all out! Whether you have the space or not, there are so many options and ways how you can add live plants into your home, so don’t hesitate to go for it.

salem bed plants as decor

If you want to use a strictly decorative live plant, you can also opt for varieties that are considered decorations like the bonsai. These plants are so special that they can easily decorate a space without a fuss.

salem beds plants as decor

salem beds plants as decor

Hanging plants instead of art can also be a wonderful decorating idea for your home. Especially if you’re going for a rustic look, they work best with the overall aesthetic of the style.

When using plants for decoration, however, make sure to remember that live plants do require maintenance, depending on their species and variety. If your home does not let in a lot of sunshine, bringing them outside from time to time will ensure your plants’ health. Pots that are designed to go inside are also the most ideal for use, as this will ensure that watering your plants won’t damage your floors, walls, or other furniture. If you want a specific pot or planter, though, at least adding some plates to catch the excess water will be ideal.

Finish your room with a nice comfortable Salem bed, and you’ll surely create a bedroom that will take your breath away, but will supply you with a great amount of fresh oxygen at the same time.


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