Rainy Season Mattress Maintenance: How to Keep Your Mattress in Great Shape Despite the Weather

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Here at Salem beds, we know that mattresses are considered as big ticket purchases for most households. They’re normally seen as investments by many, that prolonging their mattresses’ lifespan is something necessary. While we can guarantee that Salem mattresses can truly stand the test of time, it doesn’t mean that additional measures won’t help you go a long way.

In a previous blog post, we’ve discussed a few things that you can do to keep your mattress in great shape. However, as the rainy season has already made it’s way in the country, in full swing nonetheless, some extra tips may come in handy. Most of what we’ll share below will help you deal with the humidity and how to keep your mattress smelling great and mold free despite the moist air and the wet weather.

1. Try out different ways to air out your mattress.

As most mattresses are designed to be breathable, it also makes sense that they can be quite absorbent. They can take in perspiration, oil, and air moisture that can really create foul odors, develop molds, and even trigger adverse reactions to sleepers. To prevent all these and numerous sleepless nights, finding ways to air out your mattress, despite the rainy season, is a must.

Commonly, people air out their mattress by taking it out of the bedroom and laying it out under the sun. The heat and the open air allows it to dry, freshening it up after absorbing moist, sweat, oil, and other fluids that may have been seeped under the sheets. However, since the rainy season is already here, it will be too difficult to take your mattress outside of the house just to lug it back in after a few minutes when it starts drizzling.

What you can do instead is to remove the sheets and leave it bare for the day before you get out of the house in the morning. Done best when you’re already scheduled to change sheets as it can really boost the freshness of your mattress, this will let your mattress breathe for the day, giving it time to dry out and at least prevent soaking in more fluids that must have been left on your sheets.

If you want to freshen up your mattress on a weekend, you can also strip the sheets off and sprinkle some baking soda on top of the mattress. Let it sit for 30 minutes before vacuuming, so the baking soda get the chance to soak all the moist and odor the mattress may have.

2. Make sure sheets are completely dry before putting them on.

salem bed clothesline

Since the Philippines is a line dry country more than any other means of drying laundry, it is just typical to find it difficult to dry bed sheets during the rainy season. Although this is the case, it is still important to make sure that your bed sheets are completely dry before you use them. This way, you’re not putting your mattress in greater risk of mold growth, as well as harming its integrity and endangering you from possible consequences of inhaling mold while you sleep.

3. If you don’t want to risk it on a rare sunny day, just strip off the bed sheets, open the windows, and draw the curtains to let the sunshine into your bedroom.

If you happen to wake up on a nice sunny morning, and want to take advantage of the sun’s appearance without having to wrestle with your mattress, you can let the sunshine in instead of taking your mattress outside. This will save you the hassle of dragging your mattress out and having to take it inside right away the moment the skies turn grey. It is also the perfect solution if your bed is placed near the window or if your bedroom gets sunshine. Just make sure, however, to not leave your home while the windows are wide open. You never know when the rain will pour during the rainy season and it might also cause other security issues at the same time.

4. If you need to hang your laundry indoor, find other areas within your home if you can, instead of hanging them all inside your bedroom.

An area that is warm and moist is the perfect breeding ground for mold, so if you must line dry your clothes inside your house, find another place other than your bedroom for it. This way, you won’t put your mattress at risk of mold growth and your smell won’t get that “kulob” smell most homes in the country suffer from during the rainy season. This tip may not involve a mattress directly, but putting damp clothes in the same stuffy room as your mattress can spell trouble over time, so make sure to just avoid it in general.


These tips, combined with the regular mattress maintenance tip that we have shared before can be your best bet in prolonging the life of your mattress even more.



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