Creating a Gorgeous and Efficient Studio Apartment

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Living in the city usually means limited spaces in high rises. It’s a reasonable sacrifice rather than having to suffer through the country’s horrible traffic jams, that can easily waste hours and hours of your day.

There are lots of great perks when it comes to living small. Aside from the common proximity their locations have to everything, it can also teach you a lot of valuable lessons in life. It can teach you to keep your space tidy, as well as prioritize something functional instead of something that’s just pretty. It can also teach you how to keep organized and make the most of what you have.

The one problem, however, with small homes, especially studio apartments is that they tend to look like a bedroom with a dining table at most times. If you’re not really keen on defining each space to make it look organized, you can end up with a home that is uninspiring.

What you should keep in mind when creating a homey studio apartment is to make sure that the areas are defined. You can do this by either putting up a divider like a bookshelf or a console table, or use an area rug to visually break up the spaces. Another great trick by some interior designers is to make use of varying heights, so your space do not look too crowded.






Zukkini Studio Apartment


Studio Apartment


If you have the funds, especially if you want to invest in your space and plan to sell it later on, you may also want to look into working with an interior designer and custom-fitting your unit to certain specifications.


Designed by the Int2 Architecture group, this apartment features an elevated area that creates a bed area with a study. The base is also used for storage, efficiently using space.


This studio unit, made by Zoku Lofts, is designed for jetsetting professionals who often finding themselves availing of extended stays in hotels. It is fitted to have ample storage and a kitchenette.

With some strategic planning and mapping out of your floor space, you can definitely maximize your studio apartment, no matter how tiny it is. Outfitting it with a cozy Salem Bed adds a nice touch as well, so you can be sure that you’re cozy and comfortable after a long day of hard work.

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