Why Sleep is a Must for Moms-to-be

Becoming a mother is one of the most fulfilling things a person can experience. However, it involves a lot of work for a lots of people. With so many things that can go wrong, the task of carrying a child to full term doesn’t always come easy. In fact, despite so many advances in technology today, premature births are still challenging obstetricians around the world. Researchers found out, however, that sleep can help address the problem.

Studies have shown that insomnia in moms-to-be increase the risk of preterm birth. One study analyzed the medical records of 3 million pregnant women in California, while another surveyed over 166 pregnant women with the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI). Both studies show that there’s a relationship between poor sleep and premature deliveries.

The numbers are also seriously high. In one of the studies, insomnia increased preterm birth risks by 30%, sleep apnea by 40%. While experts say that lack of sleep alone won’t directly cause the premature births, they do trigger the problems that can actually cause it. Inflammation is often caused by lack of sleep and it’s also largely to blame for premature births.

Aside from preterm births, studies have also shown that moms-to-be with sleeping problems late in their pregnancies will also most likely experience longer labor and even require cesarean deliveries.

What’s disturbing is the fact that pregnancy actually causes sleep problems in many pregnant women. The discomfort alone can really prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. The changes in hormones the female body experiences during pregnancy also makes sleep even more elusive.

What can a mom-to-be do to prevent all of these? Check out our sleep tips for moms-to-be here.


Top Sleep Tips for Moms-To-Be

According to the National Sleep Foundation, about 78% of pregnant women experience sleep issues. Due to the changing hormones in the body, sleep can be disrupted and disturbed. It doesn’t mean, however, that not getting ample zzz’s is good for a pregnant woman. In fact, they even need to get more hours of sleep, possibly because of all the hard work their bodies are doing to make that baby.

But how do you get more zzz’s if your body is pretty much against it? Here are a few expert tips you should try:

Drink Lots of Water During the Day

The frequent need to urinate is one of the most common reasons why the sleep of moms-to-be are disrupted. Cutting down on your hydration is a big no-no, though, so why not just reschedule its intake in the daytime? This way, you can still keep yourself and your wee one hydrated without having to get up a few times at night just to go to the bathroom.

Take Naps

Banking and catching up on sleep may still be being debated by experts, but when you’re pregnant and you can’t get enough zzz’s, you should still strive to get it whenever you can. Naps are great for this, so go ahead and indulge yourself when you’re feeling that afternoon slump get to you.

Adjust Your Meals and Diet

Acid reflux is a common condition pregnant women experience, what with their babies pressing against their stomach. Some experts recommend taking antacids, but lots of moms aren’t just too fond of taking medications while pregnant, so doing some adjustments on your meals and diets may be better options to solve the problem.

First off, breakdown your three meals to six smaller ones. This way, your digestive system won’t have to work as hard every time you eat. Skipping spicy, fried, and acidic foods will also help manage this condition.

Install Night Lights

As mentioned above, frequent urination at night can be a big cause for sleep disruption in moms-to-be. Aside from actually having to stand and walk to the bathroom, turning on bright lights can also disrupt your sleep. It will wake you up so getting back to sleep can be more challenging. By installing night lights, your system won’t have to get a shock from the bright lights.


Exercising is always good for the body and it really helps you sleep better. Just make sure to stick with routines that won’t be too tough for you, so you won’t overwork yourself.

Create a Bedtime Routine and Stick with It

A regular sleeping schedule is still the best way to help yourself sleep better as it conditions your body clock to get ready for sleep at a specific time of the day. By creating a bedtime routine, you’ll also condition yourself that you’re about to go to catch some shuteye so it will start to wind down and prepare your body for sleep. It might take a while to take full effect, though, so a little bit of patience will help you go a long way.

Make Sure Your Bed is Comfortable

Lastly, physical comfort is also important for pregnant women. With the bed being the most important furniture for sleep, it’s imperative that you find it comfortable and supportive to your body. With extra weight in your midsection, you’ll need better back support. It should also be soft enough for when you already need to sleep on your side.

Here at Salem Bed, we offer a wide range of products that can be be perfect for your needs. To help you pick a great bed for such a requirement, this guide can help.

Choosing the right pillows and bedclothes also help, so make sure to work on your comfort as well.

These, of course, are just a few tips that can help improve a pregnant woman’s sleep. If you have more ideas, let us know in the comments below!

Sleep While You Can: A Few Tips for Expecting Parents

pregnancy sleep

According to studies, new parents lose up to 44 days or 1056 hours in the first year of having a child. What with all the feeding, changing, and keeping the house in order, sleep goes to the last spot in the list of priorities for people who just had a kid.

This staggering amount of sleep deprivation is especially bad for your health. A lot of new parents buckle to the mildest viruses and suffer from weak immune systems in the early years of their kids. It’s not too surprising, especially among hands-on parents, as they work so hard to keep up with the demands of being a new parent. However, you don’t have to suffer harder than necessary. With some proper preparation, you can get ahead in the parenting game without compromising your health and sleep.

If you’re an expecting parent, there are a few things that you can do to prepare for the inevitable sleep deprivation that you will suffer from. Here are some examples:

Sleep while you still can

If it’s your first time getting pregnant, people will surely tell you to sleep while you still can. Losing sleep while taking care of a newborn is a typical experience that people with experience will surely give out such a wise piece of advice. Many experienced parents will tell you to get more sleep while you’re still pregnant, so you can preempt the upcoming sleep loss you’ll surely experience. This way, you can also bank on some sleep, so you can lessen the impact of your impending sleep debt.

The only problem that you can experience in having to sleep more while pregnant is that pregnancy can also cause some sleep issues. The frequent need to urinate, occurrences of heartburns, discomfort, and bouts of RLS (restless leg syndrome) typically disrupt a pregnant woman’s sleep, making it difficult to catch more zzz’s. This article from Metro Parent Magazine can give you some tips in dealing with some sleep woes.

Understand pregnancy sleep better

There are lots of sleep issues that you can experience while pregnant, as pointed out earlier. However, there are tons of tips and tricks that you can learn about with the right amount of research. Read up on various pregnancy and sleep topics starting with the National Sleep Foundation.

Stop stressing out

Whether you’re pregnant or not, stress is one of the biggest hindrances to sleep. Of course, while carrying a child, there are just tons of worries that you could be fretting about. Remember, however, that worrying too much will get you nowhere and may even damage your baby’s health, so try to relax a little and try to nod off as much as you can.

Welcome the idea of getting some help

A lot of new parents are determined to enter parenthood on their own. While there’s no problem in having the drive and confidence of doing that, you should also welcome some help from relatives and loved ones. It will be especially hard for new parents to deal with sleep deprivation, catering to a newborn’s every need, as well as run a household, so some assistance should be a welcome thing.

Being a new parent is definitely an exciting and challenging phase of one’s life, so many are just over the moon in being one. While every parent only want the best for their little ones, also remember to take better care of yourself, so you can make sure that you’ll be able to care for your child.

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