If You Can’t Sleep, Don’t Sweat It

We know we always talk about how everyone should improve their sleep hygiene and what no. But this week, we’re taking the time to pause and remind everyone that you shouldn’t feel pressured about getting more zzz’s.

While getting quality slumber is vital for great health and performance, we recognize that sometimes, the pressure to transport yourself to dreamland at the end of the day can get overwhelming. So much so that people get anxious if they don’t fall asleep right away.

This worsens the problem and make sleep even harder to come by. Stress-related insomnia is a real thing, so if you’re always fretting about not getting enough zzz’s, it could be  the very reason why you aren’t getting enough zzz’s. What’s worse, is that agonizing about your insomnia can also lead to more stress and even less sleep.

Studies have also shown that those who tend to fret about their stress-related insomnia tend to develop other health problems as well. This, of course, makes things even more worse because you don’t only have sleep deprivation to worry about but other ailments as well.

So, what should you do? Experts say to stop worrying about not getting enough sleep. We know this sounds easier said than done but it’s really your only choice. By resetting how you look at sleep, you might just have a better chance at improving it.

Sometimes, the answer to the most complicated questions is a very simple one. Give this a try and you might just transform your sleep for the better.


Sleep More to Get a Healthier Social Life

It’s a common notion that those who love to be around people tend to sacrifice their zzz’s to do so. Having a busy social life means you’re engaged all day long, leaving you less time for sleep. This is why it might come as a surprise that experts are now saying that if you want to have a better social life, you might just want to get more shuteye.

So, how does sleep and your social life work together? Experts say that by looking tired, people will want to socialise with you less. This might just sound very judgmental and shallow, but it’s actually a learned behavior just like when people avoid soicializing with those who look sickly. It has a lot to do with our sense of self-preservation.

Although looking tired doesn’t necessarily mean  you look unhealthy, there are still tons of reasons why people will avoid you if your sleeplessness is starting to show. Lots of research give enough reason why you actually have to avoid someone who hasn’t been sleeping well.

For one, you get less empathetic when you’re sleep deprived and no one wants to be around someone who can’t emphatize with them when they’re down. You’ll also be more pessimistic, which folks just generally don’t want to be around with in general. Then, there’s the fact that sleep deprived people are prone to crankiness. Because everyone tends to get cranky when they’re tired, lots of people know better than approach someone who looks tired.

You might be thinking, why should other people’s judgement make you change your lifestyle? Well, it’s really up to you. While you’re not really required to sleep more so people will like you better, there are still tons of other benefits to sleeping better, so it wouldn’t really be a superficial thing. Who knows, being grumpy may not exactly be in your nature? You might be a perky, jolly fellow with ample zzz’s, so why not give it a shot anyway?

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5 Things You Need to Know About Sleep Talking

salem beds sleep talking

Have you ever been woken up by a roommate/sibling/partner/spouse in the middle of the night thinking that they are telling you something, only to find out that they’re just talking in their sleep? Somniloquy, popularly known as sleep talking, is commonly encountered by the populace, but it’s not easily understood by many. Some completely ignore it, while others fear it. If you’ve ever been curious about sleep talking, you may find these ten facts interesting.

1. Sleep talking is physically harmless.

While Somniloquy is an actual sleep disorder, experts say that it is physically harmless, as all it actually does is let you utter speech even while you’re asleep. It may, however, be caused by more serious triggers like stress, depression, sleep deprivation, anxiety, day-time drowsiness, psychiatric disorders, or a fever. It can also be a result of alcohol consumption. According to specialists, while sleep talking is safe, it can be quite embarrassing for the sleeper, as most speeches made are actually done subconsciously or triggered by a dream or nightmare.

2. Sleep talking content is varied and can be just about anything.

“Modern sleep science and the law accept that sleep talking is not a product of a conscious or rational mind and is therefore usually inadmissible in court,” says the Sleep Foundation. There’s very little known about the content of most sleep talk that allows experts to conclude that there’s really not much basis to it most of the time. So, the next time you hear your spouse other another man/woman’s name in the middle of the night, it may just be something extremely random.

3. Anyone can sleep talk, but it is most likely to occur among family members (as it is hereditary), as well as males and children.

As somniloquy can be caused by a lot of things, it is not too surprising that it can happen to anyone. However, studies show that it is more prevalent among males and children, and is more likely to run in the family.

4. Sleep talking can occur at any point of an individual’s sleep.

salem beds sleep talking

While other sleep activities, like dreaming, only happen during specific stages of sleep, somniloquy can take place any time while a person is in slumber. The quality of the speech depends on the sleep stage, though, so if the talk occurs during the deeper stages, it will sound more gibberish, while it can be more coherent as the sleeper progresses to lighter stages of their forty winks.

5. While somniloquy is safe for the talker, it can cause sleeplessness to bed partners and roommates in extreme cases.

Sleep talking vary in severity among different people. While some may utter a completely out of context line or two before drifting back to sleep, others go on full tirades and even engage in conversations even while asleep. In some cases, siblings who share bedrooms are said to actually talk to each other while in deep slumber.

The speaking volume among sleep talkers can be very varied as well. It can be as soft as the talker can go, but it can also be as loud as possible. This, of course, can cause sleep disturbance for bed partners and roommates, which can become a big problem for repeated occurrences.

salem beds sleep talking

Sleep talking may not exactly be dangerous to one’s health, but it can be eliminated through certain steps. Experts suggest that sleep talkers should be allowed to sleep alone once they start disturbing other people’s slumber, as well as avoid having heavy dinners, reduce stress, and get more rest as sleep deprivation can make somniloquy worse. For the meantime, you can have a good laugh at the hilarious things some people have been reported to utter in their sleep.

Good Night, Sleep Tight: The Importance of Children’s Bedtime

salem beds children's bedtime

It has been stated over and over before that the amount of sleep children get tends to affect their development. On average, children below 12 years old should get up to 13 hours of sleep a day, including day time naps, depending on their age, in order to ensure that they get all the rest they need and boost their growth.

However, did you know that setting a regular bed time can also be a great thing for your little ones as well? According to two separate studies conducted at the University College in London, consistent bed times can affect cognitive performance in children years later, as well as their behavior. According to these surveys, you shouldn’t just bank on the number of hours your kids get to ensure their wellness, but also have to pay attention to the consistency of their bed times, as it also affects them greatly.

Regular Sleep and Children’s Cognitive Performance

salem beds children's bedtime

A long term study in the ESRC International Centre for Lifecourse Studies in Society and Health at UCL looked into the effects of inconsistent bedtime in children and their brain power. The team surveyed more than 11,000 children, held various testings and visited the subjects in their homes when the children were 3, 5, and 7 years old to inquire about their family routines, most especially those related to their bedtimes.

The survey has shown that most of the children in the study does not typically adhere to a sleeping schedule at age 3, while a lot of the kids aged 7 normally go to bed around 8 in the evening. When the data was compared later on, it has shown that the children who experienced and irregular sleeping schedule when they were 3 years old were a bit behind in math, reading, and spatial awareness. Much of the information gathered also led authors to conclude that children at the age three are at a massively crucial cognitive development phase, that letting them get regular and enough sleep is definitely an essential.

The study also concluded that regular sleep allows the children’s body to let the body’s circadian rhythm flow undisrupted, helping children acquire and retain information better. This is why it is highly important for your children to get not just enough zzz’s clocked in every night, but regular bed times as well, because disrupted body clocks may also cause sleep deprivation, which can inhibit the child’s optimal growth.

Regular Sleep and Children’s Behavior

salem beds children's bedtime

When you have kids, you know that they can get rowdy and energetic. Most parents do not pay any attention to such acts, as they consider it as just typical childish playfulness. However, some kids do tend to take it up a notch and become disruptive.

In a separate study conducted by Professor Yvonne Kelly of UCL Epidemiology & Public Health, pediatric experts looked at the sleeping patterns of children and related it to how they behave during the daytime. The research concluded that irregular bedtimes easily cause sleep deprivation through its disruption of the children’s body rhythms. This, in turn, undermines brain maturation, leading to unregulated behaviors of certain kinds.

In adults, it is perfectly easy to correlate grumpiness and moodiness to lack of sleep. In children, the connection may not exactly be seen as simple as that. As kids tend to be naturally playful and moody, being loud can be typically read as children being children. Some even chalk it up to kids acting out or immediately decides their kid has other more serious issues like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Once you think about it, though, disruptive behaviors may actually be because the children are too sleepy to function properly.

Without an enforced bedtime, most children will not have the discipline to actually sleep unless they’re exhausted from playing. Of course, falling asleep tired and having to wake up early next morning to get to school can be an unideal chore and cause difficulties for young people, causing unmanageable behavior.

Enforcing an Actual Bedtime

salem beds children's bedtime

If you don’t have a set bedtime for your little one just yet, it’s never late to start one right away. For school-age children, you just need to count back 10-11 hrs before they have to get up for school and allot at least 30 minutes for bedtime routines. These will help your child ease into the new sleeping schedule, allowing them to get more out of their slumber.

Experts note that sticking to a bedtime everyday, even during the weekends or school breaks, is also highly important. This will ensure that you’re still keeping the proper rhythm of their Circadian clocks, preventing chances of sleep deprivation. Punishing kids with an earlier bedtime and rewarding them with the chance of staying up late is also discouraged, as it sends the wrong message to young children. Keep in mind that sleep is already the last thing they want to do in their fun filled lives, so using it as a punishment will further discourage them from having a healthy sleeping habit.


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Sleep & Health: Ten Health Benefits of Sleep

Salem beds benefits of sleep


As Dr. Ana Krieger of the Center for Sleep Medicine puts it, “Sleep is a necessary philosophical process like eating and breathing.” In fact, sleep is found to be more important than food that sleep deprivation can kill you before you starve to death. In several studies, lab rats have died after two weeks without sleep, while it took a lot longer than that do die from being without any food.

What exactly do you get from sleep, though? Here’s a list of the ten health benefits that sleep can bring you:

1. Improved Memory

salem beds sleep benefits


The brain takes the time when you’re asleep to consolidate the information that you’ve taken in during the day and strengthens your memory, making slumber the perfect time to boost your brain power.

2. Lower Stress Levels

Salem beds benefits of sleep


Ever notice that when you don’t get enough sleep, you tend to become more irritable during the day? With some quality sleep, the opposite happens, thus letting you keep your calm and keep yourself away from stressing out on every little thing you come across with.

3. Healthier Heart

Salem beds sleep benefits


Getting enough shuteye has been proven to help lower cholesterol and control blood pressure. Experts haven’t exactly found out why sleep affects the cardiovascular system this way, but many theorize that this may be due to the intricate hormonal play the body conducts while at rest.

4. Better Mood

salem beds benefits of sleep


Feeling tired can really make you grumpy, which can lead to higher stress levels and even depression. To avoid all of these, catching some quality zzz’s is one of the best and easiest ways to go about it.

5. More Energy

Salem beds benefits of sleep


Sleep is the very activity that allows recuperation after a day full of action. To gain back all of the energy you’ve exhausted, resting through a good night’s sleep is essential. Studies conducted by the Stanford School of Medicine involving athletes has even shown that those who were able to get enough sleep showcased improved speed and accuracy as well as in game performance.

6. Increased Productivity

Salem beds benefits of sleep


Again, little sleep always tend to equal to feeling tired, which, in return, can easily damage your performance. If you don’t have enough energy, getting something done can be a bigger challenge than what it can really be. Your forty winks will help you recharge, which will let you feel ready for the work waiting for you the next day.

7. Chances of Weight Loss

salem beds benefits of sleep


When you sleep enough, you get to recharge for the taxing day ahead of you. However, if you haven’t snoozed properly, the tendency to lack energy will definitely be there. This causes the body’s craving for additional food to fuel you, thus causing weight gain. Some studies also show that sleeping can burn some fats in the process, making it one great way to shed some pounds off.

8. Clearer Skin

salem beds benefits of sleep


Again, sleep allows your tired body to rest and recuperate. This helps out your skin in the best way, as it lessens stress and irritation. Especially if you sleep with clean sheets, you can be sure to get clear skins easily.

9. Boosted Immunity

salem beds benefits of sleep


It’s not just your gramma who suggests that sleeping properly will help you keep those colds at bay. It is actually backed up by some complicated science as well! According to experts, sleep deprivation suppresses the immune system, making you susceptible to flu and common colds. So the next time you doubt old wives’ tales, you better double check, as some of them can really be helpful.

10. Lower Risk of Cancer, Diabetes, and other Health Issues

salem beds sleep benefits

According to experts, sleep can also be a great way to lower the risks of getting or progressing cancer, diabetes, and other serious illnesses. Some scientists suggest that sleep’s ability to alter hormone levels can affect the diseases’ development, making sleep a great weapon against them.

.salem beds Benefits of sleep

Sleep is truly an essential activity you shouldn’t miss out on. Pair it with a comfortable Salem bed, and you can be sure that you’re on the right track of getting high quality sleep, ensuring your health and wellness without a fuss.

Sleep & Health: Food That Can Help You Catch Some Zzz’s

Salem beds eating before bed


According to studies by sleep experts from Harvard, it’s not about eating before bed that could make you fat. However, it is the very items you consume that could really affect your health. This is why if you’re the type to enjoy pre-bed time snacks, you may want to know which ones won’t affect your sleep and add inches to your waist. The following are the best food items that you can eat before dozing off.

1. Cherry

salem beds cherry


Cherries are among the few food items that contain melatonin, which is a substance that helps control the body’s internal clock. A small study even showed that drinking cherry juice before bed has improved sleep in subjects suffering from chronic insomnia in terms of duration and quality.

2. Milk

salem beds milk


Remember when your grandma or mother used to make you finish your glass of warm milk before bed? Old wives’ tales said that this is because milk can be calming, but science shows that it is a lot more than just that. Milk apparently contains trytophan, which is a precursor to seratonin that induces quality sleep.

3. Fortified Cereal

salem beds cereal


Who said you can’t eat breakfast food for dinner? Fortified cereals contain complex carbs which are excellent in promoting sleep. Also, cereals are best with milk, which doubles the chances of getting quality zzz’s.

4. Bananas

salem beds banana

Dubbed as “overall health promoters”, you can add sleep promotion to the many benefits of bananas. These popular fruits are chock full of the muscle relaxants potassium and magnesium as well as the sleep inducing trytophan, making them the perfect midnight snacks. Plus, they have tons of other benefits, so eating them all day long could be good for you.

5. Turkey

salem beds turkey


Turkey is a lot like milk, wherein it also contains a great amount of sleep inducing trytophan. This makes falling asleep a lot easier after you’ve had a great serving of this white meat.

6. Sweet Potato

salem beds sweet potato


Sweet potato has gained much fame lately, mostly for its endless health benefits. It is also perfect as a pre-bedtime snack, as it contains muscle relaxing potassium, aside from having complex carbohydrates that induce sleep. They can be cooked in so many ways that you won’t ever get bored with them!

7. Tea

salem beds sleepy tea

Select kinds of teas are potent sleep inducers, making them the perfect night cap after a long day. Just make sure that you opt for Valerian, Chamomile, Green, or anything caffeine-free so you won’t be jolted awake by other strong varieties. Mixing them with milk or honey also adds more calming and soothing effects, lulling some to sleep easily.

salem beds sleep


Pair these bedtime-friendly food items to a quality and cozy Salem bed, and you’ll surely find yourself off to dreamland without a fuss.