Post-Horror Film Sleep Tricks

So you’ve had a good fright from an amazing horror film you just saw. You felt excited and the rush of emotions made you feel alive. But now that you’re about to go to sleep, you just can’t shake off the scary scenes. Whether you’re afraid or not, there’s a good chance that you’re not feeling sleepy at all.

So how do you sleep after getting a good scare? Here are a few tricks you might want to try:


Exercising will let you release endorphins and dopamines which will help you fight off the stress and anxiety that comes with being scared. They will help you calm down and even ease you into sleep.

Note, however, that you should exercise a few hours before bedtime if you want to get to sleep. Exercise can wake you up, too, so timing is important.

Watch or read something fluffy

After scaring yourself, you might want to take your mind off from the frightening scenes you’ve seen. One good way to do this is by consuming some fluffy media. Cute animation movies are highly recommended by many but you can always just watch comedies or romances if you want. The important thing to do is that you distract yourself from the fright that the horror film has brought you.

Realize that it’s just a work of fiction

Keep in mind that the scary movie (unless you saw a deeply unsettling documentary) is just a work of fiction. Whatever scared you there wouldn’t hurt you in real life. If you saw a documentary that scared the lights out of you, well, then, you can always go for the first two to take your mind off it.

These are just a few tricks that can help you calm down and ease yourself to sleep after watching a scary movie. Give them a try next time you see something that scared your socks off.


Fright Nights Might Be Wrecking Your Zzz’s

Despite the non-stop playing of Christmas carols everywhere, it’s still a fact that Filipinos love getting a good fright. We still celebrate Halloween in our own beautiful way, even though some say it’s not the same anymore without the old Magandang Gabi Bayan specials. So no matter how excited the whole country is for Christmas, a lot of us still look forward to the scarefests that will take place this October.

If you love jump scenes and downright psychological thrillers, you might be looking forward to the beautifully dark month of October. If you also want to sleep better, though, you might want to think twice about getting tickets or scheduling binge fests.

As it turns out, those who can’t sleep after watching a scary film aren’t just being scaredy cats. Science proves that you can really have a hard time sleeping after getting scared. According to experts, you get anxious when you watch such films and it can cause your cortisol levels or stress hormones to shoot up.

Scary films tend to trigger the body’s fight or flight instinct which gives you a rush and experience an exciting emotion while watching the movie. However, it also causes the body to release cortisol to keep you alert and awake to keep yourself safe. This is the very reason why you’re on edge when seeing films of this sort.

If you watch scary films before bed without having an effective calming bedtime routine, the film can really keep you up all night. But even if you don’t watch it right before you hit the hay, you’re still bound to be kept up all night by a scary film.

Why? Because things tend to linger in our subconscious and only come up when everything’s quiet. Your mind can then replay the striking scenes and then trigger emotional reactions from you again. This will then make it hard for you to fall asleep.

Getting a good scare isn’t all bad, though. After getting all stressed out and having your fight or flight mode kick in, endorphins will come rushing in after your brain realizes that you’re safe. However, it should be balanced out nicely if you want to get some sleep after.

You shoud find ways how to clear your mind and calm down after watching a horror film. Tomorrow, we’ll share a few tricks on how to do just that.

How to Get Some Sleep When You’re too Spooked to Close Your Eyes

With Halloween here, it’s basically the scariest time of the year. Whether you love or hate this season, there’s a good chance that you’re a part of #TeamNoSleep. With so many ways to spook yourself silly, it’s easy to find yourself losing sleep because you can’t keep your eyes shut in fear of something lurking in the dark.

Whether you believe in the supernatural or just have a wild imagination, you shouldn’t sacrifice your good night’s sleep over the thoughts of having psycho killers, monsters, and vindictive ghosts nearby. You need your sleep, especially if you’re going to spend the whole day with family for Undas.

But how do you sleep if you can’t kep your eyes shut for longer than two seconds without freaking out? Our solution: distract yourself.

The most important thing that you have to remember when you scared yourself with all of the horror shows, movies, and stories you’ve read is the fact that all of them are just in your head. So, you need to shove the thoughts away and replace them with something else, even for just the time being.

The best distractions would be anything that can engross you and uplift your mood. For some people, cute animal or baby videos can do the trick. For some reason, watching some ball of fluff do something silly can help you relax and take your mind off things. Other funny videos can also work as those won’t just take your mind off things but can also change your mood. Watching some kilig scenes of your favorite movie or TV show can also help.

Doing breathing techniques is another highly-recommended way to calm yourself if you’ve just spooked yourself. Doing this can trick your body to relax, thus helping you settle down as you try to catch some zzz’s. However, you still have to keep your mind off the scary thoughts, so this might need a bit more willpower to work.

Lastly, cuddling in bed with a loved one is another great way that can help you forget the thing that has been scaring you. You won’t have a hard time achieving some sense of security while snuggled in and cozy under a soft blanket.

If you get scared easily but still love getting spooked from time to time, it’s very important to learn a few tricks to help you snap out of it. These three techniques are just some of the most recommended tricks by users online, so they also tend to guarantee the best results. Try some out tonight and welcome the holidays with some great zzz’s.