The Reason Why You Sometimes Feel Giddy and Energetic When Sleep Deprived

Have you ever experienced feeling so hyper after a few sleepless nights? It’s quite surprising and mildly encouraging, right? Because you totally expect to look and feel like a zombie, the burst of energy on what could be some of your busiest days ever is a great gift. But what does it mean and is it bad for you? Should you be worried?


The thing with the sleep deprived brain is that it can get extreme. You don’t need to read a study to know that lots of people who aren’t getting a lot of zzz’s are irritable and pessimistic at best. However, one study discovered that the brain’s reward networks also go into hyperdrive when deprived of sleep. This means that you can end up taking neutral cues as positive ones when you haven’t gotten some shuteye in a while.

While this sounds great, it can also be burdensome in many occasions. Not because lack of zzz’s makes you hyper and giddy does it mean that you’re doing alright. You should actually look at it as you not communicating properly, which can lead to interpersonal complications later on.

What we’re getting at here is, not because you’re feeling up and happy despite not getting enough sleep does it mean that you’re fine not getting quality shuteye. You might feel great, but, really, sleep is important, so you should work on improving your sleep hygiene.


Sometimes, Getting Out of Bed is the Best Solution for Your Sleep Woes

When it comes to sleep, there’s hardly any better surface to do it in other than a good bed. This is why we often tell you to invest in a great one, so you can get comfortable and get a good night’s sleep.

However, there are also those instances when it’s better to get out of bed if you want to fall asleep. It might sound counterintuitive, but it’s actually proven to be effective by many sleepers around the globe.

So, how does it work? Here are two good instances when it’s better to get out of bed instead of stay in it.

Can’t Sleep? Get Out of Bed

Whether you have insomnia or you just experience difficulties in falling asleep every now and then, it’s never good to force yourself to fall asleep. If you find it hard to catch some shuteye at bedtime, experts say that it’s better to get out of bed. This way, you won’t have your bed associated with snoozing difficulties.

Once you got out of bed, it’s best to do something dull and boring. Listen to some relaxing music or a specialty podcast that’s designed to help you fall asleep. You can also pick up a book that you’re not particularly interested in (this might backfire, though, as you might end up with a rather exciting paperback). Doing breathing exercises can also help to relax your mind and body.

Your Mattress Might Need Replacing

In many occasions, it’s your bed that’s keeping you from catching some shuteye. If you’re completely uncomfortable, it’s time to ditch your old mattress and get a new one. Most mattresses are only ideal for use for 7 to 10 years anyway, unless it has a higher warranty.

They’re not exactly designed to last a lifetime since the fabric and foam can soak in bodily fluids and become a breeding ground for creepy crawlies. The materials also degrade after a while, especially foams. They will naturally shrink over time, so you should definitely consider getting a replacement unit after a while.

Getting Out of Bed can Lead to Better Sleep in Some Cases

If you’ve already run out of options how to fall asleep, maybe getting out of bed can be something new to try. Give it a shot and you might just find a whole new way to get more zzz’s.

Is Hot Chocolate a Good Bedtime Drink?

So last week, we’ve mentioned that chocolate is a great treat for those who need a good pick me up after a late night. Experts say that they can help boost your brain power, so even if you’re sleepy, dark chocolate can still help you focus on the task at hand.

But did you know that cocoa can also be a good bedtime drink? There may be some conflicting reports on it, but ccording to some experts, hot chocolate can be a good choice for a night cap. How? Here are a few promising explanations:

The whole act of consuming a warm drink before bed can be relaxing.

Sipping a warm drink slowly with your body in a relaxed position can be more relaxing than having to down a steaming cup with an actual meal. This also works with a warm glass of milk, though.

Drinking cocoa is a different take at having milk at bedtime.

Everyone knows that drinking milk at bedtime helps the body induce sleepiness which allows you to get better zzz’s in return. Its melatonin and tryptophan content help in triggering sleepiness, so it’s highly recommended for lots of folks. Prepping your hot chocolate drink in warm milk is a great alternative to just having some milk.

Hot cocoa can be good for folks at risk of diabetes.

One study has shown that hot chocolate can fend off diabetes. Testing show that mice on a high fat diet had less inflammation when given cocoa powder. The flavanols in this food item widens blood vessels so blood flow is not hindered, resulting to less inflammations. As insulin resistance is a common result of inflammations, better blood flow can easily prevent such.

Drinking the Right Hot Cocoa

It should be noted, however, that not all hot chocolate drinks are ideal for a good night’s sleep. Skip those with sweeteners and high sugar content as they will be unhealthy and won’t do much for your zzz’s.

Make sure to avoid those processed with alkali as well. These will have less flavanols which are the most important ingredients of chocolate, so you don’t want to skimp on that.

Unfortunately, chocolate also has caffeine in it, which is not exactly a good thing for your sleep. However, with ample research, you can find varieties with lower caffeine-content, so you can go for those.

A good sleep hygiene is still your best bet for better zzz’s.

Having a better sleep hygiene is still the best technique for a foolproof way in improving your sleep quality. So, make sure to work on that as well.

Want to Look Smarter? Sleep More


It’s no secret that sleep has a great effect on how you look. If you don’t get quality zzz’s, you’ll easily look tired and haggard. If you get to sleep more, you’ll most likely look nice and fresh. But did you know that getting enough sleep can also help you look smarter?

According to a study by the University of St. Andrews researchers, getting more sleep can actually make you appear more intelligent than your peers and even teachers because of the natural expression that they can make with a full night’s rest. The study notes that people with droopy eyes and a slight frown are perceived to be less intelligent by many. These are related to sleep because not getting ample zzz’s can definitely result in this facial expression in a person. So those who look alert with more open eyes tend to exude a more intelligent vibe to those around them.


You might argue that all of these sound really circumstantial, but there’s more to the study, really. The researchers have collaborated on a trial with a team of researchers from the Swedish Karolinska Institutet. They took the participants’ photos after a full night of sleep and another after a night of restricted slumber. This resulted in the same individuals to have less openness of their eyelids, which made them appear to be less intelligent to other participants. So, in short, if you look sleepy and tired, you also look less intelligent.

The lead researcher of this study, Sean Talamas, explained why more sleep makes you appear smarter:

“People over generalise in judging those with droopy eyelids and a frown as being tired and having a low mood, both of which have a well-documented detrimental effect on cognitive performance.

“Therefore it should be no surprise that many of us find people who look less alert and who have a lower mood as less intelligent looking.”

So, if you’ll ever find yourself nearing a situation where you want to appear smarter, get some solid sleep the night before. This might just help you land a job, appointment, or a deal without a fuss.

A Few Tips in Improving Your Child’s Sleep


Unlike what most people believe, it’s not entirely impossible for parents to get some good night’s sleep. It might sound outrageous and outlandish for some parents, but you can actually get more shuteye.

How? Train your kids to sleep better. You’ve probably heard the age old trick to sleep when your kids are asleep and you most likely haven’t been doing much of that with everything else that needs to be done. But it can actually work if you can get your kids to sleep more.

The thing is, it’s entirely up to the parents how well their kids are going to sleep. With a good routine, you can get your wee ones get more shuteye. It’s definitely a struggle how to effectively impose a bed time for young ones, but with discipline, consistency, and firmness, you can surely get them to sleep better, which, in turn, can help you sleep better, too.

Sleep Training and Imposing a Bed Time on Your Kids

Sleep training and co-sleeping tend to be controversial topics abroad. However, in the Philippines, it’s more common to find kids sharing a bed with parents without any worries. The only problem this set up poses is that kids tend to stay up late, especially if the parents don’t go to bed early.

It’s entirely up to you how to get your child sleep early. However, a few effective tricks include:

1. Create a bedtime routine.

Start out by creating a calming bedtime routine for you and your kids. This can include a warm bath and a complete hygiene routine and changing into their pajamas. It should also involve a relaxing activity like a bedtime story or listening to some songs.

2. Make it consistent.

Consistency is key in regulating sleep, no matter what the age of the sleeper is. It has to be done at the same time every evening so your Circadian rhythm will be able to do its job and get you knackered around your bedtime.

3. Lights out should be an absolute rule.

“Lights out” can literally mean turning the lights off to tell your kid that they should start sleeping but if they can’t sleep with the lights out, you should find a way to signal to them that they should already get some shuteye. You can do this by turning the TV off or laying down on the bed as well, especially if you co-sleep. This way, they’ll know what they’re supposed to do and be conditioned that when you turn off the lights or the TV, they’re supposed to be sleeping already.

4. Make the sleep environment conducive to their sleep.

Toys should be put away from the bed first and foremost. Tablets, phones, and the TV should be turned off to encourage your wee one to shut their eyes and drift off to sleep.

5. Be considerate of your little one’s sleep.

When they’re already asleep, don’t wake them up unless there’s an emergency that they should be absolutely awake for. Waking them up will definitely mess with their sleep and will need you to start re-training them all over again.

While these tips aren’t bulletproof and some kids will still have difficulty sleeping or will still wake up in the middle of the night, a concrete bedtime is still important because it’s a good start. Not only will this condition their body clock to stick with a regular bed time and hopefully a wake up time, but it can also get them used to a regular schedule that can form a good habit for them. As kids need to sleep more for their body’s development, encouraging a healthy sleeping habit is important.

The Benefits of Sleep Training Your Child

boy sleeping

A lot of parents may have reservations in what feels like forcing their kids to sleep. Some folks may even feel like this is just a step away from child abuse. But really, your kid needs a lot of shuteye. The younger your kid is, the longer their shuteye needs to be. This is because most of your kid’s development happens when they’re knocked out, so you need to make sure that they sleep enough so the developmental processes get to be completed.

Aside from improving your little one’s health, there are tons of other benefits of training your kid to sleep more. Some of these include:

1. You can have a moment of peace before you hit the sack yourself.

As kids need more sleep than adults do, a good bedtime for them will be a lot earlier than yours. This will give you at least a few hours before you turn in yourselves, letting you a few hours of “free time” that you can use however you want to. You can use this time to do some chores or spend some time with your partner. You can even spend it on a hobby or a nice workout. Whatever the activity you might have in mind, the bottom line here is, if your kids sleep better, you’ll have some spare time on your hands.

2. You can sleep better yourself.

If you don’t have to struggle every night when it comes to putting your kids to sleep, you’ll have less anxiety towards your own bedtime. The less stress you have, the better your sleep will be, which is the best thing you can give yourself, really.

3. It will be a lot easier to detect problems.

With a common cause of ailments already resolved, you can now easily detect problems in your child’s health. If your kid sleeps well, you can easily take out lack of zzz’s from the possible causes of their health issues. This will then make it easier for you to solve the problem and prevent it from getting worse.

Sleeping at a Regular Hour is a Skill Your Child can Learn

Like using the potty and brushing their teeth, regular sleep can be taught to your child. They can learn it like a skill, if only you’ll have the determination for them to learn it. They might even develop it like a habit, making them prioritize sleep asĀ  they get older.

Again, sleep is essential for young kids. As a parent, it is your duty to help them get enough of it. It will also help you improve your own slumber, so it’s really a win-win situation for everyone. You might just have to exert some effort to get it done, but with such a great pay off, it’s definitely worth it.

Why Not Try Setting an Alarm for Your Bed Time to Get You In Bed Early?

bedtime alarm banner

Waking up early is pretty easy. All you need to do is set an alarm and actually get up when it goes off. No matter how late you went to bed, waking up early is a breeze with an alarm clock. If you want to start to sleep better, the most difficult part is when you actually have to go to bed. A lot of us don’t climb in bed until it’s past ten, making us sleep late since we didn’t lie down early.

So, how do you actually fix this problem and get yourself to bed early? Set an alarm for when it’s time to start getting cozy. Sometimes, we just forget about the time in the evening, making us lose hours doing something useless instead of starting to wind down for bed. By setting a bedime alarm, we get to remind ourselves that it’s time for bed so we can already start our bedtime routines. When this alarm goes off, head to the bedroom, grab a book, and start winding your system down for a good night’s sleep.

Of course this requires willingness on your part to be successful, so make sure to actually want to improve your sleeping habit before you do this. Otherwise, it won’t work and you’ll just be annoyed with your alarm going off in the middle of the evening.

Why Getting More Sleep is the Best New Year’s Resolution for 2016

best new years resolution

For many of us, getting more sleep is a goal for the New Year. With our hectic schedules and tons of responsibilities, it’s very easy to choose to stay up late and finish one more task rather than get some shuteye. However, doing this easily means having to live your life yawning.

If you want to successfully sleep more this 2016, the first thing you should do is erase the misconceptions about slumber. Many think that those who make a point to catch some zzz’s are lazy and are willing to waste their time asleep. While, for some, sleep can be their escape to responsibilities and problems, this isn’t always the case. Sleep is actually a magnificent tool to boost your productivity, creativity, learning, and mood among other things, allowing you to perform better. This is why more and more experts campaign for better sleep, as it can be highly beneficial, not only for individuals, but for institutions as well.

In an article penned by the Business Adviser, for some entrepreneurs, sleep is now considered as a status symbol. Just like organic food, the latest workout craze, and high end exercise equipment and gadgets, sleep is now recognized by big wigs to be beneficial to their success.

You might be wondering how can such a long downtime help you gain success. It’s pretty simple actually as you have to schedule your day efficiently so you can get ample sleep. This means:

You gain more control over your activities and life in general. As you need to have at least 8 hours of down time come night time, you have to make the best use of your time. You need to skip doing unnecessary tasks and actually focus with what you have to finish. This allows you to get better grip on things and prevent yourself from getting sidetracked by various possible distractions.

You also learn to manage your time better. If you want to catch some zzz’s but you have so much to do, you need to learn to prioritize and handle your time effectively. Successful people may have a million things to do before the sun comes down, but with effective time management and delegation, you can actually achieve your daily goals and get ample shuteye.

You can actually become healthier. A healthy body is one of the top goals among many individuals, so if you’re trying your luck in boosting your immune system, a healthy sleep regimen is one of the best weapons you should have. Quality sleep offers endless health benefits, making it the best step in improving your health in 2016.


Hopefully, we’ve made a good case in convincing you that sleep should be at the top of your New Year’s Resolutions for 2016. With the great number of benefits it can bring for your health and performance, it should be a top priority to get more of.