Eating Breakfast Might Just Help You Sleep Better

It’s an established fact that a lot of things can affect your sleep. Another addition to this long list is breakfast. According to some experts, eating breakfast can also help you improve your sleep.

This might sound weird since there is such a huge gap between eating breakfast and going to bed. However, according to sleep expert Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan, eating in the morning will convince your brain that you’re not living in famine anymore. As the brain is wired to believe that humans still need to survive a caveman lifestyle, you have to convince it that you have an adequate food supply in order for it to relax. This will then help you sleep better since you’re more at ease of your safety.

Referred by Dr. Ramlakhan as the ‘metabolic window’, breakfast is basically a way to signal your body that it won’t die from hunger so you can rest easy about its safety. It’s a really simple concept that can also benefit you in a lot of other ways so it certainly makes a good case for eating breakfast.


Sleepover-Concerts that Aim to Actually Help You Sleep are Apparently a Thing

With sleep being one of the more popular health trends today, it’s not surprising that people are coming up with new ways how to help people improve their zzz’s. The old ways hardly help those who seriously struggle to catch some shuteye. So folks are just ready to experiment and try new things to improve their sleep hygiene.

These new measures and techniques can range from something very obvious that can make you go, “why didn’t I think of that?”, to something seriously unique. We believe that sleepover-concerts that are designed to actually help you sleep belong in the second category.

Sleepover-concerts aren’t exactly novel ideas, however. They have been done by a lot of artists and musicians in the past. It often offers an immersive experience for concert-goers or to provide a more relaxed way of enjoying the music. Not all of them aims to lull you to sleep like Max Richter’s sleepover-concerts are designed to do, though.

Richter’s sleepover concerts don’t come with seats but mattresses. In some occasions, the organizers will ask you to bring your own beddings, others will provide them. No matter what the case, though, they all offer a unique experience.

Why would it have mattresses instead of chairs? For one, Richter is the man behind a 31-song album that’s meant to help you sleep. He created the album with the help of neuroscientists so you know that it can really help you sleep. As the concert is slated to run for eight hours straight overnight, it’s also way better to have mattresses than chairs at the venue.

While these sleepover concerts are designed to showcase how effective the album is, you don’t really have to sleep during the event. Richter, himself, said that there are really no rules about how you can enjoy such occasions. Some opt to just listen for a while and head home to hit the sack. Others stay all night long and sleep at the venue.

The whole concept is interesting except not everyone really gets a solid night of sleep. Most reviewers say that they do feel refreshed upon waking up but it also feels the same way after they sleep on a long-haul flight. It might be because of the unfamiliar setting and being with strangers, though, that your body can’t really shut down for the night. For some people, listening to the album at home can offer a better sleep experience.

If You’re Doing Any of These, Stop Now

Sleep is a fickle thing. Some get to enjoy it, others don’t. Some get to do it, a good chunk of the population don’t. It affects the body in so many different ways yet experts don’t exactly know why or how. Scientists don’t even know the reason why we need sleep, so even if we do this activity everyday, it still holds a lot of mystery.

This is why it shouldn’t be surprising that there are certain things that you do that could be keeping you from dozing off. They can be habits or other things that you come in contact with when you’re about to sleep.

You don’t have a bedtime routine.

Lots of busy folks are victims to this because not everyone has the luxury to allot at least an hour before bed for their routines. Some just really come home to sleep in their beds. This can be the very reason why some nights, catching some shuteye can be especially difficult because your body has no way of knowing when it should start winding down.

Creating a bedtime routine isn’t so hard, though. You just need to keep doing a few things before lights off. Experts prefer that its your hygiene routine but it can also be any light activity that can help you unwind after a stressful day.

You drink too much water before you hit the sack.

While you can still fall asleep even after drinking a liter of water before hitting the sack, doing this can disrupt your sleep later on. There will be a good chance that you’ll wake up in the middle of the night in great urge to pee. Not drinking can do something similar, except you’ll feel parched enough that you’ll wake up to have a drink.

In such cases, you should try to find the sweet spot between the two. In many cases, drinking half a glass of water can already tide them through the whole night while others can handle a full glass before bed. The need to go to the toilet even serves as their natural alarm clock, so it even works out for the best. You just need to find what works for you.

You get distracted by the stuff near your bed.

If you’re the type who like to do stuff in bed, it will be very likely that things will start piling on next to your bed. They can be anything – books, toys, gadgets, stationery, etc. In many cases, they can look messy. And even if you’re not the neat freak, they can still nag on you to clean up. This can then cause restlessness and the eventual difficulty of falling asleep.

Your bedroom’s temperature might not encourage a good night’s sleep.

It’s crucial that the temperature drops a little bit for you to sleep better. The cold signals the body that it’s bedtime, so sleep comes easier. However, you shouldn’t overdo it as being too cold can also stimulate the body. Being too warm is also a reason why you can’t sleep, so it would help to turn the temperature down when you’re trying to sleep.

You exercise too close to bedtime.

Lots of people think that it’s a great idea to tire themselves out right before bedtime so they’ll be knocked out by the time their heads hit their pillows. This might work for some, but not for everyone. In most occasions, exercise can wake you up as it is a natural stimulant.

Experts recommend avoiding exercising at least three hours before bedtime. This will give you enough time to wind down for sleep.

Address these things and you might just get to improve your zzz’s exponentially. Maybe even pairing them with a good mattress from Salem Bed will help. Just give them a try and you might just find the very cure to your sleeplessness.

How Sleep Can Give You Better Skin

For many of us, having acne is something we have to just live with. It can be caused by lots of different things including your hormones, your diet, your lifestyle, and your hygiene.

If poor hygiene is the only thing that keeps you from getting clear skin, it’s the easiest to solve. If it’s caused by your hormones, it will be trickier to deal with. But whatever the cause may be, sleeping better can help. This shouldn’t be a surprise because the term “beauty sleep” has been around since time immemorial.

How can sleep help you improve your skin’s quality and appearance? Let us count the ways:

Sleep lets your skin take a break from stress.

Stress hormones can do a number of things on your skin. For one, it worsens inflammations, so your zits tend to be bigger and angrier when you’re stressed out. It’s also said to mess with the protective layer of your skin so bacteria and other irritants can get to your pores and cause breakouts.

Being fast asleep can also give your skin a break from environmental stressors. You won’t have to wear sunscreen or makeup when asleep so your skin can “breathe”. You’ll also be away from pollution, smoke, and other possible irritants, so it can really give your skin the time to “unwind”.

Sleep, in a way, boosts collagen production.

Sleep alone won’t boost your skin’s collagen production but because getting ample zzz’s will improve the body’s immune function, it can still be beneficial in improving your skin’s collagen production.

Experts say that with better immune function, the body can produce collagen better. So by improving the quality of your sleep, you can still boost your odds of keeping your skin firm and supple despite your age. This can also result to fewer wrinkles and fine lines.

Using the right products can help you make the most out of your sleep.

According to experts, your skin can be more receptive to certain products during the night. Some products like retinol help greatly in repairing your skin but can’t be used during the day. UV rays can break down its components and cause irritation, so they’re best worn at night.

Your skin also gets to soak in skin care ingredients during the night. As you’re less likely to sweat or wipe away the product from your skin, the potent ingredients can work its magic on your skin while you’re asleep.

Glycolic acids, niacinamide, and facial oils are just a few good examples of the best ingredients that you can add to your night time routine. They address various skin woes, though, so make sure to do some research in order to find your perfect match.

There are many studies that can attest that sleep is vital in the integrity of the skin. So if you really want to get a glowing, flawless skin, add a full night’s sleep to your PM regimen. For better zzz’s, a new mattress might be in order. So check out what we have to offer at

No Surprise Here: The Heat Affects Your Sleep

As we live in a tropical country, there’s a good chance that you know full well that if it’s hot, sleep won’t come easily. Most of us have had sleepless nights during blackouts or have found it impossible to nap on summer afternoons. The heat can really be a disruptive element on one’s zzz’s and no one in the Philippines need scientists to tell them that.

But have you ever wondered why?

According to experts, the body needs to lower its temperature to get to sleep. Dropping temperature helps you fall and stay asleep while rising it wakes you up and keeps you awake. If it’s hot, the body will have a hard time to cool itself. As a result, it will be difficult to fall asleep.

And even if the body is fully capable of thermoregulation, the effects of a steamy night can still disrupt one’s zzz’s. If you sweat profusely in the night, you’re sure to get uncomfortable at some point. This can then disturb your slumber.

Luckily, there are lots of things that you can do to help you sleep on balmy nights. You might need to brush up on those techniques, though, as summer is just around the corner.

The Reason Why You Sometimes Feel Giddy and Energetic When Sleep Deprived

Have you ever experienced feeling so hyper after a few sleepless nights? It’s quite surprising and mildly encouraging, right? Because you totally expect to look and feel like a zombie, the burst of energy on what could be some of your busiest days ever is a great gift. But what does it mean and is it bad for you? Should you be worried?


The thing with the sleep deprived brain is that it can get extreme. You don’t need to read a study to know that lots of people who aren’t getting a lot of zzz’s are irritable and pessimistic at best. However, one study discovered that the brain’s reward networks also go into hyperdrive when deprived of sleep. This means that you can end up taking neutral cues as positive ones when you haven’t gotten some shuteye in a while.

While this sounds great, it can also be burdensome in many occasions. Not because lack of zzz’s makes you hyper and giddy does it mean that you’re doing alright. You should actually look at it as you not communicating properly, which can lead to interpersonal complications later on.

What we’re getting at here is, not because you’re feeling up and happy despite not getting enough sleep does it mean that you’re fine not getting quality shuteye. You might feel great, but, really, sleep is important, so you should work on improving your sleep hygiene.

Sometimes, Getting Out of Bed is the Best Solution for Your Sleep Woes

When it comes to sleep, there’s hardly any better surface to do it in other than a good bed. This is why we often tell you to invest in a great one, so you can get comfortable and get a good night’s sleep.

However, there are also those instances when it’s better to get out of bed if you want to fall asleep. It might sound counterintuitive, but it’s actually proven to be effective by many sleepers around the globe.

So, how does it work? Here are two good instances when it’s better to get out of bed instead of stay in it.

Can’t Sleep? Get Out of Bed

Whether you have insomnia or you just experience difficulties in falling asleep every now and then, it’s never good to force yourself to fall asleep. If you find it hard to catch some shuteye at bedtime, experts say that it’s better to get out of bed. This way, you won’t have your bed associated with snoozing difficulties.

Once you got out of bed, it’s best to do something dull and boring. Listen to some relaxing music or a specialty podcast that’s designed to help you fall asleep. You can also pick up a book that you’re not particularly interested in (this might backfire, though, as you might end up with a rather exciting paperback). Doing breathing exercises can also help to relax your mind and body.

Your Mattress Might Need Replacing

In many occasions, it’s your bed that’s keeping you from catching some shuteye. If you’re completely uncomfortable, it’s time to ditch your old mattress and get a new one. Most mattresses are only ideal for use for 7 to 10 years anyway, unless it has a higher warranty.

They’re not exactly designed to last a lifetime since the fabric and foam can soak in bodily fluids and become a breeding ground for creepy crawlies. The materials also degrade after a while, especially foams. They will naturally shrink over time, so you should definitely consider getting a replacement unit after a while.

Getting Out of Bed can Lead to Better Sleep in Some Cases

If you’ve already run out of options how to fall asleep, maybe getting out of bed can be something new to try. Give it a shot and you might just find a whole new way to get more zzz’s.