If You Can’t Sleep, Don’t Sweat It

We know we always talk about how everyone should improve their sleep hygiene and what no. But this week, we’re taking the time to pause and remind everyone that you shouldn’t feel pressured about getting more zzz’s.

While getting quality slumber is vital for great health and performance, we recognize that sometimes, the pressure to transport yourself to dreamland at the end of the day can get overwhelming. So much so that people get anxious if they don’t fall asleep right away.

This worsens the problem and make sleep even harder to come by. Stress-related insomnia is a real thing, so if you’re always fretting about not getting enough zzz’s, it could be  the very reason why you aren’t getting enough zzz’s. What’s worse, is that agonizing about your insomnia can also lead to more stress and even less sleep.

Studies have also shown that those who tend to fret about their stress-related insomnia tend to develop other health problems as well. This, of course, makes things even more worse because you don’t only have sleep deprivation to worry about but other ailments as well.

So, what should you do? Experts say to stop worrying about not getting enough sleep. We know this sounds easier said than done but it’s really your only choice. By resetting how you look at sleep, you might just have a better chance at improving it.

Sometimes, the answer to the most complicated questions is a very simple one. Give this a try and you might just transform your sleep for the better.


Sleep Deprived? We Also Have Memes for That

Sleep deprivation is one of the most frustrating things in the world that it’s just hard to find it not funny at some point. If you’re already in need of zzz’s, might as well just take it lightly instead of stress over it. Doing that can drive sleep away even further, so let’s just laugh it off with these memes, shall we?

not-sure-if-actually-funny-or-sleep-deprived1fd6ydme-im-going-to-bed-early-sleep-deprivation-26024171earthquakeso sleep deprivedbilly-madison-originalsound-of-music-originalwhytaken-original8 hrs 3 hrs

If you relate to these memes, here are some tips that might help you sleep better.

10 Sleep Memes Everyone In Love with their Beds Will Go, “Same”

If there are two things that can turn a manic Monday around, it would include memes and sleep for a lot of people. So why not combine them to start your week right? Here are some of our favorites:

cancelledhack5 hoursolympictrapped3 yearsmomsee your bedcan't waitplans

Having a good relationship with your bed can be one of the most enjoyable things to experience. Join in the fun by starting with the right mattress. Check out our selection here for the best picks.

How Sleep Can Give You Better Skin

For many of us, having acne is something we have to just live with. It can be caused by lots of different things including your hormones, your diet, your lifestyle, and your hygiene.

If poor hygiene is the only thing that keeps you from getting clear skin, it’s the easiest to solve. If it’s caused by your hormones, it will be trickier to deal with. But whatever the cause may be, sleeping better can help. This shouldn’t be a surprise because the term “beauty sleep” has been around since time immemorial.

How can sleep help you improve your skin’s quality and appearance? Let us count the ways:

Sleep lets your skin take a break from stress.

Stress hormones can do a number of things on your skin. For one, it worsens inflammations, so your zits tend to be bigger and angrier when you’re stressed out. It’s also said to mess with the protective layer of your skin so bacteria and other irritants can get to your pores and cause breakouts.

Being fast asleep can also give your skin a break from environmental stressors. You won’t have to wear sunscreen or makeup when asleep so your skin can “breathe”. You’ll also be away from pollution, smoke, and other possible irritants, so it can really give your skin the time to “unwind”.

Sleep, in a way, boosts collagen production.

Sleep alone won’t boost your skin’s collagen production but because getting ample zzz’s will improve the body’s immune function, it can still be beneficial in improving your skin’s collagen production.

Experts say that with better immune function, the body can produce collagen better. So by improving the quality of your sleep, you can still boost your odds of keeping your skin firm and supple despite your age. This can also result to fewer wrinkles and fine lines.

Using the right products can help you make the most out of your sleep.

According to experts, your skin can be more receptive to certain products during the night. Some products like retinol help greatly in repairing your skin but can’t be used during the day. UV rays can break down its components and cause irritation, so they’re best worn at night.

Your skin also gets to soak in skin care ingredients during the night. As you’re less likely to sweat or wipe away the product from your skin, the potent ingredients can work its magic on your skin while you’re asleep.

Glycolic acids, niacinamide, and facial oils are just a few good examples of the best ingredients that you can add to your night time routine. They address various skin woes, though, so make sure to do some research in order to find your perfect match.

There are many studies that can attest that sleep is vital in the integrity of the skin. So if you really want to get a glowing, flawless skin, add a full night’s sleep to your PM regimen. For better zzz’s, a new mattress might be in order. So check out what we have to offer at www.salem.ph.

No Surprise Here: The Heat Affects Your Sleep

As we live in a tropical country, there’s a good chance that you know full well that if it’s hot, sleep won’t come easily. Most of us have had sleepless nights during blackouts or have found it impossible to nap on summer afternoons. The heat can really be a disruptive element on one’s zzz’s and no one in the Philippines need scientists to tell them that.

But have you ever wondered why?

According to experts, the body needs to lower its temperature to get to sleep. Dropping temperature helps you fall and stay asleep while rising it wakes you up and keeps you awake. If it’s hot, the body will have a hard time to cool itself. As a result, it will be difficult to fall asleep.

And even if the body is fully capable of thermoregulation, the effects of a steamy night can still disrupt one’s zzz’s. If you sweat profusely in the night, you’re sure to get uncomfortable at some point. This can then disturb your slumber.

Luckily, there are lots of things that you can do to help you sleep on balmy nights. You might need to brush up on those techniques, though, as summer is just around the corner.

Bedtime Jams: Listening to These Might Help You Sleep Better

As most people know, getting some shuteye requires getting in touch with your senses. To induce sleep, you have to lower your body temperature, shut off the lights, and clear your palate for starters.

Lots of people also need to be in a quiet place to shut down. Others, however, need some soothing sounds to lull them to sleep instead. If you’re one of the latter, here are a few things that you can try listening to so you can sleep better:

A Relaxing Playlist

Lots of people listen to some quiet songs to help calm their nerves after a long day.  The best part about this is that you can create your own playlist or find some nice ones online with great ease.

There are also those who found listening to the same song over and over again to be sleep inducing. The pattern tends to help some people to unwind so it’s also a dependable ‘sleep hack’ that you can try.

ASMR Audio

Playing with the concept of the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, ASMR Audio clips have become a relaxation phenomenon in the recent years.

What exactly is it? Technically, these audio clips trigger a “tingling sensation” that runs from your scalp to your spine. It can be very soothing that some people fall asleep to it.

These clips can have variou contents. Some features quiet sounds made by the most mundane things. They’re usually very slow, varied, and soft. Others feature whispered words or even songs. K-pop fans can find their favorite singers’ and groups’ ASMR renditions of their songs. The videos are not recommended if you want to fall asleep, though, because they can get silly and hilarious that you might not be able to doze off right away.

White Noise

Listening to white noise has been a popular sleep trick for a while now. As some people can’t really doze off when it’s too quiet out, having something running in the background has proven itself to be a great solution.

There are tons of ways how you can listen to some white noise while trying to go to sleep. Some people can easily tune in to the humming of their air-conditioning units while there are also some who like the whirring of their electric fans. The ticking of the clock can be a good choice for some people, too.

If you don’t find any of the white noise around you to be very relaxing, you can also setup some artificial sources of these sounds. Tabletop fountains are great ways to listen to moving water, for one. You can also get an actual white noise machine if you like.

Of course, you can also turn to the internet to get yourself some white noise audio clips. Choose according to what feels most soothing to you.

Bedtime Podcasts

The ease of online streaming may have done a number on traditional radio but it introduced a whole new way to broadcasting format which are podcasts. These things are a lot like radio shows except they usually tackle specific topics. They can be listened to live or downloaded to listen to at a later time.

You can find sleep-themed podcasts, too. Lots of people say they work, so you might just find them helpful.

Meditation Audio

Meditation audio clips have been around for decades already, so this one shouldn’t be surprising. They’re still available online so if you think getting your zen on will help you sleep better, give them a shot.


Lots of folks read to fall asleep but if that doesn’t really work for you, you can also try listening to a calming book to get the same results. Just be very careful in selecting the title to listen to as anything too interesting or exciting might have the opposite effect.

Give these a try and you might just be able to fall asleep faster at night. Combine them with other efforts to improve your zzz’s and you might just be able to improve the overall quality of your sleep.

Would You Sleep Somewhere High Up?

When it comes to sleep, the most ideal place would be somewhere comfortable and safe. You’re vulnerable when you’re off in dreamland so you might want to make sure that nothing bad can happen to you while you’re defenseless.

This hasn’t stopped adrenaline junkies and adventurous souls from giving sleep a twist. Nowadays, you’ll find a number of death-defying sleeping accommodations in various places so you can give it a try if you dare. We’ve rounded them up below so see for yourself whether you’re willing to give them a shot.

1. Skylodge Adventure Suites




Located in the Sacred Valley in Peru, the Skylodge Adventure Suites feature a series of crystalline pods suspended on the side of a cliff. It offers guests magnificent views of the valley below and the Milky Way at night.

Getting to the venue is a challenge, though. You can either climb up the 1,300 feet rock face or hike a daring trail that is also comprised of a series of zipline network.

2. Treehotel

treehouse hotel mirrorcube

treehouse hotel ufo

treehouse hotel bird's nest

treehouse hotel cabin


Sweden’s Treehotel is composed of seven sleek and modern treehouses created by seven Scandinavian architects. Each offers something unique, making it not just a great place to stay for the night but a destination in itself as well.

It might not be as adventurous as the Skylodges but it will still let you sleep high up in the trees. You’ll get to do it in style and comfort, though.

3. Bangkok Tree House

bangkok tree house 3bangkok tree house 2bangkok tree house 1

Providing a tranquil refuge from the hustle and bustle of one of the busiest cities in the world, the Bangkok Tree House offers another twist on the treehouse accommodation concept. You can choose from actual treehouses or get “A View with a Room” that will let you sleep right under the stars.

4. Tsala Treetop Lodge

Tsala treetop lodge 3Tsala treetop lodge 2Tsala treetop lodge 1

Nestled in the beautiful Garden Route of South Africa, the Tsala Treetop Lodge is a five-star hotel that will let you enjoy nature without compromising your comfort. It features ten lush villas that will let you enjoy green views for miles around.

5. Hapuku Lodge

HapukuLodge 2HapukuLodge 1

A family built and run establishment, the Hapuku Lodge features the beauty, taste, and wonders of its locale. Its 5-star accommodations are suspended 30 ft off the ground and nestled in a mangrove orchard.

Honestly, the Skylodge is the only one that will really question you whether you can sleep up there. The others are just magnificent modern iterations of treehouses. They’re all amusing and may even be worth a spot on your travel itinerary.