How Drinking Lots of Water can Benefit Your Sleep


You’ve probably heard it a million times before, but we’re saying it again: keeping yourself hydrated is important. With our bodies mostly made up of water, hydrating it is essential to ensure it functions properly. Being dehydrated can disrupt various bodily functions, especially brain functions. You might not think about it too much, but not drinking enough water can really harm your body.

This is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you also need to keep yourself hydrated to sleep better. Yes, you’ve read that right: the right amount of hydration can also help you get some quality zzz’s. How, though? Read below.

Keeping Yourself Well Hydrated can Bring Quality Zzz’s

The brain needs the body to be well hydrated, otherwise, it won’t be able to properly perform its duties while you’re asleep. It’s also a great pain being woken up in the middle of the night by a great thirst, as it will disrupt your zzz’s, leaving you with a poor night of sleep.

If you’re worried about your sleep being disrupted by having the need to pee in the middle of the night if you drink a lot, fret not. There are ways how you can avoid this. The trick here is to drink a large amount of water during the day. Don’t concentrate your water consumption in the evenings, especially before you go to bed because that’s a surefire way to disrupt your sleep just so you can pee.

With 3L being a good amount of water to consume on a daily basis, make sure to start your day by drinking a lot of water. You can start with a liter on your first hour up. This will also help wake you up and energize your body, readying you for the long day ahead. The remaining 2L shouldn’t be a problem to scatter all throughout the day. Also, don’t wait to get thirsty before you get some water to drink. Feeling thirsty is already a sign of dehydration, so make sure to avoid it by keeping a glass of water on hand as much as possible.

Now, you might be worried about having to go to the bathroom too much with such a large amount of water you’re bound to consume. Worry not about this because, really, it shouldn’t be a problem. While it can be a bit of an inconvenience, a lot of us go to the bathroom to pee for up to 8 times a day. Some, especially those who like to get well hydrated, might need up to 10 or more bathroom trips. It really shouldn’t matter because the call of nature is often caused by a wide variety of things. Sometimes you don’t even have to pee all that much, especially if you perspire a lot, but make sure to still drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated.

How do You Know if You’re Well Hydrated?

The recommended 8 glasses or 3L of water a day is not a rule that you absolutely cannot break, but you should rely on the color of your urine to determine if you need to drink more or less. Your pee can come in a myriad of different colors and it can tell you what’s wrong with your body. The ideal color is a pale yellow, indicating that you’re well hydrated. If it’s already transparent, you might not want to down that glass yet as overhydration isn’t good for you as well. It might dilute and essential salts that can cause an imbalance in your blood, so make sure to not go overboard as well.


Enjoy the Many Benefits of Being Well Hydrated

There are so many benefits of the simple habit of drinking lots of water, so you might want to reconsider your drink options every time you eat. Sugary and flavored drinks do not count as water, so make sure to just stick with water or even those sports drinks to get a good load of electrolytes, especially after perspiring.

By keeping yourself well hydrated, you’ll be able to help keep your body in tiptop shape and even sleep better. It’s definitely one of the easiest ways to keep yourself healthy, so don’t even think twice about drinking lots of water.


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