Mattress Shopping Tips for Your Little One’s Bedroom


Most parents often just buy the first mattress they see for their kids. Because kids hardly ever complain about body pains, a lot of us think that any mattress will work for them. Sadly, this isn’t exactly true. They still need to feel comfortable in order to sleep well, so finding the right mattress for them should also be a priority.

So, how do you shop for your kid’s mattress? Here are some tips.

Consider the age of your child and the size you want for them.

There are two very important things to remember if you want to get a bed for your child: the mattress’ size and your child’s age. A lot of parents like to get a baby bed for their kids, but that also means that they’ll grow out of it in just a couple of years. The downside here is that, some parents splurge on a kiddie bed frame and then skimp on the actual mattress, which is just wrong. The mattress should be a bigger priority than the cute bed, if you ask us. The mattress will actually ensure your child’s comfort, while a bed frame is more for the aesthetic (although, a good one can provide great additional support as well).

In any case, the mattress is more important, so, it’s best if you get them a good mattress that they can grow into. A regular sized (75 inches from Salem Bed) mattress is great because it will be long enough for them to grow into. Most parents opt for single sized (36 inches in width) for young kids, but going a bit bigger can provide more space and comfort for your child so you should also consider getting a twin (42 inches) or a semi-double (48 inches).

Let your child get a feel of the mattress before purchasing one.

We also suggest that your child should try out the mattresses before you get one for them. This way, you can be certain that they are comfortable. They may have some difficulty in determining the most comfortable mattress for them, so make sure to get the assistance of a salesperson to help your kid try out some good mattresses that they might enjoy.

Consider your budget.

Of course, your budget is also an important consideration when it comes to buying a mattress for your child. Because mattresses are always big ticket purchases, you might want to skimp on what your child will use, but please, don’t do this. Your child also needs to be comfortable, so investing on a mattress is always a good idea. And if you buy a quality Salem Bed, you’re sure that it will last for years, so you can just opt to get a regular sized mattress and enjoy the mattress for years to come.

sleeping child

Choosing the right mattress for your child might be a bit of a challenge, but as they play a vital role in your kid’s bedroom, investing in one is always the best way to go about it. A whole lot of Salem Bed products will be perfect for your little one, especially since we also accept custom orders.



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