Mattress Shopping Tips for Couples


We’ve said it before and we won’t get tired saying it again and again: if you’re buying a new mattress, it’s highly important to actually get a good feel of the unit before you pay for it. Mattresses are big ticket purchases that cost a good deal of money, so you will want to make sure that it’s comfortable if you’re spending a lot on it. Cars can be test driven and electronics can be tested before you hand the money, so why don’t you want to do it with a mattress? As you’ll be spending 1/3 of your life in it, you should pick one that suits your needs and comfort preferences.

We know that mattress shopping is a challenge. A lot of them feels the same and it’s a total hassle to lie down on mattresses while at the store. What you should know, though, is that all of these are necessary. You should go through all of it if you want to bring home a good surface to lay down in every night.

Some people hate mattress shopping. It even gets more challenging when they have to do it with their bed partner as two people can have different opinions and preferences on comfort. So, how do you shop for a new mattress as a couple? Here are some tips.

1. Talk it out.

As most people say, communication is key for a relationship to work out. So make sure to talk to your bed partner about what they’d want your new mattress to be like. Explore the many possibilities and make sure to cover the following:

  • Budget. You need to have a set budget for a new mattress as these products can range from really cheap to really expensive. Decide on how much the two of you are willing to spend on your sleeping surface. This is important to talk about so you won’t waste time looking at products that your partner wouldn’t like. It will also help the both of you narrow down your options.
  • Type of mattress. When shopping for a new mattress, you have so many options: foam, memory foam, latex foam, spring, and pocketed spring. Deciding on what the two of you might like or will want to look at is important, so you can have a better plan when mattress shopping.
  • Firmness level. Determining what feels comfortable for the both of you is essential if you want to get the right mattress for your bedroom. Make sure to discuss with your bed partner what they liked and disliked about your old mattress. Also note how soft or firm they want the bed to be. Make sure to also talk about whether they experience body pains and aches from your old mattress so you can easily consider not getting the same kind of mattress again.
  • Schedule for mattress shopping. It’s important that the both of you gets to try the mattress. If you can go mattress shopping together, it can help ensure that you’ll find the right one for your good night’s sleep.

2. Be ready to compromise. Not everyone, even the closest of kin, agree on everything. Especially when it comes to mattresses, people just really tend to have different preferences. So, if you share a bed with someone else, be ready to compromise. You’ll most likely just have to meet in the middle of what the both parties consider as comfortable. Just make sure that you both find the mattress you’re getting very comfortable and you’re not just settling.

3. Go mattress shopping together. This is the most important tip you need to do. Don’t let your bed partner let you look for a mattress on your own because you’ll need to find a unit that feels great for the both of you. It’s essential that you two get to try the mattress before you pay for it, so make sure to drag them if you have to just to get a new mattress.

sleeping couple

There’s really no way to cut corners when shopping for a mattress. You really need to physically experience the unit in order to decide whether you like it or not. It’s a hassle to be stuck with the wrong mattress, so make sure to really do the legwork and exert the effort in finding a comfortable mattress for you and your bed partner.


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