Cozy Up: Bed Accessories to Make Your Bed Comfier

bed stuff

When it comes to a good night’s sleep, it’s not just your mattress that seals the deal. You also need a few more things to get really comfortable. So if you’re really dedicated to getting quality slumber, finding the right sleep accessories should be a priority as well.

To help you get started in creating the coziest bed for your zzz’s, here are a few essentials you absolutely need.

1. Smooth and clean sheets

Sleeping on a rough and itchy bed is just the worst. It’s even possible that you won’t actually fall asleep in such a condition as it’s just totally uncomfortable. So make sure to shop for sheets that feels nice and soft on your skin and always change your sheets. At least once a week will do, but if you want to use new sheets more often, especially during our sweltering summer months, that’s not a problem as well.

2. The right pillows

We’ve talked about how important pillows are in getting a good night’s sleep, and we’re saying it here again: you need good pillows. The right pillow will help support your head and align your spine properly while you lie in bed for hours on end. It can make or break a good night’s sleep as waking up with a stiff neck is always considered as the opposite as a night of great slumber. You need the right pillows to sleep better and there’s no contesting that.

There are lots of pillows to choose from. Of course, you need one for your head, but you might also need one for your knees or lower back. When shopping for these, you need to consider your sleeping position. Side sleepers will usually require an additional “knee spacer” or a knee pillow to serve as a cushion between their knees to better align their spine.

For a more detailed guide in pillow shopping, you can also read this article.

3. The season-appropriate blanket

In a tropical country like ours, not everyone sleeps with a blanket. However, with the colder months approaching, you should already have a blanket on hand when you sleep. It can get chilly in the middle of the night and you don’t want to disturb your sleep just to look for a good blanket to keep you warm. Also, it’s hard to go back to sleep if you’re already woken up by the cold, right?

In any case, having a blanket that perfectly suits the weather or season is a must. A really thin blanket can be used in the summer, while thicker ones are great for cooler nights. Choose one that is soft and smooth, so it can get you cozy while bundled up. If you can also get a big one for you and your bed partner to share nicely, that’ll be a great plus.

4. Some shut out blinds or curtains

Sometimes, bedrooms don’t really get dark enough for you to drift off to dreamland in a breeze. Especially if street lights tend to seep into your bedroom, you’ll want to use thicker curtains or shut out blinds to keep your bedroom nice and dark  for a good night’s sleep.

5. Cozy sleepwear

What you wear or don’t wear is also essential when it comes to getting you comfortable at night. An old, soft shirt does the trick for many, but there are also tons of special sleepwear that you can purchase in case you want to make your nights extra special. The most important thing is that the clothes you wear are comfortable.

6. A cuddle buddy (only if you want one)

Cuddling can help you sleep better, so why not grab a cuddle buddy and call it a night?

7. Extras like sleep mask, ear plugs, etc.

Other sleep accessories like sleep masks, ear plugs, white noise makers, and many others are essential for some people under certain circumstances. If you think these things can help you improve your zzz’s, grab some and start using them tonight.


While not all of these may prove to be useful to you, this list is what most people use to get a good night’s sleep. Give some of them a try and discover how they can be beneficial for your slumber.


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