Sleep Apps aren’t the Solution to Your Sleep Deprivation


Anyone with a smartphone will know that tons of different apps are being designed to help solve different problems, ranging from the mundane to the most outrageous ones. There are even lots of these applications touted to solve sleep problems, mostly by reminding you to make certain lifestyle changes, adjusting your phone’s blue light emission, or tracking how much sleep you’re getting.

While apps can be useful in diagnosing your sleep situation, it hardly does anything to actually solve it. All it really does is tell you how bad the situation is, but solutions aren’t really readily available. It can tell you that you snore or that you don’t sleep long enough and that’s mostly it. There are hardly any solution available to help improve your sleep.

This isn’t to say that they’re completely useless, though, because they still have use. As they can help affirm your suspicions as to whether you are really having sleep problems or not, they’re definitely useful in taking the first step in confirming that you do have a problem. Solving it is completely on you, though.

What we’re trying to say here is that sleep apps aren’t the be all and end all of your sleep problems. In the end, you’ll still need to do some lifestyle changes to improve your sleep. Whether it is through a specialized treatment by sleep experts or through taking steps to sleep better, it’s entirely up to you how you can improve your zzz’s. Apps are just tools to help you learn more about what you’re struggling with.

So the next time you download an app thinking that it will help you get rid of the bags under your eyes, pause for a bit and think whether you’re also ready to take actual steps in getting more and better zzz’s. We’ve talked about the things you actually need to do to get quality slumber in this blog multiple times before, but if you’re not going to take such tips to heart, the app will just eat up your phone’s storage space and do nothing to help you get better rested and healthy.

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