Getting Some Sleep Before a Big Day

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The day before any big occasion might fill you up with a lot of tension, anxiety, and excitement that it gets extra difficult to fall asleep. Some find themselves still up just a few hours before they have to get out of bed and prepare for the big day. This, of course, isn’t good, as you’ll most likely be running on little energy the next day and you’ll look a bit off.

So, what should you do if you’re finding it hard to fall asleep on the eve of a big day? Here are some tips you can try.

1. Make sure that everything that’s need to be done is already done before night fall. A lot of occasions, especially DIY weddings, can have a lot of last minute tasks that needs to be done right away. This, of course, can result to sacrificing sleep.

The best thing to do is to plan your event properly and weigh the pros and cons of DIYing. Sometimes it’s more cost and time effective to just pay for some things, so always consider that as well.

2. Shut everyone out by 10 pm so you can have time to wind down, relax, and ease yourself to sleep. Are friends and family coming in the day before the big event? This might mean that you’ll spend most of the night trying to catch up while prepping and trying to complete last minute tasks. This, of course, will definitely affect your sleep, as those catchup sessions can easily last all night long.

So, what should you do? Shut everyone out around your regular bedtime. You might to be quite willing to do this as it’s easy to want to spend more time with folks you haven’t seen in a while, but remember, you can always easily just chat tomorrow during your event, right?

3. Avoid caffeine after 1 pm. In addition to feeling antsy and jittery, you don’t want caffeine to keep you up ’til late, so just skip it altogether.

4. Write down all your worries. If you’re fretting that something could go wrong on the next day, write all of them down. This way, you can release the building tension inside you and you will feel like you’ve already done the first step necessary in addressing your worries. You can even use your list the following day to check if everything is in place.

5. Get a massage. If you still have time, you can also opt to get a relaxing massage the night before your major event. This will help you relax better and have an easier time falling asleep.

6. Accept that mistakes can happen. Perfectionists and worry warts tend to find the night before major occasions the worst nights of  their lives because they spend the whole evening fretting about what could go wrong and what still has to be done. If you’re one of these folks, a quick remedy might be hard to find. However, accepting that mistakes can happen during your event will help you relax and pause your worrying until the next morning.

7. Do some relaxing yoga poses. Stretching and meditating are some of the best ways to relax, so why not give it a try?

Whatever the occasion might be, you’ll need a good night’s sleep for better performance and to be in good shape for the next day. Hope we’re able to help you out in your quest to ensure a good night’s sleep on the eve of your big day with these tips.


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