Why Not Try Setting an Alarm for Your Bed Time to Get You In Bed Early?

bedtime alarm banner

Waking up early is pretty easy. All you need to do is set an alarm and actually get up when it goes off. No matter how late you went to bed, waking up early is a breeze with an alarm clock. If you want to start to sleep better, the most difficult part is when you actually have to go to bed. A lot of us don’t climb in bed until it’s past ten, making us sleep late since we didn’t lie down early.

So, how do you actually fix this problem and get yourself to bed early? Set an alarm for when it’s time to start getting cozy. Sometimes, we just forget about the time in the evening, making us lose hours doing something useless instead of starting to wind down for bed. By setting a bedime alarm, we get to remind ourselves that it’s time for bed so we can already start our bedtime routines. When this alarm goes off, head to the bedroom, grab a book, and start winding your system down for a good night’s sleep.

Of course this requires willingness on your part to be successful, so make sure to actually want to improve your sleeping habit before you do this. Otherwise, it won’t work and you’ll just be annoyed with your alarm going off in the middle of the evening.

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