Is Your Teenager Extra Surly? They Might be Sleep Deprived


Teenagers are moody, that’s a well established fact. However, their mood swings could be worsening because of sleep deprivation. According to recent studies, little to no sleep in teenagers is “associated with emotional dysregulation during adolescence,” causing them to be more surly than the normal.

Some may argue that hormones are the primary cause of teenagers’ moodiness, but according to some experts, “lack of sleep has a causal association with anger, sadness, fatigue and other emotions” as well. This could make them even more grouchy and a bit unbearable.

As the National Sleep Foundation recommends teens to get 8 to 10 hours of sleep nightly, their homeworks, social life, parental leniency, and other activities could be preventing them to do so. Experts recommend a later school time for teens, but as this isn’t easily achievable, parents should try imposing an earlier bed time instead.

Promoting better sleep in teenagers is essential, not only for their emotional health and their parents’ sanity, but for their growth and academic performance as well. Extending their zzz’s even with just an hour every night will help improve their metacognitive skills and reduce daytime sleepiness, tension, fatigue, and anger.

teen sleeping in class

So the next time your teenager acts up, make sure to pay closer attention to their sleeping habit. Sleep deprivation have serious effects on people, especially on growing kids, so doing something about it right away is important.



One thought on “Is Your Teenager Extra Surly? They Might be Sleep Deprived

  1. I absolutely have to agree. Even as an adult, several days of poor sleep can lead to extreme irritability. Emotional ups and downs are only amplified for teenagers.

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