10 Reasons Why Sleep is the Best Thing Ever


Here at Salem Beds, it’s a fact that we love sleep in so many ways. Sadly, though, not everyone shares our enthusiasm when it comes to these little slices of heaven. So, to convince you that sleep is awesome, here are ten things that prove that sleep is definitely the best thing ever.

1. Rest.

Sleeping is the best time to give your body a break. During this time, you might be lying down and doing nothing, but your whole body is busying itself in priming you for the next day. Your muscles rest, heal, and recuperate, hormones are released for various functions, and your immune system powers up while you catch some zzz’s so it might seem like you’re not really doing anything while you’re sleeping, your body is working hard to make you feel rested and refreshed by the morning.

2. Snuggles.

Having the person you love next to you in bed can bring relaxation and calmness that’s great for sleep, making dozing off a lot easier. Also, the fact that you can cuddle all night makes sleep even better.

3. It literally gives you some peace of mind.

When you sleep, you get to free yourself from a number of worries. Sure, your brain is still technically processing the information and memories you’ve made the whole day, but for the time being, you’re unaware of the things that bothers you. If you have lots of cares in the moment, a nice nap can definitely give you some clarity and might even help you solve the problem more easily once you wake up.

4. Less stress.

Happy Baby playing under sheets on bed

Sleep and stress have a very complicated relationship. If you’re stressed, it can be a challenge to fall asleep easily, but sleep is a great way to lessen your stress and not getting enough sleep can also be stressful. So, what are you supposed to do? Work on improving your sleep hygiene. Try your hand in creating a better bedtime routine so sleep will come easier.

As ample sleep helps clear your mind, make you more alert, and less cranky, it’s definitely a great way to get rid of stress.

5. Stronger memory.

During sleep, your brain processes all the information that you’ve received during the day, allowing you to store them as memories. So, the better sleep you get, the more memories you can remember.

6. It can help you lose weight.

Did you know that sleep can also help you lose weight? Yep! We talked about how catching some zzz’s can help you shed some pounds here.

7. Sleep is actually good for you.

So, even if you’re not really in on the lifestyle thing, at least if you sleep well, you’re still doing something good for your body.

8. Comfy sleepwear.

Whatever your sleep outfit may be, it’s still the most comfortable in all of the clothes you have in your closet. And who doesn’t love wearing comfy clothes?

9. Keep you safe.

Being alert is one of the top things sleep can give you after a night of some zzz’s. This will make you suitable to drive or operate heavy machineries. As drowsy driving is one of the reasons for traffic accidents, keeping yourself and everyone around you safe is a great responsibility that you should never neglect. Sleeping doesn’t even ask so much of you to be able to do such a good deed, so why not catch some zzz’s to ensure less tragedies while on the road?

10. Quiet time.

Everyone needs some quiet time every once in a while, and sleep provides just that. You don’t even have to be alone to get this kind of quiet time, as sleeping with a loved one is also great.

Still not convinced that sleep is the best thing ever? Stay tuned for more posts this week as we’ll be sharing more reasons to love catching some zzz’s all week long.


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