7 Common Bed Issues That Can Be Preventing Your Good Night’s Sleep

bed issues

We’ve said it a few times before: it could be your bed that’s causing your sleepless nights. As it is the surface that supports your body when you’re tired and in need of recuperation from the day’s hard work, it definitely has a great impact on how you catch some zzz’s.

This is why it shouldn’t be surprising to know that your mattress can also be the very reason to keep you up all night. There are so many ways how a mattress can affect your ability to catch some shuteye, and some of these are the following:

You could be allergic to your mattress.

allergic to mattress

Your mattress is composed of a lot of different materials that can be reacting to  your system. It is also a hot spot for insects like dust mites that love moist and warm areas. Both of these reasons can cause allergies that will leave you sneezing and coughing all through the night, leaving you sleep deprived.

To deal with this problem, you can always look for dust mite-proof beddings to prevent their infestation on your mattress and pillows. Cleaning your mattress thoroughly as often as possible is also helpful, as it can minimize the presence of these teeny critters on your bed.

Your bed’s firmness might not suit your needs and comfort preferences.

Being comfortable in your bed is highly important in getting a good night’s sleep. Your mattress should be able to support your body’s contours properly, so you won’t wake up aching and feeling sore in the morning. Getting comfy in your bed will also help you relax easier, allowing you to drift off to sleep faster.

If this is the very thing that’s causing your sleepless nights, you can always replace your mattress or look for a mattress topper that will provide the firmness you’re looking for.

Your bed could be brimming with junk.

Ok, technically, this is not your mattress’ fault, but yours because it’s most likely you (or the other person you share your bedroom with) who pile on stuff on your bed. These “junk” can be a wide array of things – pillows, clothes, books, plushies, blankets, or anything else that you think is okay to be put on your bed and were too lazy to put away after. Sleeping on a crowded bed can easily disrupt your sleep, so make sure to clean it before you doze off.

Your mattress’ old age.

old mattress

Mattresses need to be replaced every seven years because of the following:

  • You spend up to 9 hours in bed every day, so it’s safe to say that your bed can get worn out after clocking in thousands of hours supporting your body weight. This can take a toll on your mattress’ construction. Foam will lose some of its bounciness over the years and springs will eventually lose its tension. These will make your bed a lot less comfortable as it ages.
  • Hygiene also becomes an issue when it comes to old mattresses. As we lose up to half a pint of bodily fluids during the night and shed a pound of dead skin all throughout the year, your mattress can also get quite pretty gross over the years. Even if you use multiple layers of beddings to protect the mattress, with the tropical heat and the natural ways our bodies work, there’s still a high chance that your mattress won’t be squeaky clean by year 7.

Bed bugs and other things that bite.

In a lot of cases, bed bugs and other tiny critters that bite residing in mattresses can also cause a person’s sleeplessness. These bugs can really disrupt your sleep and even cause health problems, so dealing with them is highly necessary.

It can be quite tricky to get rid of, so make sure to get the right information in how to deal with a bed bug infestation.

Your bed can be too small for you.

bed foot

Personal space is essential in making us feel comfortable. It is also true even when we sleep, especially if you share your bed with someone else. Sleeping in a bed that’s too small for two people will leave you competing for room and getting disturbed in your sleep more easily. Having your feed dangle on the ends of the bed can also cause discomfort and leave you sleepless as well.

For folks who share a bed, we suggest to go for a queen size (60″x75″) Salem Bed mattress and bigger. If you don’t mind constantly touching and squeezing close to your bedmate, you might also be okay with a full size (54″x75″) mattress, but we don’t really recommend it. If you’re taller than the average, going for an irregular sized mattress that measures 80″ in length is a good way to ensure that you actually fit within the bounds of your bed.

It might be making weird creaking noises at night.

There are lots of reasons why spring beds creak, one of this is old age. The problem with a creaking bed is that you can always hear it loudly, especially when you’re lying down in it. This can easily disturb your sleep.

If this is the root cause of your sleep problem, you can either ask the manufacturer to check your unit and have it replaced.


All of these mattress issues are easily resolved either by replacing or cleaning your mattress. So, if you think one of these things are stopping you from getting a good night’s sleep, maybe it’s time to do something about it.


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