Top Tips in Caring for Your Bed this Summer


With daily heat indexes already reaching up to 40 degrees in some parts of the country, there’s really no denying that summer is already here. As summers can be cruel in this country, special measures should be done by everyone to help them keep cool and fresh despite the inevitable sweating. This is why we’re here to remind everyone that your bed also requires some special TLC during these sweltering months.

Your Bed in the Summer

If you don’t sleep at night with an airconditioning unit on, you’ll know just how hot it can get even in the wee hours of the morning. There are times when you sweat so much that you wake yourself up in the middle of the night just so you can wipe yourself off or down a cold glass of water. Having a fan doesn’t even prove to be foolproof nowadays, as it can really get muggy even when the sun’s already out.

With all of the perspiring you’re going to do this summer, your bed will surely suffer as well. Especially if you’re the type who likes to sleep in the nude, all those body fluids will instantly get into your sheets and even seep into your mattress. This is why you should really pay close attention to caring for your mattress during the summer months, as your sweating could result into stains, dirt, and bad odors.


Summer Care for Your Mattress

To give your mattress some loving this summer, here are a few tips you should try.

1. Air it out

Your mattress is probably covered in layers of sheets and linens that it really doesn’t get to breathe. If you can, take it outside the house (or even just your veranda if your mattress fits) so you can expose it to some sunshine and air it out. In the case of heavy mattresses, you can just opt to leave it bare for a few hours with windows open and a fan on to help air circulation. This allows the mattress to dry up a bit to prevent possible mold growth and to get rid of bad odors.

2. Vacuum your mattress

When we sleep, we shed a lot of dead skin, hair, and other debris. Some of these are so tiny that they can stay behind even after we try dusting and changing our sheets. Vacuuming can do a much better job at cleaning our beds and with the help of some baking soda, you can also eliminate bad odors as well. Just make sure to sprinkle a good amount of baking soda on your mattress and leave it for a while so the powder can sop up the undesirable smell.

3. Wash and change your sheets every week at the very least

Just think of your bedsheets the same way as your clothes: if you perspired a lot, you should definitely change. Because it’s summer, you will definitely sweat in your sleep and in bed, so it’s just right to change your sheets at least once a week. Doing it twice a week is even better, so you can be sure that your bed is cleaner.

4. Flip your mattress

Since you’re already moving your mattress to air it out or change your sheets, flipping it for a summer can be a good idea as well. This way, you can be sure to give one side of your mattress a break from all the use it gets.

5. Use an extra layer of covering

To ensure your mattress’ good shape despite the heavy sweating it will endure this summer, you can always double up on your mattress’ covering. Instead of using just a single layer of bed sheet, you can always put on some extra layers so it can create a better barrier between you and your mattress. More layers of bed covers also mean more fabric to absorb your sweat before it gets to the mattress. This minimizes the odds of getting your mattress dirty and ensures its good hygiene.

giphyRebecca Monk

This summer, give your mattress a hand in surviving the heat. Give these tips a shot and enjoy good quality sleep on your squeaky clean mattress.


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