Easy Tricks to Update Your Bedroom in a Jiffy

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A lot of people procrastinate in redecorating their bedrooms because they think that it takes a lot of work to pull off. What they don’t know is that there are actually perfectly simple tricks to change the look of your space in a jiffy.

Don’t believe us? Here are some examples:

1. Create a slipcover for your headboard. This will easily transform the look of your space without having to do or spend much. As headboards take a substantial amount of space, the new fabric, color, or texture will surely give your bedroom a different feel.


2. Get some new pillowcases. Pillowcases are inexpensive items that can really spruce up your bed and even the entire room. Choose a pair or two that are bold and make a statement so they’ll stand out better.

3. Re-arrange. Nothing beats re-arranging when it comes to low-cost redecorating. It will take a lot out of your energy, but once you find the right place for your furniture, you can be sure that it’s all worth it.

4. Put up some tapestry. Easily available, washable, and removable, tapestries can be the best wall decors ever.

wall tapestry

5. Let go of some furniture. Are there pieces of furniture you don’t need in the bedroom anymore? Get rid of them. This will easily open up space and make the room look less cluttered and crowded, creating a new feel for the area.

6. Find more ways to utilize your walls. It’s very likely that your walls are currently empty or barely holding anything. Create shelves, install some lighting, hang art to make use of them. This will definitely transform the look of your bedroom and create more storage for your bedroom.

7. Get rid of junk. Empty boxes lying around waiting to be reused for years? Old knick knacks scattered because you’re too sentimental? Get rid of them. It may require a lot from you to actually purge your belongings, but, believe us, you’ll feel better after.

8. Add a potted plant or two. Having some greens inside the bedroom have lots of benefits, including the fact that it can spruce up any space they are in.

bedroom plants

9. Get a rug. Rugs not only add some charm to a bedroom with their patterns, colors, and textures but they also actually make the space feel cozier as they add some extra softness.

10. Clean up. Sometimes your room doesn’t really require any sprucing up, it’s just that it is completely messy that you can’t appreciate it anymore. Take time to clean and get re-acquainted with your beloved bedroom again.

The best thing about these tips is that they’re so easy. Try some this weekend and enjoy a fresh looking bedroom in no time.

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