3 Apps that Promise to Help You Sleep Better

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We know we keep telling everyone that in order to get better sleep, you should keep electronics outside of the bedroom. But since no one is really actually bothering to listen to that tip, might as well find some use for these nifty gadgets that all of us keep sleeping with.

The great thing about technology is that it also provides a lot of help to those who need it. This is why it shouldn’t be surprising that there are also a few apps that are designed to help you get better sleep. So, if you think you’ve done almost everything to improve your zzz’s and already running out of ideas that work, these apps could be worth a try.

1. Sleepio

Developed and tested by leading experts in the field of sleep medicine, Sleepio is an app for those who are serious about improving their sleep. It boasts of a personalized program that will actually get your sleep data and create a tailor-made program that will improve your zzz’s.

What’s great about Sleepio is that it actually base its program on its subscriber’s sleeping habits, guaranteeing results in the long run. It’s basically like you’ve signed up with a medical program without the hassle of having to spend your nights away from your very own bed.

Learn more about the app through this video:

Professor Colin Espie Introduces Sleepio from Sleepio on Vimeo.

2. Twilight / F.lux

If you think it’s all the blue light that’s keeping you up late at night, a simple light alteration app could be the very thing you need. These apps are basically light filters for your devices, imitating natural light to help keep your Circadian rhythm in tune. It can be weird at first, especially if you’re used to a bright screen, but you’ll eventually get used to it and even get more sleep from it.

3. Sleepyti.me

Sleepyti.me is a very basic website that is designed to compute the time you should be heading or getting out of bed depending on when you intend to hit the sack or wake up. Of course, it’s still entirely up to you if you’re going to follow the schedule or not.

gadgets in bed small

Since most of us are already inseparable with our portable techs, why not make the most out of them to improve your sleep. These apps are some of the handiest and most popular today, so why not give them a shot and be pleasantly surprised in case they work.


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